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Sempra (SRE)

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161.84-0.94 (-0.58%)
As of 03:47PM EDT. Market open.
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  • j
    Did we get a dividend
  • S
    Added at $162.40
  • S
    I've been holding onto this incredible stock for the last 10 years and it has never let me down. One of the best long term investments I've ever made and the dividends are a bonus. I've just been re-investing the dividends right back in. Love it!
  • S
    There's no doubt the instability in foreign energy markets is driving this up. I could be wrong. Question is, how high is it going to go?
  • B
    Bones Cache
    I really like this company but, the high PE and all of the California operations scare me.
  • H
    Harry original
    just a blip? an overreaction to the normal dividend math?
  • K
  • S
    What a great long term investment. Just look at the historical data as proof. I've been holding onto this thing for many years and re-investing back all the dividends I get.
  • G
    when is next Dividend raise??
  • M
    Local media is not accurately reporting on the Gas + Electric utility sector. Blaming everything on greedy corporations. Good grief.
    Not one mention of:
    1. Soaring costs of NG up over 300%
    2. Calif. legislators mandates for SRE, PGE and the rest to buy more expensive wind, solar, hydro, geothermal energy from far away.
    3. Stock price has been sideways for close to 5 years until now.
    4. Costs are soaring for materials and labor.
    5. Costs for hardening the electric grid to prevent wide fires. etc,etc....
    6. I could come up with many more reasons.

    Journalism has gone away and is replaced with political hack activists. But don't worry, some day they will grow up.
  • K
    Traded ugly today............this has a lonnnng way down after run from 4130 to $170 in TWO MONTHS!! It's a utility stock....not NVDA!!!!!!
  • G
    How much Dividend raise?
  • K
    The big plunge is coming.....DUK too! XLU finally broke today with NEE down 6 straight days! IT IS COMING.........up far too much. too fast......MACD crossed to downside!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • G
    May the band play, God Bless Sempra.
  • R
    SoCal Gas wants to drill new wells at its fields Questions loom over future of Aliso Canyon Southern California Gas wants to drill new wells at all of its storage facilities, including Aliso Canyon, t
    SoCal Gas wants to drill new wells at its fields Questions loom over future of Aliso Canyon Southern California Gas wants to drill new wells at all of its storage facilities, including Aliso Canyon, t
  • a
    California regulators approved a plan to mandate solar panels on all new homes built in 2020. Any idea of what impact this will have on SDGE stock?
  • s
    my kids inherited roughly 700 shares of SRE. Would you keep the stock?
  • K
    Was wondering when investors were going to figure out SRE is synonymous with LNG exports!
  • A
    I have a good feeling about my portfolio as the season of earning reports is about to start. The hyped no profit companies will (at least for a moment) go to the corner. And a reliable profitable dividend paying companies like SRE will have their moment.
  • J
    $UGAZ conversation
    I think we are about to see a new bullish market start in nat gas. For nat gas it's cheap, but Cheniere $LNG with the capacity to offload to shipping 2.8 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf) it's going to start the draw on the stores, with 3 less gas running gas rigs out there will see another large decrease from the previous week in the USA. But we need to know what production from Russia and Canada contributes. Since this ETN's is based on global supplies European nat consumption is a big factor. $SRE is taking 2.1 Bcf per day and with an expansion another 1.4 Bcf. China and Mexico soon to be the biggest customers, I'm sure South Korea is right there too so no change there. The USA is the 3rd largest nat gas producer in the world. We are now a -force to deal with- in the exports as we compete for head-on with Qatar and Russia. We are really energy independent now, thanks to President Trump. We are just now stepping up the exports, but we still want cheap energy here in the USA too. Solar is not cheap. I doubt we will ever see $4.50 per million cubic feet again, but $2.50- $3.00 is in reach, and new construction of nat gas fuel electric generation plants, but those draws will come in the summer. I suspect the futures have overcompensated and new money coming in the market they start buying up the futures. pushing it from $2.20 to $2.40's as the first step up. Right now we hold. We have a 1/10 reverse split coming up and this new adjust cost per share should bring the new money. So I have reason to be bullish. You should find out and do your due diligence. Don't let bias mess wreck your bank. We all want to make money.