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    Alpha Investor
    $ZIM conversation
    Mt top 10 highest conviction swing-trade shipping stocks for 5/20/2022 (in descending order with daily expected upside

    $ZIM - ZIM Integrated Shipping (Strong Buy - 15% upside)
    $GOGL - Golden Ocean Group (Strong Buy - 13% upside)
    $DAC - Danaos Corporation (Strong Buy -11.5% upside )
    $GSL - Global Shipping Lease (Strong Buy - 10% upside)
    $MATX - Matson (Strong Buy - 9.5% upside)
    $SB - Safe Bulkers (Strong Buy - 9.5% upside)
    $TGH Textainer Group Holdings (Strong Buy - 8.5% upside)
    $ATCO - Atlas Corporation (Buy - 7% upside)
    $CMRE - Costamare Inc. (Buy - 6% upside)
    $GNK -Genco Shipping (Buy - 6% upside)

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    $GNK conversation
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    $GOGL conversation
    Baltic Dry Bulk Futures Index up 33% in the last 30 days. These Dry Bulk shipping companies are going to shoot up this week!

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    $ZIM conversation
    Anyone who doesn't see the HUGE opportunity in shipping stocks right now is blind. The world's supply chains are broken, China is about to reopen, and shipping companies will soar like no other rally we have ever seen.

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    $GOGL conversation
    Bulk Shipping Stocks continue to Soar during global commodities shipping rally!

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    $GOGL conversation
    This isn't really a pullback, it's a technical buying opportunity. It will adjust and close higher.

    is also trading on the OSLO exchange and Norway closed Wednesday last week half session, for a long Easter Holiday. In the US, $GOGL closed +15% versus Oslo close yesterday. It's now "only" up 9% in Oslo, so -6% from US close which is roughly the currency exchange rate I think.

    I remain very long on commodity bulk shippers like $GOGL $SBLK $SB given all the geopolitical turmoil causing crude, grains, coal, and other food and energy having to be rerouted around the world.
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    Great slow growing stock. Really I can’t complain.
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    one more time, when do these guys report?
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    Four Filipino seafarers are facing charges after Australian authorities seized 416 kilograms of cocaine traced back to their ship. The alleged cocaine importation is the largest ever detected in South Australia, the Australian government said.

    The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs on Monday confirmed the arrest. The DFA also said the Philippine Consulate General is in close coordination with Australian authorities regarding the case.

    The seafarers were from Cyprus-flagged Safe Bulkers vessel Kypros Bravery. The Australian Border Force (ABF) said officers first searched the bulk carrier merchant vessel in Port Adelaide on March 17 and found evidence that it may have been involved in a drop off of drugs at sea.
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    $GOGL conversation
    Whatever happened today at 9:58 AM EST happened to $SBLK and $SB and other dry bulk shippers. I'm not sure what happened, but they all opened and climbed higher and then dived at 9:58 AM.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Come on SB. Will you at least get up into the green??!!! The boys are waiting!
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    Just listened to the conference call. It was difficult to understand at times due to the audio quality and accents but here are a few take aways.

    1. Dividend of $.05 is "sustainable". I don't see it increasing any time soon because their focus is more on using their cash to pay for newbuilds (2 in 2022, 5 in 2023, 2 in 2024) with minimum debt.

    2. They don't plan to issue more stock currently ATM because they believe the stock is currently underpriced.

    3. They want to keep their total debt near scrap value of their ships. Maintain 30% leverage.

    4. They may retire some preferred stock in the next few quarters, but will likely maintain a fair portion of the preferreds.

    5. They feel strongly that the focus of the market will return to environmental issues in the next 6 months so they need to be ready to address this area.

    6. They think spot rates will be volatile for a while but still trending strong.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Safe Bulkers is down 6.05% to 4.04
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    no beat, dividend of 5 cents per q. safe bulkers , safe,,,
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    is there a chance for an announcement of a small dividend for common stock? one of the few dry bulk companies that has not reintroduced a dividend for its common stock yet.
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    I just thought I would drop all of you a quick note. Before I say what I have so say, I want everyone to know I am doing this for selffish reasons. I want to make more money. Further I AM NOT AN INVESTMENT PROFESSIONAL, just a person who has been investing in the drybulk sector for 25+ years...

    I think every serious drybulk investor should take a long hard look at GRIN. It is currently my largest position and as I said, I want to increase shareholder awareness, to help drive the price higher over time.

