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Sandstorm Gold Ltd. (SAND)

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6.40+0.39 (+6.49%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
6.39 -0.01 (-0.16%)
After hours: 05:57PM EDT

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  • M
    great report! hope my bags start flying!
  • r
    Blow out earnings and revenues ! Now will the stock takeoff ?
  • M
    Where is report??
  • w
    Federal Reserve having a hard time holding gold down ?
  • F
    One of two remaining traunches was filled this morning. The remaining one will be a close watch on a significant DOW correction and corresponding drop of the metals stocks. It may well be, however, that metals stocks won't drop in near the % of the DOW.
  • T
    I remember when this was at 7, several years ago, and was pumped to go to the sky. What happened?
  • T
    Once Nomad is in the fold. there is no reason that dividend should not go up to 12 Cents a share and share price increase to $15-16. Now if neither tells me this is a Life-Style company to enrich the employees and screw the shareholders. We will see!
  • E
    Is silver going to ZERO?
  • R
    Is it worth investing?
  • T
    SAND is back down to the SP range from which it has bounced up several times in the past. I would like to make some money on this again. I sold it a long time ago just above 9. It is in my list of stocks I watch. It may be time, but I need to see some strength. I will be interested in what it does at the next interest rate hike.
  • c
    As long as our government props up the dollar the metals will not gain any value. It is time to hunker down or get out if your position is a smaller one . It’s a very nasty waiting game a this point with so much manipulative government tinkering in demand destruction . There is no safe haven other than ibonds which will pay you 9.73 percent interest over the long haul if you sit this one out. Good luck to All !!!
  • T
    Perfect Time to hold Gold Royalties in your miners will not venture to the bank for capital at these rates.
  • D
    Dee Franklin
    looking really attractive at these levels. I normally don't subscribe to MB's for banter and never advise, but I would like to ask this board how low do you think this will go? Please respond in $ value's / pps. Thx all!
  • K
    KEVIN (mrpancake)
    RONALD wrote: "Sandbox shares should be spun out to shareholders of Sandstorm. "

    My understand was that (prior to the sales of Entrée shares) Sandstorm was required to vote its Entrée shares with the Entrée BOD; so on any Entrée buy out offer, I can only assume Nolan wanted the flexibility in that situation. To get around that, he spun out the shares with Sandstorm shareholders no longer controlling 50% of those shares - removing the voting requirement while still controlling the Entrée shares. In my view Entrée is the real prize of Oyu Tolgoi.
  • K
    As always gold and silver manipulated lower by US ,just criminal
  • A
    “average gold mine life falling to a low of nearly 10 years due to the lack of exploration over the last 6 years. “ …. From Major drillings quarter announcement tonight …… sounds. A lot like what’s happened to oil ??
  • c
    There is ALOT of financial engineering going on at Sandstorm these days. ALOT.

    I generally recognize and agree that there are a lot of assets of value in the SSL portfolio that are not valued in the marketplace. The spin out of the copper assets and entree shares into a new company , and the recently announced - small - deal with equinox are good examples.

    However, as you comb through the Sandstorm, Nomad, and basecor portfolios, you will see ALOT of assets that do not fit into the precious metals streaming and royalty groupings and I THINK this comapny wants to be moving forwards. That basecor royalty or example has a great zinc stream that seems to be out of place; maybe they can sell that one back to Noranda once Noranda starts generating cash.

    My point - if I had one - is that this reorganization into smaller companies can and probably will go on for quite some time. I have great respect for Nolan; he acquired a lot of cheap royalties at good prices. However, I am not sure of his endgame in-so-far as these spin offs goes. Good news is I trust him to generate shareholder value and I think that's what he is doing here.
  • R
    Sandbox shares should be spun out to shareholders of Sandstorm. Nolan we would like to play in the sandbox.
    please consider a Sandbox share disbursement to your shareholders.
  • c
    This morning at 8 Am , there was a release regarding the deal as reported by Benzinga on the PR News wire . On an important point to note , Nolan Watson , CEO of Sandstorm has stated that the deal will unlock and create real value for shareholders . You can track the report with all the details through Benzinga .