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Sea Limited (SE)

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188.31+4.43 (+2.41%)
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  • K
    Good news! SE may be added to MSCI Singapore index. If that happens in May 2021 it would mean a lot of shares purchased by ETFs mirroring that index. It also would be have the highest weighting on the index by market cap.
  • J
    When the market are so shaky
    SE: I’m gonna smoothly move up... I’m gonna be the winner in the market crash
  • G
    any else checken google trends ... have a look at "shopee" in Brazil ... simply amazing
  • A
    I still see references to Benjo lol. Why haven't you guys muted the 🤡 already? Then again I shouldn't have, for entertainment purposes...
  • s
    Sea explained in an email to Investor's Business Daily, they actually beat revenue estimates. The confusion occurred because, starting with this quarter, Sea is now reporting revenue on a non-adjusted GAAP basis, which was $1.2 billion as reported. But had it reported revenue on an adjusted basis, it would have been $1.66 billion, beating analyst expectations of $1.4 billion, the company said.
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    A refresher on the digital bank licenses, and for those who are new to Sea. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS, the country's central bank) is awarding 2 types of licenses, i.e: digital full bank (dfb) and digital wholesale bank (dwb). Sea is in the running for dfb, while Ant applied for dwb. Hope this clears the confusion that Sea is competing with Ant... they're not. More details here:
  • B
    3.5 K 180 weeklies calls were surprise today. I wonder, who is buying?
  • J
    $ETSY conversation
    $ETSY grows at a much higher rate and much more profitable than the Chinese e-commerce player $SE, and yet is trading at a huge discount to $SE. At $SE's valuation, $ETSY should change hands at $300's!
  • K
    Having seen first hand the popularity of their gaming and e-commerce sectors in Southeast Asia I can imagine their margins will continue to grow. I am happy they are continuing to grow market share. Even when the Rona is over Garena will be able to return to sell out events. Win win.
  • d
    $KNDI conversation
    Anybody knows what time is the Congress vote for Chinese stocks delisting?
    and where I can follow it live?

  • C
    Just listened to the earnings call. The numbers and growth expectations are hard to believe they are so high. I bought in at $35 December 2019. It has been soaring since. Stay long.
  • K
    Dont worry while they are spending more overall on advertising/marketing to try to grow. Completely normal for growth. The losses per sale have decreased. Digital entertainment is 124% user growth yoy. GMV and Gross Orders both up over 100%. Triple digit growth everywhere. Fintech sector ShopeePay usage up over 30%. 3.5B cash is strong on Balance Sheet. They are profitable in operating activities. Not burning cash. Pullbacks likely short term. As user base grows they will tighten up there EPS to turn profits, yet still possibly a year or more ahead for that. The updated guidance is alone amazing.
  • J
    I’m so happy Sea Limited Group is down... I can add now
  • J
    Out of all the stocks in my portfolio, I’m most excited to see where this will be in 3 years.
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    Amateur Hour
    I am thinking about starting a sizeable position in this company. Does anyone know when the digital banking license will be approved/disapproved? Are there any estimates for what type of revenue will be generated by a digital baking license? It looks like this issue has been lingering for some time without resolution. Any help is appreciated.
  • g
    $GAN conversation
    $GMGI +918% 👑
    $DKNG +369%
    $SE +341%
    $PENN +183%
    $PBTHF +140%
    $LCA +79%
    $DMYT +68%
    $FLTR.L +50%
    $SGMS +45%
    $BETZ +42%
    $CHDN +35%
    $BYD +31%
    $GAN +22%
    $CZR +16%
    $BJK +6%
    $GMBL -3.1%
    $MGM -14%
    $LVS -18%
    $EVRI -19%
    $WYNN -27% ☹️
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    Sea Unlimited
  • J
    People been saying.... 1years ago this stock was like $30s... ya... 1years ago... Tesla is $300 and that’s before spilt. Is Tesla inflated? NoPE is Sea Limited Group inflated ? No... this year is a year that push the tech into a new high level... this is not a bubble...this is a real thing
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    $GMGI conversation
    $GMGI +968% 👑
    $DKNG +389%
    $SE +348%
    $BRGGF +234%
    $PENN +173%
    $PBTHF +142%
    $TSCRF +132%
    $LCA 102%
    $WINR +83%
    $DMYT +66%
    $FLTR.L +49%
    $BETZ +45%
    $SGMS +39%
    $CHDN +31%
    $BYD +28%
    $GAN +22%
    $CZR +14%
    $BJK +5%
    $GMBL -3%
    $PTEC.L -1%
    $MGM -15%
    $LVS -19%
    $EVRI -20%
    $WYNN -27% ☹️
  • a
    better revenue/better gross, operation, net margins...all 3 segments are better...some people wants SE to be profitable for a quarter