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Socket Mobile, Inc. (SNB1.SG)

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  • s
    Well, here it is at 3 dollars, next stop appears to be at 2 dollars and change.
  • g
    This profitable company could sure benefit its stock price if they would occasionally have news or a PR come out.
  • s
    Hey Harry, it's been 3 months of your tax loss selling so far, think it will continue in January as well?
  • s
    The selling continues with no end in sight.
  • Y
    Interesting action today at 1:50... This is what can (and has already) happened with a low floater stock like SCKT. Fingers crossed for a bit of good news to get us fired up again.
  • T
    Someone here asked about some tickers of companie with REV and EARNINGS growth similar to this one.. well.. I like $SCKT, $NAKD, $OXBR, $REAX, $MN, $GTIM (PUTTIN OUT EARNINGS TODAY, SAID THEY SHOULD BE AROUND 20% HIGHER..),, I even had to buy back into $F again.. since they will soon be independent for batteries and chips.. hehe THE MAX
  • s
    Heading towards 4 dollars !!!!
  • s
    No interest in this company as proven by the daily feeble volume. Any move up will be swiftly met with short sellers who see absolutely no reason to cover. The company claimed they had a good quarter but ding ding ding,, reality check,, NOBODY BELIEVES IT... Are insiders scooping up shares??? NOOOOO!!! Are the mm's loading up? NOOOOO.... hedge funds??? NOOOOO... Blaming the falling price on tax loss by retails is the lamest thing anyone could possibly come up with, imo.
  • M
    Tax sell off...Lots of bag holders from the three $9+ spikes. This is probably going to keep going down until the selloff is done. And even then the volumes are really low so the sell of is limited. I am definitely buying in on this one but will wait until it get a biiiit lower.
  • A
    Yes, I continue BUYING SCKT each and every week and some times twice a week.
    My average price is somewhere around $6.80, my share holding is in the high 5 figures.
    Socket Mobile, is an up and coming company with a wonderful future, just a matter of time before next NEWS release sending price to much HIGHER levels.
    Sorry to see some here can't see the trees from the forest, remember I told you so.
  • N
    I bought 1500 shares just before closing as an earning player.
  • 🦅2Eagles🦅
    Can you believe this was $505.00 a share 11 months after its IPO open. Since April 1995 it’s been tough. It’s been 25 years. When will SCKT have it’s realistic steady accent to $40’s and build up as a icon in its field.
  • t
    Lol. Making an accessory for iPhone = 700% increase in stock price?

    If I had insider info and I bought $1million shares, I get $6 million from thin air?
  • A
    Although this wasn't the news release I was hoping for, this is just the Prelude of releases to come that will propel SCKT to new heights.
    Bar Code Scanners is the future that everyone will require to use for proof of vaccination, SCKT will be in the forefront in my opinion.
  • H
    That earnings report was very easy to read and decipher (as a common retail investor) as to which numbers actually mean good news and which mean bad news. The only negative outlook was the spending increase, which is itself a good thing because they spent an extra 200,000 this quarter and look where it got them, all revenue is mega up they have legitimately did extremely well. I’m excited to see if it sticks and where it may go tomorrow. Glad I held onto this one! Almost sold at a loss quite a few times.
  • A
    What I really like about SCKT, is that NO ONE knows it exists but a few like myself.
    Only a matter of a very short time before the price takes off again, institutions a
    ADDED another 1.1% SCKT to their holdings recently.
  • b
    Socket Mobile Shares 72% Higher After 2Q Rev More Than Doubles
    Mentioned: SCKT
    By Michael Dabaie

    Socket Mobile Inc. shares were up 72% at $9.98 with much heavier than average volume after reporting that its revenue has more than doubled.

    More than 37 million shares had traded as of recently, versus the 65-day average volume of 193,525.

    The data-capture company after the bell Thursday reported second-quarter revenue more than doubled to $6.0 million. Socket cited the deployments of business applications in the retail industry.

    Net income of $2.6 million turned around a year-earlier loss of $768,000.

    "The deployments of business applications, particularly in the retail industry, have served as a key driver of our return to profitable growth we have had historically," said Kevin Mills, president and chief executive officer. "The market opportunity and positive momentum we are seeing is encouraging as it validates our application-driven business model.".
  • J
    Someone please explain this company and why I should invest? What’s their competition? Seems like a mobile data capture company for data analytics around customers?!
  • F
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  • M
    Just so people understand what happened in AH today when the stock touched $7.34. Here is the explanation:

    The hedge funds know the results are strong, but usually play on questionable interpretation of the guidance. However, they know the average retail person doesn’t know this and is nervous. So, when the stock is being lightly traded in AH, they hit it with enough stock on a market sell order to tank the stock. In this case they brought it down $7.34. They then go in and start buying up all of the retail people panicking believing bad news is out between the lines. It’s a very slimy morally wrong thing to do to people but these people have ZERO MORALS and have no problem stealing from retail.They have been collecting more stock from nervous people.

    Don’t fall for their games and start panicking without having examined the results which are extraordinary. You have a 90%+ chance of being right.