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    This is my humble opinion pertaining to Shell oil which I have owned for the last six years and it has been very good to me in terms of dividends,, yes we're all disappointed last year as far as cutting the dividend by 2/3 however for those of us who look to the future especially retirees who are thinking of securing their children it was a buying opportunity I was fortunate to have resources to double my position I don't believe the company as far as the stock is concerned will be making any huge jump at least in the near future however for five years from now not only the dividends will be increased but the sp Will be double and more let's not forget the Dutch are very smart and shrewd people.. Good luck to all1
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    Down day for the market.

    Anyone who thinks this is “falling” should take a step back and look at the big picture.

    RDS is one of the worlds largest LNG producers. LNG consumption is expected to increase yearly, doubling by 2040.

    There is only one way this stock is heading and it ain’t down. ☝️


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    What happened to the price of oil today. It was like a rocket to the moon but suddenly it flames out.
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    Shell: One of the biggest oil producers on the planet is sitting below 17. This is a steal, a bargain - especially with crude climbing to 62$ Shell is in a very comfortable position. The oil market has flushed out all the small players - only the strongest companies survived the oil armageddon last year. This is going to 20+ this year. Combine that with vaccine rollout in the US / UK/ Europe things will open up again, demand will increase and oil will spike further. Bullish.
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    It's hard to understand how RDS-B is still under $40 with Oil above $65....Goldman Sachs Sees $75 Oil In Q3 2021
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    Divested 50% is rdsa yesterday may do another 50% today. Oil down 2 days in a row.
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    Looks a disappointment day with oil and sp down. Yet and besides of that I was reading an interesting article from Barrons. Published yesterday 25 Feb. Author Avi Salzman. Title: A New Oil Dividend Trend Could Pay Off for Investors. Can't link but google it and you will read. The big question: can we Shell longs expect something simmilar?. In past posts I've been speculating on this as the only way to reconcile the very low current divi yield (including the 4% annual increase), the divi yield of other oil majors (far above) and with some BVB comments on future share holders distribution of net operating cash flow. Just to think. GL.
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    It is widely known that all OIL Stocks are BROKER AND INVESTMENT BANK PRICE CAPPED STOCKS SINCE covid started May 2020. That is Price cannot increase above ceiling price. Shell has 19 Euro Price Cap, BP, Chevron, Occidental Oil all has price caps. All Gold ETF, Gold ETC and pure Gold has also price caps. I am sorry but this is the case
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    It appears that the days of negative EPS are over. When I drive to work I see nothing but 3/4 ton trucks and SUV's. Very few Sedans. Who can afford an electric car in 2021? Electric cars will indeed be the norm but that may be like in 2040. But remember this, Shell is an energy company and will be part of the 'electric' revolution. They are no dummies.
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    With all these caps-lock, bearish, shorties who are flooding the board with sell, sell, sell....only one thing to do....HOLD.
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    A Bloomberg article entitled, "Shell’s Falling Oil Output Ends Century-Long Business Model" describes how RDS plans to cut oil production and expend resources on electric-car charging, carbon capture and storage, and electricity sales. How wonderful.

    At the same time, the company tries to reassure investors by pledging a 4% annual growth of the dividend. At that rate, it will take 25 years for the dividend to get back to where it was this time last year.
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    Don't mind the shorts on here and people that bought puts. Shell will be 50% up a year from now
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    What happens when all those Green activists turn their focus on the environmental nightmare from billions of massive EV batteries containing heavy metals and toxic chemicals being dumped in landfills because there is no economical way to recycle or dispose of them. If the entire planet starts driving EV cars tomorrow, in 10 years we will have an environmental problem that makes the issue of nuclear waste disposal seem like a minor problem.
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    As oil i going up we are also going up.. This will be 50+ stock at the summer maybe sooner with raising price of oil!!
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    Easy 60s. When the world comes back from the pandemic
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    Hello, did anyone else receive payment from Shell today?
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    what is the symbol for the $17 shell stock? my ibk account can't find it in a search.
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    Jonas Kenis
    Absolute bargain at these prices. Will hit at least 28 by the end of the year
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    Scott Tav
    $60 by end of April
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    Sack BvB, and RDS.A will go to the MOON!