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Range Resources Corporation (RRC)

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25.38+0.63 (+2.55%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
26.64 +1.26 (+4.96%)
After hours: 07:57PM EDT
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  • e
    Can someone explain why we are down so much when Nat gas is hitting its highs?
  • B
    Barnacle Barney
    What's it like to lose 30% of your market cap in less than 1 month ?
    Have you completed the secret pipeline from Pittsburgh, PA, to Poland ?
  • J
    Anyone ready to follow me to 75+? This will triple this winter when ng exports to Europe escalates!
  • S
    Egghead you have no poster the same question on several NG stock boards. It’s pretty basic. The explosion at the facility will curb shipment to Europe of LNG for a minimum of 3 weeks. So where does that NG go ? It goes into domestic storage which in turns builds storage supply and lowers the price of NG.
  • D
    Crickets on this board after multiple steep daily drops. If we get a couple more days like today, we'll see $20 in short order. Deep discount territory considering that management announced a $500M share buyback program when the stock traded at ~$22 in Feb. Since that time, the company continues to payoff more debt, thereby creating more value and warranting a higher stock price. They're more hedged than other prominent peers. Therefore, when Nat Gas price drops, their stock should also be more stable. However, this has not been the case. The Federal Reserve rate hike in July will cause further repricing. Neutral now. Bullish at $19.
  • j
    john c
    anyone know what percent of production is hedged for 22 and 23 ?tia.
  • M
    It’s too cheap and getting cheaper
    Wait a week and buy
    Hot summer ahead thru September
    Nat gas powers electricity..
  • a
    wait until winter. This will be $50
  • B
    I am raising target from 60 to 80 with Strong buy call.
  • C
    SD has a rich history of poor decision making, bankruptcies, incompetent executives, and screwing their shareholders. If you invested 10,000 in SD in 2014 it would be worth 0. A long term investor is safer in RRC than SD. You can cite that much of their production is unhedged, but only about 40% of its production is owned by the company. The remaining 60% is owned by its creditors as part of their bankruptcy. FOREVER. I also know that many of its wells and fields are in production decline. RRC reserves are vast and superior. I am also uncertain about SD and their drilling program. I dont know who is running it anymore, whether they are good, adding to uncertainty . I am not impugning the stock. These are good times and you could have thrown a dart at the nat gas dart board and made some money. I will tell small investors in my opinion that your money is safer at RRC. They have good management and good people in the field, some of whom I have worked with in years past. I dont want to see people lose money. RRC is about as safe as it gets in nat gas energy. There are also many other long term + reasons.
  • M
    Keep buying
    gas is going to see $14 by Late Sept
    Oil going to $140
    Thanks Joe!!
  • C
    I bought this at 20 and at 4 dollars. I just add water and it grows. Go range go! Im on a 5 yr win streak and its become a lush garden of semiconductors, nat gas, uranium and pipelines. Just add water!
  • S
    $8 nat gas and rrc is still in the $20s
  • B
    I am still for $60 !!
  • e
    Can someone pls explain the mark to market on derv loss of $900 million. Will this bring it down?
  • H
    $SD conversation
    Natural gas is again the only green thing on the screen early in the Asian session this evening. On Friday, SandRidge Energy (SD) was one of the only natural gas-focused E&Ps that remained in the green for the entire first half of the trading day before finally itself succumbing to the inexorable downward momentum of the market. One of these red days, we should stay in the green until close as more and more traders see SD as even more of a proxy for natural gas than most of the other natural gas-focused E&Ps considering how little (if even at all sometimes) SD hedges on compared to the rest of them. Again, as I've said many times here, as of last reporting on the March 9 Q1 call, SD stated that there were no hedges on the books. It was stated, however, that the company might look into putting on some hedges from time to time in the future. But it should be noted by any prospective investors that over the past year, whenever SD has put on hedges, they have been light and temporary compared to the rest of the companies in this space who use truly aggressive, earnings-destroying hedging regimes.

    $EQT $AR $SWN $RRC
  • e
    why cant this company get some appreciation in price? Are we at max capacity?
  • A
    A record $372M FCF, paid down $350M debt and bought back 600k shares.

    Really good quarter, with much better to come with nat gas prices increasing.
  • B
    Barnacle Barney
    What's it like to be The Worst performing stock in the oil & gas sector ?
    Book value $6.61 per share
    $2.6 Billion in debts
    No E in the P/E ratio ?
  • K
    I had 100 shares called @ $ 36 on Friday.
    Surprised to see todays move lower.