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Service Corporation International (SCI)

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After hours: 04:40PM EDT

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  • g
    Why dropping when they beat ?!
  • P
    I bought SCI because they are dominant in funerals, and as more and more people keep obviously dropping dead from the mandated injection, business should keep booming.
  • C
    Carol Baskins
    look at the chart from 09 until now.
    basically straight up for 13 years.....very consistent and clean chart.
    plus you get a dividend. and with boomers about to hit their 70s
  • W
    14 P/E and a boomer population just reaching 77 years old. Seems SCI is in a good position.
  • r
    market was dissap by the lack of increase in revenues from jab deaths, wait till jab $5, 6, 8 this winter. deaths will pile up soon.
  • W
    With 1291 Pfizer side effects.....SCI is a buy................
  • E
    Sold SCI had enormous gain by % in an IRA . See less momentum from stock .this is not based on fundamentals or earnings or analysts rating but the chart . If it falls down might consider the stock again as it treated me well !
  • C
    Carol Baskins
    pfizer killin, sci skrillin
  • J
    Death care - crisis-resistant industry
  • C
    The stock market is a forward looking mechanism, and the COVID pandemic is hopefully a onetime event. They seem to be forecasting a return to normal but increased growth by 2022 compared with 2019. The management team is communicating a responsible forecast to the street. We will enjoy the unfortunate bump in profit, but long term investors will stay long and strong with the demographic trend in place.
  • E
    I understand that this isn't a stock to get excited about, but its dividend payout and buyback profile seems to be in order. Sales aren't going to grow exponentially (at least we hope so), but neither are they going to fall off the table. The dividend has been increasing year after year. So...a steady, slightly growing company, with decent prospects.
  • J
    Hello fellow investors.
    Almost one year ago I recommended SCI as an ongoing buy. ( see below )
    At that time, share pricing was $48.52. SCI closed at $68.44 yesterday.
    Death in America is a $15 billion a year industry. That includes funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemeteries, but excludes related costs such as headstones and crypts. It is expensive to die in the United States. The average cost of a funeral is almost $8,000, according to The National Funeral Directors Association.
    I initially purchased shares of SCI at $17.56. Smart buy. Every astute investor ought to have exposure to the Death care industry. Nothing is more certain than death and SCI is the largest funeral company in the country, and a leader in Canada as well.
    Roughly 4 million baby boomers are retiring every year in the U.S. (76M citizens born between 1946 and 1964) and this is to be expected through the end of the next decade.
    In Canada, 425,000 Canadians retire each year and some 9.8 million Canadian baby boomers are already approaching retirement.
    Indeed, the industry is a growing and highly profitable business.
    Next month, SCI will increase it's dividend yield to 1.39%
    I continue to buy more shares.
  • D
    if you are thinking about covid as a reason to buy or not buy this stock... you are way off base. Covid has NOTHING to do with this stock or the long term health of this company. The U.S. death rate experienced significant growth between 2009-2019, before the pandemic occurred. Think about why. The answer is the growing population of seniors, hence, the increase in death rate. You have the largest generation/population in the history of our country coming into their senior years. The need to care for and service the deaths of an aging population is CERTAIN. Meaning people have no choice whether they are going to buy this product or not. It's manadatory at some point.
  • D
    Sooner or later, the dead will need cremates/burial. If SCI, one of the major players in the US funerary industry can't find a way for their stock to capitalize on that, they need to do something else.
  • E
    3rd qtr earnings beat the estimate by 85%! 4th qtr has been revised upward. My guess is that will be beat handily as well when announced next week. Stock price will have to rise substantially once it's clear that this is no covid anomaly, rather is a trend that the massive booster push has ensured will continue for a decade. conservatively going to 100 this year.
  • 1
    So what happens with all the meat in trailers at some point they have to bury it. Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust the market plays games but its all about luck
  • R
    SCI had a not so good 2020, up 6% for the year despite being given a strong buy rating by analysts. It had an almost 21% increase the previous 5 years.
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    Hmmm...don't get it. Stock was up before earnings call, which was actually pretty good. The dividend payout ratio is low, and the dividend keeps going up. It isn't a growth stock, but its solid. And its definitely not a tech stock. So is that the reason for the fade?
  • J
    I purchased shares of SCI at $17.56. Smart buy. Every astute investor ought to have exposure to the Death care industry. Today, an average funeral costs over $8,000.
    And oh, by the way, a reminder that death is life's partner. Nothing is more certain and SCI is the largest funeral company in the country..
    I continue to buy more shares.
  • E
    Good quarter. .72/share, and I imagine (sadly) since COVID is peaking that the next quarter will also be good. There will probably be a bump up in the dividend in March. The question is whether it would be .01 or .02.