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Shopify Inc. (SHOP)

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    Stocks of Shopify might be doubled for this year and analysts could grow their stock price. Additionally, many companies could be into capitalizing as the eSports audience grows to millions of people. Find out more about the growth year over year:
    eSports Becoming a Big Thing on Wall Street! Draft Kings Tripling In Value Overnight?
    eSports Becoming a Big Thing on Wall Street! Draft Kings Tripling In Value Overnight?
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    Shopify Inc. could possibly have escalated approx. 100% year to date perhaps due to its digital sales. On the other side there are CBD technology that could possibly be a game changer in business society. Check this out:
    What Companies Can Be On The Leader Board?
    What Companies Can Be On The Leader Board?
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    Shopify completes $1.99 billion capital raise

    "...anyone shorting Shopify would have to understand they have access to unlimited capital to subsidize losses to take share on the way to a $1 trillion valuation, which is where the stock will be in about 24 months..."
    Shopify today announced it has completed its previously announced capital raise consisting of $990 million of common stock and $920 million of convertible senior notes.
    Shopify today announced it has completed its previously announced capital raise consisting of $990 million of common stock and $920 million of convertible senior notes.
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    Ignore the doom and gloom shorts are trying to paint with SHOP longs. All the company specific news of SHOP has been good, this is a general market correction. Shorts have no argument as long as this is the case. Shorts like mniJoe think they’re right when they’ve been wrong for so long. SHOP may be a short for a trade if you want piggy bank gains, but long term this is not a short. Shorts have been saying it’s overvalued for 3 years and they still can’t admit how wrong they are. Traditional metrics don’t apply. Buy here while you can.
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    Fairly good day for Shop, all the competitors are down more,
    Amazon, square, sales forces, big commerce, lightspeed and melissa.
  • J
    Typical progression of shorts:

    (1) Notice the extreme multiple and gets greedy
    (2) Postulate some conspiracy theory
    (3) Convince self the veracity of the theory - pumping, manipulation, insider trading, ponzi blah blah
    (4) Take a short position
    (5) Cherry pick facts that suits the narrative and ignore all evidence longs present otherwise
    (6) Get crushed
    (7) Get bitter and upset
    (8) Double down on conspiracy theory to feel better about getting crushed

    Repeat 😂
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    This morning I see that Shopify is issuing additional Class A Shares and Senior Notes due in 2025. I'm not the least bit surprised. I said several weeks ago that Amazon and Shopify would go through tremendous growth and that additional fulfillment needs for both of these two companies would be needed. All that costs money as you go through these growing pains. On the other hand today is the first day for Walmart's Plus. Congrats to Walmart and Shopify.
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    My journey buying stocks like SHOP on the pandemic floor in March wasn't limited to getting rich off stocks alone. I lost nearly 70 pounds of body weight starting around the time I began purchasing stocks on the pandemic floor. I have gone from fat and unhealthy to being extremely fit and healthy and financially I've been rewarded as well. Coronavirus was a blessing for me. It gave me a chance to work on my health while working from home and gave me an opportunity to get rich buying stocks at extremely cheap levels. I shorted airlines and cruise lines during the drop and made a lot of money doing it but I've made so much more money as a long on SHOP. Shorts' doomsday predictions don't worry me when I've got a cost basis so low it will never be taken out. I got all my lost money back as well as my health. I ain't worried about some drops in SHOP because I own so cheaply. Those of you who didn't use COVID as an excuse to make lots of money don't understand that you always have to look for opportunity regardless if the times are good or bad. There's always a way to make money in the market and always a way to better yourself. So I'm quite content with the fruits of my labor. And there's still more opportunity ahead. SHOP will go back to 1134 and beyond. Don't give up before the miracle happens longs.
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    Anyone familiar with the developing Augmented Reality Industry? 2 trillion by 2027 reported growth industry. Found this company ImagineAR, IP or IPNFF, with a buy level RSI that is in mobile AR that has the potential of major growth in this AR market. Looks like an amazing entry point.
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    This stock is actually better than AMZN right now . Buy and hold.
  • L
    1500 soon
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    Is SHOP overpriced? What’s a good entry price? I really do believe in them to revolutionise e-commerce (not like they haven’t already!)
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    Europe may enter into partial lockdown. Will SHOP benefit from accelerated ecommerce? Or will we see more retail stores like GNC go bankrupt and increase unemployment?
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    The CEO is brilliant. That’s all you need to know.
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    Shopify becomes Walmart’s first-ever commerce platform partner, helping businesses reach shoppers and grow sales
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    What we all should do right now is to BUY more SHOP stocks at a discounted price. :)
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    The 5 year chart is
    one of the strongest..
    Walmart + Shop=
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    Love the smell of freshly squeezed shorts in the morning... hmmm
  • I
    That was a tough week but happy I held!

    Happy Friday to all! :-)
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    SHOP run starts next week, resistance at 1150, value is 1440.