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Shopify Inc. (SHOP)

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    The latest retreats in SHOP’s stock price have been largely due to SNAP and FB, some may argue other reasons but it is very unlike SHOP to sell off prior to earnings. If the street punishes SHOP on earnings day I will continue to accumulate shares. There is no permanently damaging news to the company or anything about the company itself that explains the retreat.
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    Shopify has a long history of surpassing earnings estimates.
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    Has anybody thought that maybe shop merchants will be less affected by supply chain issues, since they typically sell smaller items with higher margins. Like clothes, watches etc. These items don’t usually ship on containers but are flown overseas. So maybe they have held up comparatively well.
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    I’ll hold long term and bank my 30% per year avg return then focus on more enjoyable things in life
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    Well if everyone wants to know why Shopify is dropping it's because of supply disruption concerns. While this is a temporary problem I can't say how long these disruptions will last. On the other hand Shopify will beat revenue and earnings expectations which is 1.23 on earnings and 1.15 billion on revenues.
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    Institutional Ownership of Shopify still remains high at over 73%. Shopify is expecting to report 1.28 in earnings and revenue is expect to be over a billion at 1.3 representing a 50% revenue growth. Quarterly report will be before the bell on Thursday October 28th. Amazon reports the same day. I would look for GMV and Subscription growth as future drivers of the company. This company is getting ready as they come closer to finishing billion dollar fulfillment to attracting other big name corporations.
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    Mr Excitement
    Recently, SHOP has run up into earnings and sold off (buy the rumor, sell the news) in spite of a great report. Looks like this quarter expectations are lower. A beat could bring about a nice move up.
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    My Name is Joe
    Since I can't post a website link on this board I will have to spell it out.
    To see insider trades within 3 days of the transaction go to ceo dot ca / shop and then click on SEDI insider transactions. You will see for yourself how Toby gets Options at a much lower price which doesn't cost him anything and then sells it right away on the open market. Over $17 Million per week over the last two weeks.
    Actions speak louder than words.
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    Another hint on Shopify earnings this morning is the report on UPS beating earnings and revenue estimates.
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    Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advise them against investing and trading BTC while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially
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    The big institutions want this stock. The push it down everyday to buy it at the low end of a long consolidation phase. But when it breaks out of the 1400-1550 range it will go to 2000 quick.
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    No money from SHOP today but oh well can't have up days all the time. I still made a boatload of money in TSLA today. The two companies may not be exactly in the same industries but both have the same solid stories and the only reason bears exist is because these companies' performance seem too good to be true therefore they allege fraud must be involved or something else. When it comes to tech stocks there are a lot more fairy tale company stories out there than the average person thinks. I can count more blockbuster e commerce and other tech companies on all my fingers and toes and even more on top of that. SHOP is going to have another day like TSLA had today, and it likely will either come on earnings or shortly after. Stay tuned. The story still is far from its climax.
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    Shopify by the way is expected to beat the earnings whisper number of a 1.42 which beats the consensus of a 1.30 which was just raised from a 1.28.
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    Good luck longs
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    Builtwith has posted new numbers, they are slightly down since last month (-74k merchants, pretty much as expected for this time of year- having to do with natural attrition, closing of the BFCM window, with perhaps a small surge next month for a little December push. After that, growth will resume for Valentines/Easter/Mother's Day.

    They continue to take market share though, with two sets of number, one for SHOP, one for ShopPLUS
    Competitor Won Lost Net
    ShopifyPlus 723 0 723
    BigC 570 98 472
    Volusion 337 6 331
    Wix Stores 253 16 237
    Miva Merchant 225 1 224

    Magento Enterprise 301 8 293
    BigCommerce 180 37 143
    Volusion 126 1 125
    ShopGate 50 0 50

    When ShopPLUS loses customers, they lose them to Shopify:
    Shopify gained 20 from, lost 486 to Net -466

    Also, I took a look at Selz Competitors and Similar. They don't measure with only 1,884 live sites, but they apparently are in the game with 48 merchants more than Shopify China with 1,836 live websites. I didn't even know that there was a Shopify China app.
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    Supply chain disruptions could be part of this disappointing day. Hopefully there will be some guidance from SHOP as there hasn't been any since the pandemic arrived.
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    It's the same old dip, same old story, same old song and dance. Yes, that Aerosmith song has extreme relevance to tech and e commerce, because with rare exceptions the negative news is usually non company specific, and every dip has proven to be a buying opportunity. We'll see what happens on Thursday. Even if it's a disappointment it will be one of the few disappointments in SHOP's history. Intellectual obviously feels different but for the most part in this kind of market not going with the herd has proven to be a losing strategy, as indicated by how much higher the stock price is now from March 2020, how much more reasonable valuation has gotten, and by how small the short float is. I wish I may I wish I might that Intellectual donates more money to me tonight!
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    This drop happened just before every earnings release … then it shoots up on earnings. I’m just going to sit back , and ride it out for 10 years. Next $1T company here in the making.
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    Is the stock going up tomorrow?. I mean I'm aware of the supply chain issues, but come on, Googl has the same problem and is up almost 7%. After Shop blow up earnings I hope this thing goes up.