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Real Matters Inc. (RLLMF)

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  • S
    The worst may be over, time to inch up, buy some more!
  • A
    some How , if USA FED and Canada BOC stopped increase interest ,the stock price will be rocket high ?
    USA FED perhaps stop hiking very soon , because USA GDP has been down for 2 Qs ? so try to be bullish ,
    let s crossing fingers
  • W
    I dropped by to check this out after I tossed it around 20$.

    This was recommended by Motley north of 20+ over a year ago. Dropped like a stone within weeks of the recommendation.

    LOL. What a money toilet this has been for over a year.

    If you're holding, good luck. And I mean that.

  • P
    Averaging down & holding. Just a reminder, Executive Chairman Jason Smith has an ASDP (automatic securities disposition plan) to donate 15% of his entire equity in REAL to 2 hospital organizations which had began in August 2020 until August 2021. Each disposition is an automatic sale 3000 shares. So as you can see based on the charts and insider tradings websites.. these disposition of 3000 shares has led to the steep downtrend of the stock.

    But based on fundamentals research that I continue to reflect on, this company is one Im holding long in my TFSA as REAL continues to expand and grow
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    You know it's a strong buy when all of the paper-handed people begin to think the sky is falling on a red day even though the company is very fundamentally sound. The real value is on this is close to $20. Now is a time to add not sell. When a stock is falling like this on no news and still had strong fundamentals you should be adding more.
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    Lots of tailwind ahead ... BUY BUY BUY
    Mortgage rate can be further lower and house sale is expected to be higher as per the report
    Housing and Mortgage Trends to Watch For in 2021 | TheStreet
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    There has been constant warnings specially in the past couple of months about housing market, and how the risk is increasing more and more. While some agree that this risk wont stop prices from sky rocketing in this year, others also warn that this could destabilize the economy.
  • s
    Mortgage Bankers Association forecasts mortgage originations to close out 2020 at more than $3.2 trillion – the most since 2003’s $3.8 trillion. Guys, it is going double in coming few months. Have patience !!!
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    We capped off the year with another strong quarter posting consolidated Adjusted EBITDA(A) of $22.2 million, an increase of 57.5% from the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019. Our U.S. Title business continued to outperform our other segments and for the second consecutive quarter delivered higher Net Revenue(A) and Adjusted EBITDA(A) than our U.S. Appraisal segment – fourth quarter U.S. Title Net Revenue(A) was up 69.7% and Adjusted EBITDA(A) increased 102.0% year-over-year to $15.4 million.

    The report is pretty good. This is just a short term effect. Should rebound quickly..
  • K
    PS - 1.2 PE - 16 P Book -3.7 P cash flow - 14 , debt ratio 4.5%
    There is value here....
  • B
    Hosuing market is fueled by ZERO INTEREST RATE POLICY ....... as long as ZERO interest rate and quantitiy easing (QE) remains, housing market will boom.......REAL MATTERS INC booms with housing market.......
  • P
    The downtrend over the 1-month period I believe is a correction of some sort. No news released or any material which would suggest a change in company fundamentals.

    US housing markets hasn’t abruptly changed since the progressive report of the previous earnings report. Plus, Canada’s housing market increased since the last earnings report.

    This is simply another great buy-in opportunity to average down. IMO good growth stock/company for the near future.
  • J
    Company making profit by providing all services during closing real estate deals. Mortgage rates doesn't affect the performance of the company. Because transaction always happens in any market condition.
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    Buy order for $19.80. Just averaging down holding long term. Same thing I did with Lightspeed I bought low at $33 now im up %100. Advice to yall take advantage of undervalued companies
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    Analyst Consensus:
    Aggresive Price Target is CAD $ 40.00
    Moderate (Average) Price Target is CAD $32.50
    Conservative Price Target is CAD $ 28.00
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    Did some research REAL has solid fundamentals, I feel the CEO transition caused this volatility. Home purchase rates in the US hasnt seen a decline. Plus they keep acquiring many top 100 lenders. I see growth here in the long term. Its about time they begin monetizing their data
  • v
    Today stock was covered by 4 analyst to clear your minds! Rated Buy fro
    Td bank! Outperform! By Raymond James... average target for all 4 is 32 dollars!! And that s all info from today but hey @ R they must all be insiders right 🤣😂🤣
  • M
    For those concerned about the CEO transition - absolutely no fear here. This was a planned and managed transition. Brian Lang will take this already $2.2B company to the moon.
    Prior to joining Real Matters he was "President of MasterCard Canada" and is a six-sigma master black belt
    They gave over a year of transitioning time for Brian to work closely together with Jason.

    AND - Jason Smith has moved to executive chairman, where he will carefully oversee the growth of his remaining 4,600,000+ shares and options and all of ours!
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    What to say about this stock! It's significantly undervalued based on the revenue it's generating. I bought after the drop thinking it was undervalued at that time, now almost three months later haven't even returned to my entry point, has come very, very close but I feel it owes me a few bucks.

    HOWEVER! Next week will be the test, if the earnings are up then we will be moving up towards the twenties, if the earnings are down then we might see tens.

    So that's the gamble for the next week, see you next Thursday ..... perhaps not all will be here.....