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  • R
    DD FOR GOAT OF 2021:

    It'll go name, % owned, and valuation currently. Keep in mind this gem is valued under 130 bill

    Alibaba- 24.9% - $ 146.99 bill

    Uber - 13% - $ 12.58 bill

    Doordash - 20% - $ 11.92 bill

    Bytedance (tiktok) - can't find exact amount. Ranges from 3-37%, but research indicates position is worth well over 100 billion

    Coupang - 3% - 2 billion

    Didi - 20% - 60 billion. Side note is that DIDI gonna has possibility of being wrecked thanks to CCP. Softbank could get an over reaction from it. But the people selling are the ones that don't understand that DIDI is only one portion of the weight of softbank, not the whole shebang.

    Overall, solid company, my biggest position behind google. Easily see this at a 400 billion valuation in 5 years and 1 Trillion by 2030 given that Alibaba itself can carry, all the others are just the icing on top. GLTA, and if you read all the way through, I appreciate ur thirst for knowledge
  • J
    With many of their biggest holding rising (BABA, DiDi…) I purchased Softbank again
  • S
    Didi's IPO tomorrow and SFTBY's 21.5% stake will, once again, increase the disconnect between its investments and its market cap.
  • N
    How is this thing at a 3.2 PE? I’ve been researching and watching for a month. Can someone explain how this isn’t a two handed steal at these levels? Like, it has a market cap under two billy but the sum of the parts is in the trillions! Why doesn’t Masa just take it private today at such a steep undervaluation? Can anyone explain this?
  • H
    One reason Softbank seems t o be undervalued, is simply because of governance issues. Masa wants to cut all sorts of preferred deals ahead of other shareholders alá WeWorks Neumann. So in that sense, "discount" is very much warranted!
  • B
    No doubt soft bank is trading at discount but their could be reason behind it, are they hiding something from retail investors? Trading shows only retail buyers are supporting current volume.
  • S
    If this price action continues, Masa will take it private. SFTBY is trading at a 40-50% discount from its real value.
  • R
    14,673,445,312.57 Net income to stock holders

    at a 124 billion valuation, and Japans 32 year recession in the Nekkei, Its a good investment knowing their own investments
  • K
    KING (aka Steve)
    Dont they own a quarter of alibaba..? Lol
  • g
    Whats the difference b/w SFTBY and SFTBF?
  • S
    Why did BlackRock double its stake in Softbank? It's undervalued. Follow the money.
  • C
    Softbank sets record earnings and it's down?? They own 25% of Alibaba shares worth $150B. Market cap of SoftBank is only $150B. So the rest of Softbank is worthless??? This stock is way undervalued.
  • M
    In March Jeffries did a downgrade - I believe however earlier this week there was an upgrade ? Anybody know the details ?
  • j
    jaideep Kumar
    Where ever Blackrock goes shorts follow there.
    Mark my words : stock is about to fall below 30 soon
  • R
    heading low 30s
  • M
    What’s the possibility of SoftBank spinning off it Alibaba stake to current shareholders ?
  • J
    New potential investor here, how is it that the market cap is so low given they own 29% of BABA having bought it for 100 million?
  • L
    It's not just the Alibaba holding that is undervalued. Most people have no idea how intrinsic ARM chips are in phones, tablets, ultraportable laptops, industrial robots and data centers...

    Amazon Web Services launched its Graviton2 processors, which promise up to 40% better performance from comparable x86-based instances for 20% less. Graviton2, based on the Arm architecture, may have a big impact on cloud workloads, AWS' cost structure, and Arm in the data center.

    Also, vastly, incomprehensibly undervalued is Boston Dynamics. Robots for search and rescue, fire departments, police departments, military, construction companies, security guards, military, medical...send in a robot into a quarantine zone, let it deliver can climb stairs, open doorknobs, has temperature sensing cameras to detect fevers at a distance...then have it walk itself into a ultraviolet light booth to decontaminate itself. The possibilities are endless and relevant and they can do all this today. Right now. They can be mass produced this month.

    Then there is Pepper for education and customer service, their automated cleaning robots, and dozens of other holdings that are built to do relevant and cutting edge business over the next 30 years.
  • L
    Something very odd is going on with how people are evaluating the stock price in a "free market," "self correcting," "already priced in" model as it pertains to SoftBank. Their market cap is 82B. Their Alibaba stake ALONE is 128B. Add to that ARM (35B+++), Boston Dynamics (arguably the absolute top robotics company on the planet), the largest mobile carrier in Japan, Sprint and it's spectrum, one of the fastest growing hotel chains in Asia, and on and on.

    People talk about the debt in some of their investments where they hold minority stakes, but that debt is structured to accrue to the company itself, not Softbank.

    What is the rational explanation of this market cap?
  • W
    Why did this stock lose half it's value in one day and there is no news ??? What is the deal?