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    One of the world?s largest pension funds, ABP, is selling its #$%$15bn-worth of holdings in fossil fuel companies, including Royal Dutch Shell, claiming it had been unable to persuade the sector to transition quickly enough towards decarbonisation.
  • a
    Ray I only took 10% off the table. In a holding pattern till after the announcement. Didn’t expect it whip Shaw like it did. GLTA
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    Another 1.2 million shares extinguished. Hopefully those shorts have real shares behind them.
  • h
    Does anyone know for sure if shareholders will receive part of Permian sale proceeds in the form of a special dividend ?
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    RDS says they are going green, selling off the Permian was smart and the BG assets are paying off. They keep balance on oil and will be doing just fine. Some are saying here to sell at 51 pps, this is going to push past that mark on it’s way to 65pps and possibly beyond. They lost 400 million in revenue third quarter due to the hurricane but that is past. Fourth quarter they will be firing on all cylinders.
  • A
    This stock should be in the 70s given current prices and demand! Europeans are so far left they lost their practicality and perspective.
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    Future of Crude and Natural Gas Prices

    Current upward pressure should be no surprise to those who understand the industry. High prices encourage investment to the point of over supply...which cause lower prices and less investment and under supply...causing higher prices. With overrides of political and world events which can mute or enhance the normal cycles.

    I am surprised (shocked?) that BvB stated not long ago that "prices would be lower for longer" and he has been in the business for some period of time. Hard to believe but true.....of course, he has said some other "strange" things...

    Currently, I see political events and economic realities as enhancing the higher price longevity. Climate change, cancelling pipelines, cancelling leases or prohibiting them from being developed, frackers turning to profits over drilling more wells, companies planning for zero net emissions, et. al. While these trends will prolong the higher price trend, I do believe that eventually, the world will again over produce (just the opposite of a few short months ago when the "consensus" was that crude and producers were dead)...not all producers will cut back as have many in Europe and the US.

    Not sure exactly when the major's stock prices will peak...but, for those waiting to abandon RDS, the time is not now...but there will be a point in the future...probably when we hear screams that high energy prices are crippling world economies and the markets begin to go South. A good time for traders but be watchful......

    All in my view only......but would appreciate other views as well....
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    Hmmm anyone know what comes after 49 and good earnings? probably will skip 50 and head to 53 for a bit may hold it with some good comments for 4th quarter
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    Can anyone tell me where Shell is getting the money to buy 1.2 million shears of of B stock per day for the past weeks?
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    This is a time of great uncertainty as far as the major oil producers of the western world all the leftists of europe as well as in the u. s.a. Are driving the agenda by intimidation of Financial institutions and pension respond to their campaign. Let's see what happens this week after the earnings report..
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    Notice all the pieces about how much free cash flow oil is making, yet the public isn’t buying in, even on days when there are buy backs RDS still isn’t flying… red signs all around
  • J
    I like the positive atmosphere here. But any worries regarding Chinas new coal regulations or the dropping gas prices?! Those could lead to major fall in oil prices ? Curious to hear neutral views
  • P
    Another 1.2 million shares extinguished. Clearly those running the company think todays price will be lower than tomorrows :)
  • C
    I am hoping Shell makes a major announcement on possible dividend increase in the next earnings call.

    With the current pricing and share buybacks, perhaps they are getting the market ready for that. Fingers crossed!
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    The thing about RDS and BP is that the institutional holdings of these 2 stocks is really low compared to the other US oil majors, mainly since these big boys have been apprehensive about the move towards more green energy initiatives from both companies.

    However, with the energy crisis still at its infancy and no signs of abating, and big money looking for value stocks, there is no better value stock in the energy market big names compared to BP and RDS right now.

    Once these institutional money starts flowing back to BP and RDS, that is when the real rocket takes off (the price runup we saw in the last money is NOTHING.

    My prediction is that RDS will hit 60 by March 2022.
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    Me gusta Shell. I think it will be good shelter against inflation. Sector rotation is in sight.
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    I cannot wait for rds earnings. They are going to report blowout earnings. Soon sub-50 will just be blip on the radar in a major energy bull market. Other than gazaprom, shell supplies so much natural gas to Europe. All the haters on this board better liquidate their shorts ASAP.
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    I like to get some views on this. Natural gas shortage was one of the drivers behind higher oil and thus energy value in the market. I see natural gas prices dropping really fast, today it is one month lowest. How will this affect energy value? Will it have big or small impact ? Are the fundamentals slowly shifting ?
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    Where is shell getting all the money to buy a Million shares of stock per day for the past weeks. that is more money than they have. It looks to me as they should beeing paying down debt, not going in debt deeper.
    Someone please help me understand.