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    SAP is said to implement a new solution that empowers companies to recognize key areas for change. On the other hand, these other companies could potentially be the first to develop drugs that could strengthen the immune system. Check the disclaimer on my landing page.
    Under Valued Companies Investors Need To See In The MJ Space!
    Under Valued Companies Investors Need To See In The MJ Space!
  • A
    SAP's market cap is lower than ZM (Zoom).
    Does it make sense?
    All major corporations in the world use SAP to run their business.
    What is Zoom? A very basic teleconference system?
    SAP should rebound soon.
  • M
    Well, SAP brought my portfolio down today so it's only far it helps build it back up. So I bought some.
  • S
    Chairman buys 300m worth shares. they know what its worth....
  • X
    Clear manipulation. Don’t let your shares go. Though they missed the guidance but 23% drop is not justified.. I mean.. c’mon!
  • T
    When a solid company as SAP drops 23% in one trade date with no reason, no changes on the market... bad news are coming for sure
  • S
    Just heard that SAP got alerted at I hope it pushes us higher!
  • B
    If this happen to a very profitable SAP, imagine what comes for those other hyped techs, ZM, SNOW, WDAY, NOW COUP, PAYC, etc.
  • B
    Guys, does the dip indicate a good time to buy this stock? Or should I wait longer?
  • G
    Just German panic as Merkel considers a “light lockdown”. Hold tight or buy cheap shares.
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    I'm using a tool similar in essence as SAP, for 15 euro or 20 euro per month for several businesses.
    I have no IT background, but I managed to build a simple structure within that software, without paying anyone anything (or rather my boss). Competition is small, but pecking away share from SAP.
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    Nicholas Ogufere
    If SAP can be this hit, you just wait for other less solid companies. A market crash is coming sooner than people imagine.

    I think it’s fine to assume the worst and take steps to protect your portfolio.

    A YouTube channel video should help add to your strategy..

    Channel Name: Nick Ogufere
    Topic: Stock Market Crash is coming soon. How to protect your portfolio.

    Cheers guys.
  • x
    Let's be honest here - the stock was way over extended the past several months. It was riding the wave of the "next-gen" software companies which are growing by leaps and bounds. The irony is those are the companies that will slowly take the market share away from SAP.

    When I read the headlines of biggest drop for SAP since 1994 I thought it might be an overreaction and good swing trade opportunity (I'm primarily a long term holder); but looking at current valuation I still would not touch it. I remember in the past 3-5 years big one day drops in TGT SBUX CVS which gave them ridiculously low valuations and easy to capitalize on that with some patience; SAP no thanks.
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    SAP is for many businesses too expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives.
  • L
    overhyped stock, with all tech companies earning this week, market may crash more
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    I bought 200 shares @ $156. Looking at a $8k notional loss. Hope this recovers.
  • D
    Went Long SAP at $117.97 as a strict Daytrade. Looking for a bounce-back to $122.00 at some point today as bargain hunters step in.
  • W
    Sombody took the beer keg away. Octoberfest is over.

    Seriously, SAP wouldn't be in this position, even in this COVID world, had it, over the past 8-9 years better focused on it's core ERP software. Instead of buying a useless customer sentiment cloud software company for $12 billion, it could have spent, at most, $100 million, to buy sale/use/vat tax managment software and Excel-to-ERP integration software companies--just these two kinds of solutions alone are breakthrough for the needs of the midmarket customer world; this alternative strategy would have guarenteed 3-4X the amount of revenue of ERP sales, even non-cloud ERP. The mid-market world is still ripe for the picken, if SAP would have made this move, but, alas, it didn't.
  • M
    ouch... I'm glad I won't touch this bird over it's politics (vs. economics)... this company has destroyed too many CIO's over the decades... "we will change how you do business"... vs. we can't support your requirements (like virtual calendars) so you must change... been there done that... sadly...
  • p
    my short from 150 is looking awesome.