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iShares Semiconductor ETF (SOXX)

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406.53+10.58 (+2.67%)
As of 10:17AM EDT. Market open.
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    Mr. Market
    Been accumulating this underrated ETF throughout the downturn. The growth numbers for all major holdings (NVDA, AMD, QCOM, etc.) have been nothing but stellar. The bottom line is that, as long as the world economy grows, the semiconductor industry will grow with it.
  • R
    These sector based ETFs are good gradual accumulation long term hold type of securities. Don't let near term bear-paws get you depressed with stuff like this.

  • d
    Come to mama!
  • S
    SOXX up 5% today and 8.5% in the last 2 days vs Nasdaq up 6%.
    With technology being down so much the risk reward ratio changed drastically. Better stay invested because the bottom is near and again a rare opportunity may slip away. Not to say that we cannot hit new lows but not for much longer
  • D
    Dee Bee
    Up 60 points in 8 trading days. What's not to like? Are you not entertained? lol that's for you, Bill.
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    I'm thinking long term semiconductors are still an excellent sector to grow one's retirement accounts. Buy some every month rather than plunking down at the beginning of the year. These things are integral and vital to modern ways of life, and they won't be going anywhere. Any replacement tech will be made by the same companies too, or acquired by them. Weather the storm, adopt a cat, and relax :D
  • J
    within a week there were too few chips now too many what a scam
  • m
    jumping out a window
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    Mr. Market
    This ETF is surprisingly low-key. It's been my best performer since I bought it in 2019. Been adding it aggressively all year. Semiconductors are to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th.
  • y
    Can this ETF be held for years like most mutual funds ?
  • M
    I'm assuming SOXX is talking about a split here soon? I can see it going up 30% in 2021 the way things look. All the companies especially in the top 10 you need if you are going to run a company especially in this pandemic and beyond pandemic. SOXX is a safe bet.
  • A
    Zooming out a bit on the chart, this makes sense. The trend is up, which is logical because the chip industry is growing and will continue to grow. November and December were frothy, so we came down from that and now we continue the long term positive trend. The semis are posting earnings growth. Demand will remain high. Up from here.
  • R
    We should be very curious about what happens regarding any Chinese encroachment on Taiwan. If they invade/takeover/make a deal with them, does that bode well for the semiconductor stocks in the near/mid term? Or would that sink them for a while until new factories are made in the USA? Or would it send the share prices higher? Or would it make a difference at all since the chips are so vital for modern economies?
  • E
    I would love to know why so XX is going down if the chip shortage is pushing prices up
  • H
    does this stock provide dividend ?
  • V
    I am just laughing at SOXX rally. It's huge trap setup by big player. I sold 180 calls.

    1.> down cycle is just started
    2.> While valuation look attractive at this point, In history, this is time to exit.
    3.> Gaming market signficantly slowed. Expected to continue
    4.> Mobile market is slowed as well
    5.> Crypto market slowed a lot more and could even get worst.
    6.> Tablet market never reach level everyone hoped
    7.> Personal computing is problem.
    8.> Cloud growth is not sustainable. Sure I never thought it would continue grow this fast because every dollar gone here reduced somewhere else as corporation budget don't increase same rate. But Bigger it growth, more likely Growth suddenly stall or go even negative. This is only real bubble in this market and support other smaller bubble.
    9.> Smart Speaker and related product, Amazon and other flooding market with cheap product but this may bring revenue but it's problematic because such product last way longer than mobile and other. Those price war means market will eventually go downward in big way.
    10.> Over capacity soon become problem as demand driver having issues.
    11.> Corporate spending cycle also at near peak if not already peak.
  • A
    You know the recent two week move is significant when you can clearly see it on a 20 year chart
  • R
    $NVDA conversation
    $SOXX +3.5% today. Yep, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. $AMD $NVDA
  • c
    New to semiconductor investing. Is it better to buy the SOXX, or invest in 10 individual companies - INTC, ADI, AVGO, NVDA, QCOM, AMD, STM, TXN, SWKS, MU? Thanks.
  • M
    Prediction for end of 2022 - Between 675 to 700.