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Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI-B.TO)

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61.61-0.21 (-0.34%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
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    Smelly Coochie
    W for the people who bought it during the family drama
  • $
    $$MAD MONEY$$
    Good to buy in TFSA. We are expecting $120 by end of 2022.
  • R
    Rookie Hookie
    This thing is climbing
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Rogers Communications reached an all time high at 61.07
  • f
    absolute beast
  • K
    Will this fiasco distract management operating efficiency or lost opportunities. I say yes.
    Also in the case CEO is turfed out, it will cost Rogers some serious compensation. Finally who knows what the outcome of Shaw acquisition. All these put a cloud over Rogers and these distractions may show IP in next quarter earning. Why buy this when there are a thousand other companies you can put in your hard earned money. IT might test the 56 again.
  • D
    ATH $74.15, might see pre pandemic $77
  • A
    If anyone wants an excellent "no annual fee" mastercard (that has cash back and travel insurance), they should look into Roger's Bank. I'm not sure why the company doesn't advertise more on this part of their business - seems like a missed opportunity. GLTA!
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    DB C
    Anyone taking this board turmoil as a buying opportunity? I currently have no telecom exposure but am considering buying some... perhaps as a swing trade. Thank you for your input.
  • G
    Did they save money by providing no cellphone service today?
  • A
    How is this going up right now?!!? Your services are unavailable to a lot of Canada for the past 12 hours and your stock goes up?
  • C
    I hear Rogers will buy Shawn? Should i buy Shawn Stock rigth now?
  • B
    Buy high sell low
    if anyone wants proof the stock market is so disconnected with the average person, today's SP action for Rogers should be more than enough
  • S
    The internal turmoil will drive the stock price to around 55 CAD and maybe even lower. I've already placed my order to sell this stock and will immediately buy BCE which pays a dividend almost double than Rogers. Analysts expect that BCE will finish the year close to $70 and the dividend payout is very interesting. This is my advice to whoever wants to avoid being stuck with a declining Rogers share price in the next months. Act fast though, cause the decline on Monday will be quick.
  • G
    I don't own Rogers, but I think every telecom stock in Canada hit a new 52 week high today. At least Telus and BCE did too. Rogers hits a 52 weeks high on the day that the Federal Government announces it is likely souring the Shaw deal. Interesting. This sector is on fire.
  • T
    People need to realize.

    Rogers should outperform. I bought the dip.

    Rogers should outperform even in a corona situation because telecom is almost an essential and is involved in all of our lives. Are you here? your using telecom? Don't believe me, talk to your friend and ask his opinion over the phone--telecom! Maintaining subscriptions require 0 person-to-person interaction unlike retail stores for food and consumer staples... When your home on self-isolation, lockdown, quarentine, you are probably bored and will want to be on your phone, TV, PC, etc.! Our modern entertainment at home is heavily telecom based. Thus, we should track tightly with bell regarding the rates/momentums on the charts.

    The only fear is a demand shock... But, telecom should not be hit first! Luxury may get hit, apple may get hit for selling new phones, but not telecom services (internet, telephone, VoIP, IPTV, cable subscriptions, home security) on smartphones, landlines, TVs, smart home devices, etc.

    Secondly, people are wrong to think the news for Rogers to help people with meals is bad as it may be an expense. BUT, Rogers *helping* with the million meals affects their reputational capital so in the event of an economic downturn, people still remember the good they did. It increases customer loyalty, thus reducing subscription churn rates. ALSO, as for the cost outweighing the benefit in an economy that may turn sour and reward defensive stocks like RCI... Donations are tax deductable. Rogers already pays tax. Its free/cheap marketing with a social positive to help people.

    Its brilliant. You guys are crazy for selling off on the panic.
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    is there a fee if the Rogers Shaw deal does not go through? Who pays the fee?
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    Rogers is massively underperforming in it’s industry, for SOME valid reasons, but we have to remember Rogers has cemented itself and the value today might be much less than what it should/could be in the future
  • J
    at this point this is super cheap considering its longer term chart and it's rsi is closing in on 30. no major news taking this down. buy buy buy. loaded a bunch