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  • S
    Such a great move to split last year
    History shows that
    Every time you split stock's going down
    Keep doing repeatedly
    Good for company cash bad for the investors
  • J
    is the CEO still paying himself 20% of the entire companies revenue?
  • Y
    Today's Spectra7 presentation at LD Micro Invitational XII:
    LD Micro Invitational XII 2022 Spectra7 Microsystems
  • x
    I'm back, load up some cheap SHARES. Last run,SOLD ALL MY SHARES ($1.5) AT $2.75.
  • E
    Good earnings ! Good outlook ! See what happens !
  • J
    As expected.
  • Y
    The cost of electrical power is on the rise, amplified the recent geopolitical events. Only blind would not be able to relate this fact to the potential of the Spectra7 tech. Grab the cheap shares while you still can.
  • J
    one of my worst investments ever. not recommending this at all.
  • J
    what did everyone think of the meeting today?

    I love the profitability by end of year. full Q3Q4 orders.

    I did ask a question about when they expect to hear back from the major telecom quality testing their cables for 5g but I guess it got skipped hehe.

    I was surprised to hear a major gaming VR company is using their cables in the headsets and the is something they are excited for revenue wise.
  • D
    Upcoming earnings report : Aug.5th

    The Company expects the Consolidation to be effective and the trading of the common shares of the Company reflecting the Consolidation to commence on or about August 6, 2021.
  • L
    Just entered a position with 17,000 shares @0.05 average. Just want some opinions from long term shareholders, where do you think this is headed in the coming months to a year ? Thanks !
  • M
    Thumb up for those who are holding
  • b
    Tempted to buy more shares today ahead of earning coming out tomorrow. Looks like i should dig a little deeper to see what earnings might look like. There seems to be a lot of "Could be, should be" happening with information regarding this stock, as with any venture stock. I must say though the next 6 to 8 months does look promising.
  • J

    “The third quarter was challenging as our revenue was constrained by both working capital and supply availability. However, we experienced very strong orders and are currently in qualification with a major US based mobile operator for 5G infrastructure upgrade”, said Spectra7 CEO Raouf Halim. “We expect our first 400Gbps data center production revenue from the US in the first half of 2021. At the same time, by taking additional steps to control costs we are reducing our losses significantly in these challenging times.”

    Data Center Highlights

    Spectra7 continued to experience strong traction with its data center solutions and announced two new customer design-ins in the third quarter of 2020 for a total of 79 to date, 63% of which are for North American operators. Six of the 79 design-ins have now completed production qualification with three producing significant revenue. This leaves a large pipeline of design-ins expected to drive revenue growth in coming quarters.
    Alibaba and Tencent highlighted Spectra7 Active Copper Cable (ACC) technology in a recent Data Center White Paper describing their future technology plans.
    Tencent continued volume deployment in the third quarter of Spectra7 based 25G ACC interconnects and began trial with 100G and 200G interconnects for future deployments.
    Molex recently entered production ready status with Spectra7 enabled 400Gbps PAM4 Active Copper Cables.
    A major US mobile operator continued qualification of Spectra7 based 400Gbps PAM4 ACC cables for 5G infrastructure deployment. Qualification is expected to be complete in the fourth quarter with deployment in the first half of 2021.
    Spectra7 recently announced its next generation solution for 800Gbps deployments as well as design starts with Molex, Foxconn and Luxshare.
    Spectra7 recently announced a new ACC solution with extended temperature range, targeted specifically at the 5G Mobile infrastructure connectivity market.
    Spectra7 recently announced a new longer reach ACC solution targeted specifically at the next generation of high-performance artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) servers.
  • X
    Added another 120k shares.. go ... buy when all have the fear to invest. In ten years from now.. you will see this more than a 50 dollars per shares.
  • d
    The good news will come very soon, just be patient .... like i said before, i will never sale this stock under 2$ ... I been patient with QYou.v and i will be patient too with SEV.V ,,, too much potentiel. Good luck guys :)
  • K
    My account in Questrade is up by 8 million CAD! Yea, I was gonna quit my job and school right away and I found out all the platforms are still adjusting.. Was happy for like 3 minutes. Thanks SEV lol
  • L
    All shareholders should vote *NO* to the reverse split of 100:1 !!! Every company says that it's good to attract big investors but in reality, if you have a good company and a good product, you will make sales regardless of big investors.

    A reverse split is very bad for investors, unless you have millions and millions of shares, because the multiplication factor is what makes you money.

    How about investors that have only 100000 share? After the split they will be left with only 1000 shares!!

    When you have 100000 and it goes up 0.01, you make 1000$
    When you have only 1000 and it goes up 0.01, you make 10$

    Every company should put money aside instead, and make a share buy-back instead of putting a rope around the neck of their shareholders. Some of us have been long run supporters and that is the thank you we get.

    RS should be illegal! Let's vote NO! They are in a good situation anyways! They don't need the RS.