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Snap Inc. (SNAP)

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41.27-1.90 (-4.40%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT

41.01 -0.26 (-0.63%)
Before hours: 9:15AM EDT

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  • F
    I predicted Q3 would set Snapchat RECORDS. Go read my comments. I'm predicting Snapchat will do 1 BILLION total revenue in Q4. Christmas time too? Whoooooo whoooo!
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    This is a great news to Snap as it could possibly have some update that could lead to an escalated proceeds. Consequently, these other companies could be a game changer in an approximately $100 billion psychedelics market. Please check DC on Landing Page:
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    Investors Billions Potential Awaits For The Wise! See What Makes This So Explosive.
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    Big E and Kenny Boy or the Cheetos Boyz, want to play golf? My treat!!!!!
    Big E, stands for Big EMPTY Pocket!
  • t
    Good to see my friends doing well here. I got out a bit early for this run at $38 and moved my profits into more amazon and some pharma plays.

    Continued good fortune to you, longs. It has been a well deserved good run for all of you.
  • R
    I made so much more money in this stock market with Trump by far. Presidents comes and goes, however my family lives must go on. Never fall in love with a stock or with any President, take advantage of the News and always use the best method to make money on every stock, going long or short. Never follow the crowd, follow the trend young people
  • G
    a rare win for shorty today but look at the vol.
    the trend is your friend L/T. don't forget short traders will be covering.
  • J
    I will post two "bear arguments" here. One short term and one long term

    1. In the short term there are many calls expiring in the money while there are less than 1/10 the number of puts. This means many traders will be assigned stock that they either don't want to hold long term or don't have the buying power to hold (otherwise why pay a premium for the option). In other words they bought the options for a quick profit. Many will take Monday throughout the day or be forced to do so by an actual or potential margin call.

    2. There is some doubt as to the business model but let us assume for the sake of argument that they will stop burning cash and eventually make some. However given there are 1.5B shares outstanding and at this price the amount of other instruments possibly converting to shares could be in the many hundreds of millions and that the company distributes shares like they are candy in order to save cash, it is probable that by the time they are profitable they will have over 2B shares out. To support a price of $45/share they would have to make $1B in profit (not revenue but actual profit) just in order to get their P/E under 100.

    A 100 P/E is ambitious too so this is conservative.

    I don't think anyone envisions SNAP making that much in profit (not revenue but actual profits)!

    So these arguments are consistent with a gap up from momentum of last week followed by a selloff where profit taking and option assignments put pressure on the stock triggering stop losses so that the stock finds support perhaps in the 40-41 are at worst in the 38 area or so. Then the stock will consolidate and try to test the highs in the mid 40s. The future profitability profile is far in the distance so it wont play a big role short term.

    A share offering or private placement might change all that. If it is well done that might be a catalyst as investors no longer have fear of the large cash burn.
  • V
    Just amazing how stock moving lately. This is now $65B company and just few months ago it was $10B but no one want to buy. It's great company with very good product so may be it will go triple digit if market sentiment remain bulish like today.

    But very risky as all pandemic digital benefit are reaching peak or near peak. We are at bubble and problem is no one can predict when this might brust.
  • o
    Strength of a stock like snap will be seen by how fast it recovers from the 5% pullback... I just want to thank all you investors that sold yesterday because I bought your shares.
  • a
    3k shares at 12.17. Should I sell half my shares Monday? Take my initial investment back with a nice chunk on top Or should I keep riding the wave?!! What to do?!!!...
  • F
    Guggenhiem new price target $52!!!! Thank you... Finally someone with some sense. Q4 Snapchat will do 1 BILLION in total revenue!
  • F
    62,800,000 shares short interest. I don't feel that SNAP is now worth $43.17 based on conventional metrics but there could be a monster short squeeze coming.
  • o
      The strength of Snap will be seen here today, all pullbacks will be short lived...
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    Another 140 million shares traded / accumulated selling off today saved the shorts..and that’s the only thing that saved you.
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    BK is the next E.L, Kenny, Big E! Just look at the panic post. It's hilarious to watch him suffer for shorting and buying puts like his comments are going to make longs sell.
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    If you want to advertise/reach millennials or Gen Z people.
    You must advertise with Snap..,NotTwitter or Facebook.
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    The new price target is $52.00 from Morris at Guggenhiem. Snapchat just posted blowout earnings highest ever. It's up 400% for the year and you want to buy puts and short? Wow!!! You really can't..
  • F
    Thank you Michael Morris for the $52.00 Snapchat upgrade from Guggemhiem! Finally someone with some sense!
  • P
    I think a lot of the negative posts here are from peeps that shorted this stock. I also feel bad for them as this stock will likely pop on Monday and the rest of the week! But I do think we are in for a correction around election time. After the election the markets will run way up, no matter who wins IMHO! Good luck all longs!!!