    Here is the deal, about a year ago when SB reported a really bad quarter and announced they had locked up 5 of their ships on long-term charters at the bottom of the market - I told everyone, they were forced into that action by their creditors and that the stock would go sub $1. It did. I also told everyone I was going to do some research to see if I could find a better drybulk investment. I dug and dug and dug looking at every publically traded drybulk company I could find. I won't go through all of the details but I will say two things;

    1) SB has the best cost structure and the lowest breakeven point in the industry - that is what drew me to them years ago. My research confirmed this remains true at least as far as I could tell.

    2) After looking and looking and looking - I noticed every dry bulk company had the same major issue as SB - massive debt, and huge payment coming due soon (within the next 1,2 or 3 years). Then I found GRIN. It was the only one I could find that had a manageable debt level and a favorable payment schedule. They were the only one, That appeared to be in ok shape, with or without a BDI rally.

    I made a decision about 6 months ago to invest heavily in the drybulk sector, I believed a major turn was coming and I believe the improving rates in drybulk will continue for at least another 2 years, maybe even longer - we will just have to see. I put all of my drybulk stock allocation into two stocks.

    1) 60% into Grin at about $5
    2) 40% into SB at about $1-25-$1.30

    To me they are by far the best two drybulk stocks - the others are also rans...

    Earlier today I shifted my allocation a little bit. I sold about 10% of my SB at $4.19 and moved that money into GRIN at $9.05 so now my allocation is 65% GRIN and 35% SB. That is the allocation I am planning on sticking with.

    Both GRIN and SB have pluses and minuses - but they are the two best as far as I can see. I won't go through everything but a few reasons why I like GRIN better:

    1) GRIN has more manageable debt.
    2) GRIN has a fleet that is somewhat newer than SB
    3) GRIN has a fleet that is about 75% the size of SB but they have only 20 million shares outstanding vs SB 100 million shares - so they have much better EPS leverage as drybulk prices increase.
    4) GRIN is thinly traded - not too bad about 40,000-50,000 shares per day - as such no analyst follow them and they basically are flying below the radar. That does not mean they are any less of a company however.
    5) GRIN has underperformed SB since I bought both of them , but since I think GRIN is the better company - I think GRIN is a much better value at this point.
    6) Recently two announcement have been made - SB likely will issue another 20 million shares or so (again I believe to make debt payments) - GRIN has completely sold its tanker business so now they are a pure 100% drybulk play - they used the money to retire about 20% of their debt. They have implemented a minor (small share buyback - not enough to matter - but a buyback none the less)...

    The huge negative with GRIN besides the low trading activity - they report only twice per year - in February and August - so there will be more of a lag time in reporting results, as they improve

    Obviously you guys need to do your own due diligence. If you jump in with me - you can thank me for the tip. I really had to dig deep to find these guys. I will thank you in advance - for increasing the shareholder base and helping to drive the price higher - Obviously good for me...If you decline - as always I wish you luck - we are all in the drybulk ship together (so to speak)...

    PS - as I type this GRIN is really starting to breakout - so due your do diligence quickly...
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    Earnings today,
    Dry bulkers should benefit from the Ukraine/Russia disruptions and sanctions.
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    ATM upsized.
    MONACO, May 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Safe Bulkers, Inc. (NYSE: SB) (the "Company"), an international provider of marine drybulk transportation services, increased to $100.0 million the maximum aggregate dollar amount of shares of the Company's common stock that may be sold under its previously announced at-the-market ("ATM") program established on August 7, 2020 with DNB Markets. Inc. ("DNB"), as sales agent.
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    I do not know - but I suspect this drop may be the first of many to come as they implement their at market program. They will be selling 20 millions shares(give or take under this program). That is a huge number of shares to move given that average daily volume is 1.5 million. Assuming they do this in either 20 - 1 million share pieces or 40 - 500,000 share pieces - as they do this we will likely see disruption to share price activity. I am still long here - but make no mistake about it - they are issuing shares to get ready to make debt payments that are coming due, and the result will be painful from time to time. As per my previous note - that is why GRIN is the better of the two stocks right now...I just hope the BDI keeps rising so they can generate enough cash to avoid another expansion of this at market share sale program.... The only other thing I could imaging that would cause this type of sudden drop would be a major sale from a very larger holder...
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    $NMM conversation
    Great article on Bloomberg about the commodities market.

    $NMM, $SB, $SBLK, $ESEA, etc.