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Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLL.V)

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    .....I am amazed this has risen so much, they still have to move the SiFT tech from BC Canada to Arkansas to complete the process of Lithium chloride from the DLE plant, to SiFT to get lithium carbonate.
    ....This process will take place at the three central Bromine plants with the accompanying three lithium plants. This is going to take money to expand, and it will take, according to the company, a five year plan.
    .....Getting money for this expansion may mean dilution or direct investment.
    Love the company, just trying to balance the cost verses return on investment ROE
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    Turns out if the price for standard lithium SLL.v closing price stays above CA$1.50 for 15 consecutive trading days, which works out to be October 16th, then there 4 million warrants will expire. These warrants allow private investors to purchase a share at CA$1.00

    Things are looking good here.
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    One of the scientific advisors Professor Barry Sharpless received Nobel prize in Chemistry.
    Standard Lithium’s patent-pending direct lithium extraction process is the key to unlocking this strategic domestic critical mineral resource. The direct extraction process, known as “LiSTR” has the potential to vastly reduce the recovery time of extracting lithium from brine from as long as a year for conventional evaporation pond processing to just several hours. The process may also prove to be much more environmentally friendly with a significantly smaller footprint - compared to the conventional evaporation pond processes.
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    I think news about this company is getting around. Volume was averaging under 200k a few weeks ago and now it's over 300k. Elon Musk tweeted that the 'process had potential'. With a $140M Market Cap, I think we've got a LOT of runway with this company, considering they just went commercial in late September. Have to believe there's lots of good news/progress on the horizon. I've asked the Company if they intend to lease out the process to other Miners, or keep it exclusive. It would seem that there's a huge market that could benefit from the process that helps eliminate the need to wait for ponds to evaporate to pull Lithium. Hopefully, there's not competition. A $1B Market Cap puts the stock price near $10. How long to get it to $10B?? :)
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    Photosynthesis, looks like those warrants will expire worthless as they did not maintain 15 days above $1.50 ?? This may have been manipulated up to make that happen (?) or shorted down since then to return to a more fundamental valuation (?) based on product produced and sold = profits .
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    Other than the ribbon cutting, not a whole lot of news over the past few weeks. Share price has increased quite dramatically. Any idea why?
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    Opened a small position today in this & Neo lithium. Future is optimistic for us 👍
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    Things here are looking good. The LiSTR plant is producing product that is being shipped out for crystallization. This is what we want to see to get that joint venture with Lanxess moving along.

    Here is a informative quote from the Lanxess earnings conference call in March 20.

    "Now on the lithium project, the lithium project is advancing. And here, we have now finished -- the pilot plant is in place, the pilot plant has done January, February, the cold commissioning, i.e., you test the plant without chemistry. You tested only with water to see if pipes and vessels and whatever you have there is up and running. Now chemistry has entered, and the solvent has entered the plants. And now we will take basically March, April, May to see what kind of refined products we can get out of that. And then, of course, we will send these products for quality testing to customers who eventually would use this lithium. One of our biggest potential customers that has agreed to this, they would like to test it. And if the quality is reached that the customer needs, then we take the decision on where we go."

    The company is a few months delayed but the refined product is now in the process of getting shipped out to 'customers' for quality testing. In about a month or two months we might have some big news coming our way relating to the progression of the Joint Venture with Lanxess.
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    looks like a good day to buy here.
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    ....Today Tesla partnered with PLL which mines hard rock lithium in North Carolina.
    ....Indicated 764,000 tons of Li CO3 and get this, 76% is located within 100 meters from surface. It still has to be mined and crushed and seperated from raw ore at just above 1%.
    ....STLHF can get 20,000 tons at just one DLE plant per year, extrapolated to three plants = 60,000 + tons per year after a five year growth plan for those three plants. Add in the LiStr to the Arkansas bromine wells and you have the complete package from Li chloride to Li2CO3 @ 99.9 battery grade with no need to mine hard rock.
    ....This could easily be the next PLL for Tesla just like TMRC in Texas could be the next PLL hard rock for heavy REE ( rare earth elements ) included in batts.
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    Check out these stats on UK car sales for September. EVs!

    New record for BEVs, up 3x in a year & 7x since 2016
    Electric plug >10% of cars now come with a plug
    Just 2/3 are conventional cars (98% in 2015)
    Automobile overall sales down ~40% since 2017 peak
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    Remember my following words: This is just the beginning!
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    Looks like news of ribbon cutting got out early, as SP has risen last 5-6 days b4 general public knew. Hope this is not selling into news/PR. If it holds up next week we are good, if it sells off we will have to wait ans see.
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    1,222,820 shorted shares
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    up about 25% in last week, on better than average volume and no new PR ?
    ....Either someone is taking a sizable position, or we are seeing a spike on unreleased new news. If it settles back to a dollar then we are observing nothing. I have sold on these spikes b4 and if it returns to below a buck, .85 to .90 it is worth a ride again. Long term it is a winner, period.
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    Nice solid finish to a lousy week. Let’s hope today was the end of that down trend
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    Standard Lithium Ships First Large Volume of Lithium Chloride Product From Arkansas Facility! Great News
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    Had a limit buy order at 1.92$ but didn’t get filled:( sad.
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    That is quite the line up of representatives that will be attending. It demonstrates the keen government interest in building domestic supply chains for critical metals! One day before Tesla Battery Day!