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    Any news when CRTC will approve? It's late Jan already.
  • J
    Not sure, should I wait till $40.50 on move on ?? Any suggestions
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    CRTC will approve the merger hopefully before the new year (any restrictions are irrelevant for Shaw shareholders)+we might have a nice holiday rally + monthly dividends dividends.
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    I think with inflation impact, Roger should allow Shaw to increase dividends or give a special dividends to us loyal shareholders.
  • f
    37 is back market realized merger is gonna happen! div pay day 2
  • s
    So if the deals settles before april 2022, at todays price 35.87 (40.5/35.87= about 13%). So this is 13% over 6 months which is equal 26% annualized. add 3.3% (almost 1.7 annualized). this is about 28% annualized return. Am I missing any think. All analyst say the risk of the deal not going through is negligible. Let me know if I am missing anything?
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    The Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled in favour of Edward Rogers on Friday, handing him a big victory in a dispute that pitted him against his mother and sisters and had weighed on the stock.
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    Good news for longs!

    Shaw Business today announced the launch of a new 1.5 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) speed tier designed to give businesses of all sizes the speeds and bandwidth to leverage the data-heavy applications and cloud services they need to manage and grow their operations.
    Beginning today, new and existing customers can leverage the power of Shaw’s Fibre+ Network to access download speeds up to 1.5 Gbps through one of two plans
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    Deal will likely go through sometime in 2022 with Rogers having to divest Shaw's wireless business due to competition landscape. So a one year wait to collect $40.50 Canadian.
  • N
    Both companies have been in the industry for over 50 years. They are not new to the landscape or regulatory issues. Wouldn't you think they would have considered the legal and regulatory implications before contemplating, and moving forward, with this merger?
  • S
    What is the best way to handle this if you have SHAW shares, I have roughly 500 or so. Do I sell today if it jumps, or do I hold on until it officially changes hands to Rogers ? they will pay a premium right? so why would I sell now unless it jumps higher then that premium? any thoughts
  • M
    my trailing stop, stopped me out of banks for a tidy profit, just moved in here and AT&T during accumulation before telecommunication takes its season. 5g and internet of things will be great for Longs and everybody returning to work cold calling and chewing through data also a plus >> happy recovery folks
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    Shaw executives seriously need to do a solid for all Canadians and NOT sell out. The big three have had it too easy for too long. How Shaw restructured their internet plans and their increasing market share with freedom mobile. They need to be a pain in the rear for the other telecoms so we can actually create and retain competition. We are getting shafted for internet and cell phone monthly costs.
  • O
    great earning beat by over 30% and monthly dividend till closing the buyout offer deal at 40.50
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    Let’s hope today’s gains hold. Been waiting and watching Shaw grow its Freedom Mobile customer base and become a serious competitor in the telecom space. The dividend raise was an added bonus.
  • L
    The merger is necessary if we want to expand to 5G which costs a lot of money. Do you think these telecom are charity? Just because you have more competition, it doesn’t mean better service. How many people complain about the connection with Freedom or Shaw Mobile? Then you have people in rural areas demanding better internet. All this costs money to build. Why would any company invest in anything if they can’t make profit?
  • M
    What happened to the aforementioned specifically designated and largest contiguous swath of 2,596 to 2,686 MHz and 2689 to 2690 MHz, spectrum licenses is well known as being part in parcel of what can be described
    as the greatest fleecing of the Canadian tax payer and common equity shareholders in Canadian history.

    Perhaps Justin Trudeau, the current Prime Minister of Canada was hitting the bong far too many times a day, while hosting those illegal marijuana smoking events?
    Perhaps he sustained some type of severe memory loss from all that marijuana smoking, lol, and thus simply forgot that the then federal government of the day already gave Bell Canada, Microcell Telecommunications, Cogeco, Rogers Communications, Manitoba Telecom, Saskatchewan Telekom et al. plenty of very valuable Canadian tax payer owned spectrum licenses; this in order to incentivize the various Canadian telecom colluding cousins and to facilitate an expedited path towards actually providing rural communities throughout Canada with High Speed Broadband Internet Services.
    The pot smoking, spoiled brat, WE Charity "massaging" and former drama teacher - I am being kind - just loves to give much more national treasure to the very companies who have had the run of the lot and have been sanctioned to continuously keep "fleecing" Canadian tax payers for far too long.

    What Mr. Trudeau is electing to fund such Canadian Telecom "monopolists" to do once again; is exactly what the principals then operating these "sanctioned" and therefor "untouchable" Canadian tax payer gouging corporations should have already done years ago.
    When you have a Rogers red liberal party Prime Minister in your pocket, so to speak, you don't have to worry about those imbedded telecom industry representatives administering over affairs at the competition bureau; no, that is never a concern for such colluding monopolists and political party "massaging" corporate representatives presently operating Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications, Bell Canada et al.

    Oh, don't worry, I have no political preference; i.e. I have plenty of choice words for the Bell Blue conservative Party sycophant's who conveniently supported - more like "leveraged" - Stephen Harper in specifically targeting and ensuring the very destruction of the very companies who were attempting to provide truly independent choice and a fair and most competitive telecom landscape for Canadian telecom users and taxpayers.
    I digress. Do you know precisely how Rogers, Bell et al. went about controlling the previously mentioned spectrum licenses; this when they claimed to have no form of control over such spectrum licenses. In Bell Canada's case, after having declared and booked hundreds of millions , if not billions, of dollars from the "engineered" bankruptcy of it's Teleglobe operating subsidiary, a company which maintained the majority control over Microcell Telecommunications; Microcell Telecommunications being the very company which in turn controlled a majority ownership stake in Look Communications Inc, the then registered licensee controlling the aforementioned largest contiguous swath of spectrum licenses then designated for the expected rollout of a Canada wide rural Broadband Internet initiative.
    As stated, it was a federal government initiative which Bell Canada, Rogers Communications et al. were supposed to have completed more than twenty years ago.
    Instead, they collectively had an assigned caretaker, if you will, and former Bell Canada stooge - assume control of the spectrum licenses in question and hold them in reserve; only to hand them right back to Bell Canada and Rogers Communications by way of a farce of a "fire sale" to the jointly controlled Inukshuk corporate entity.
    If you want to know more about such a historical political scandal, I suggest you buy the rights to the book entitled "The Great Canadian Spectrum Licenses Heist."

    You are welcome.
  • H
    T-Mobile is rumored to enter the Canadian market and in talks with Shaw
  • G
    Earnings match, new product launch, new post paid users and increased dividend. Nice dip to buy on.
  • p
    The breakup fee will be $1.2 billion to Shaw if the deal does not go through. There is little overlap on business coverage on the two companies. The approval barriers are pretty low. Further, Roger is willing to sell off the wireless operation as part of the buy out condition. $40.5 share if it goes through! A good bet.