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Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS-B)

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At close: 4:00PM EDT
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    Brent crude is up 75% over the past year. RDS-B is up 16%.
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    At $70 oil and over $3 Natgas; this is a cash machine! But Wait; stocks that make money DONT MATTER today! Because Free money may end in a couple years! WOW
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    XOM - Market Cap - $ 262 B & Last quarter profit - $ 2.6 Billion; Annualized yield - 4.1%
    RDS - Market Cap - $ 152 B & Last quarter profit - $ 5.7 Billion; Annualized earnings yield - 14.8%
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    RDS should do very well this quarter. Besides oil being above $70 has anyone noticed the natural gas price. We’ll over $3. When that happened they are printing cash.
  • J
    Lol the option sellers managed to collect all money for those call options expire unexercised at the price above $37.50. Perhaps these options sellers are buying stocks at a fixed price below $37.50 from other institutions and give these shares back. LOL!
  • B
    Don’t worry guys this is just a small dip, market is down today and so is every other oil company
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    I don't understand what some of these people are saying. RDS is mainly LNG play. Even if account permean sale, their production is about about 3.5 million bpd and you are shedding ~250,000 bpd that is like ~7% production cut. At the same time you get 10 billion dollars cash to cut down their debt. I don't like the news, but hardly it is like the worst news you can get. I am just frustrated with the fact that the management is taking so many sales at inappropriate price imo.
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    do not sorry fellows. I am from Amsterdam. shale assets are not the assets you need for future. we are are heading for oil which is easy to get and which is fully available and green energy sources. hence shell wants to sell its shale assets quickly as possible. bullish
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    Shell selling their Permian assets would be a huge win for investors. They bought the land for under $2 billion - now they're likely selling for over $10 billion. Are we also forgetting that shale requires significant CAPEX to maintain production? Less CAPEX on drilling = greater FCF returns for shareholders. Hope they go through with the sale!
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    Shell is selling a lot of their assets at fire sale price. I have an idea. They should sell their head office building in Netherlands and move their head office to US or some other tax advantageous country.
  • W
    This is the biggest piece of siht... its neither a green energy company or an oil major...

    It has no true identity...

    You wont buy it because of the oil rally because you know its not an oil company....

    And you dont buy it for the green energy transition... because its an oil company....

    And that on management
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    Posted this was going to break out to 43 and above anyday. Half way to 43. Confident this will reach 45 + by end of July. Its been resisting March tops but has momentum now. This will outperform CVX, XOM, TOT, BP. There is no chance now that Iranian deal is happening before June 18. New government will actually take much longer to come to an agreement. New government will let crude prices run before anything is finalized. Its in Iran's best interest to delay.
  • R
    Crude is up and this #$%$ continues to drop! Who ever is Shorting this has BIG BAlls
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    Move headquarters to Houston, Tx USA to get away from EU.
    I voted against the entire BOD and their climate change agenda.
    RDS is a company, not a country so duty of management is to maximize return on investment.
  • h
    A weeks worth of gains are gonna get wiped out at this rate the stress 🙃
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    This will pop fast to 43 and beyond within June -July. Every other oil major is touching or has surpassed March highs. It's been overlooked which is an accident and will corrent itself. People don't realize the dividend yield is going to be higher then other oil majors by the next couple of quarters as soon as debt reduction target is met.
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    RDS is making the best out of a bad situation.

    They got ordered to cut emissions.

    Dutch politicians are going to ask whether assets just got sold or emissions actually got cut.

    Selling Permian assets sops up other producers CAPEX budgets. Drilled, proved, developed, producing assets from Shell are cheaper than going out and drilling new wells. So Shell gets to play it both ways-- they get to argue that the Permian sales reduced *their* emissions and *overall* emissions while also getting some sort of salvage value for their assets.
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    Logically, Shell should have $ 50 billion profit this year on $ 152 billion market cap. Here is how: In addition to $ 25 billion expected current year profit due to high oil prices, Shell should get around $ 25 billion profit boost from impairment reversal.

    The reason there was a $ 22 billion paper loss in 2020 was because Shell booked $ 27.5 Impairment losses on its book due to Covid. Shell has a practice of doing impairment reversal in 2018 and 2019. So if Shell reverse $ 25 billion of 2020 impairment losses. And you add that to current year expected normal profit, you will get $ 50 billion profit this year.


    Impairment losses $ 1.7 billion
    Impairment reversal ($ 1.3 billion)


    Impairment losses $ 3.8 billion
    Impairment reversal (0.2 billion)


    Impairment losses $ 27.5 billion
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    Is oil going to $100 this year?
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    Latest news headlines
    Shell planning on Permian sale.