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    Working around the clock It takes just over 3.5 months to test the cells at a 1 hour charge plus 1 hour discharge. the 10 layer cells have been tested just over 300 times (600 hours) and still hold a near 100% capacity. a second 10 layer test is at 200 cycles (400 hours) and was either halted or started after the first 10 layer test began.
    The projection looks on target to be 90% retention which beats the 80% commercial requirement by 10%. obviously.
    exciting times for this company.
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    Brilliant 3RD QTR report and it ticked off my wish list including third part testing!

    Not all battery performance tests are created equal. The test performed here reflects a complete cycle-life test that demonstrates how well the cell chemistry stands up to extended high-performance usage under realistic temperature and pressure conditions. In contrast, some other companies’ battery tests merely show a single cycle or show cycling at very slow rates of charge, such as five hours (C/5), without reflecting the real-world automotive stresses the battery can expect over its service life. We continue to believe that the fundamental cell performance shown here remains unmatched by any competing solid-state or lithium-metal battery data published thus far.

    he tests were performed by Mobile Power Solutions, an independent battery laboratory, ANAB accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, based in Beaverton, Oregon. The full report will be available on our website. We commissioned these independent tests to provide transparency to shareholders, the battery scientist community and the general public. However, we continue to believe that the most important validation of our technology comes from prospective customers, and going forward, we will prioritize production capacity for customer testing and sampling
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    QuantumScape Reported a Surprise Profit.
    By Al Root
    Updated Oct. 26, 2021 7:06 pm ET / Original Oct. 26, 2021 5:05 pm ET
    Stock in solid-state-battery pioneer QuantumScape is down after the company reported third-quarter financial results.
    QuantumScape (ticker: QS) made money—a surprise for a company with no sales. But investors should remember, results just don’t matter. QuantumScape is a pre-sales technology startup, and technical progress is the name of the game. Quantum’s advances continue, and things are roughly on schedule.
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    Cell development efforts saw progress during the past quarter. On August 25, we announced the
    completion of our third key milestone for 2021: our four-layer cells successfully demonstrated one-hour
    charge and discharge cycling with cycle life in excess of the commercially relevant target of 80% after 800
    cycles. This test was carried out under our stringent test conditions: 100% depth of discharge, 25 °C and
    3.4 atmospheres of pressure. These four-layer cells have now reached 1,000 cycles, in excess of our
    800-cycle target, and performance remains similar to that shown in our single-layer design, demonstrating
    that we can make multilayer cells without adversely impacting cycling behavior or capacity retention.
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    Andrew Ng is one of the worlds most influential computer scientists and leading scholars on machine learning and algorithm AI. I believe his role is to design programs to detect defects in mass production of parts used in the SSB (maybe, specifically the separator on a mass scale). If a pause was needed to make revisions on the cells being tested before restarting testing, it's a non-issue (although the manipulators/bashers would like you to think it's the end of QS). As a technician, this is actually the very reason testing is done, to find issues and resolve them before they are found in the field, like say a $1.8B battery recall or EV fires. Bringing in Andrew Ng is a brilliant move by QS management and is verification this company is for real. In my opinion.
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    "Along with our existing partnership with Volkswagen, we now have two of the top-10 global automotive
    OEMs as prospective customers, and both deals have come after testing of our cells by the automakers
    in their own labs. Additional customer engagement remains strong among automotive OEMs, as well as
    across a number of other applications, and we will remain strategic about the partnerships we enter into."
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    I spent over 30 years in the RF/Microwave industry with a company that was state-of-the-art in everything they designed and delivered. I believe $QS is defiantly going to make SSB's a reality for the EV market, and I also believe, sooner rather than later. They are conservative and also transparent which I appreciate as an investor. I'm not selling, only possibly buying more and holding for the long-term if the opportunity presents itself at this stage. I firmly believe other EV OEM's will be lining up in the very near future as $QS is on a path that just can't be ignored. Production at the scale $QS is looking at takes time .. they're in a sweet spot, and so is VW with their stable of brands. I also like what Bosch is doing in the area of electronic transmissions. When all this comes together you'll see some 'bahn burners' come out of Germany that will absolutely be amazing .. they'll set the trend, like Germany always does.
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    3rd party testing results are great. This completely proves the technology for the strange people who are not satisfied with 2 giant automotive oems!

    4 cycle results are great even uo to 1000 cycles, 25% more than the requirement.

    Again the shorts found something of course, they are speculating that 10-layer cells failed after 300 cycles. I have written here many times and as an engineer and project manager in similar industries over a decade, this is the most normal thing in product development lifecycle, specially if this is something done first time ever! They are simply finding something and then quickly improving the design, making a new prototype and testing that as the other design is obsolete! If there is no promlems or improvement points found at this stage, that is something to worry! This is the nature of highly complex and innovative product development lifecycle!

    4 layer results absolutely proves the technology and the fundamentals, the rest is all about engineering and manufacturing challenges which will help to improve the final product and ensure the commercial success. If shorts manipulate this tiny detail to lower the price more then a few percents, I will simply load up more.
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    I've been following QS for 4+ yrs. and worked extensively in the field as a technician for most of my career. QS has had a vision and eliminated the dead ends to finding the right chemistry. It seems the big names in batteries and OEM's are racing (this is how many mistakes get made) to either come up with SSB chemistry or partner together to compete with QS. Make no mistake, they are all chasing QS. Some will be able to match one or two of the SSB specs or maybe get buy with advanced existing battery tech, but at the end of the day, none will match all of the specs necessary to put large volumes of EV's on the road. The competitors will move their battery tech and EV's forward, but as the % of EV's on the road start to multiply, so will the issues that were not found in the factories. I believe QS has a huge lead the competition and wall street don't understand yet. Investors don't need to look any further than the Chevy bolt recall of $1.8B or the fires in Tesla vehicles. These incidents are minimal, but we are talking approx. 3% of the market are EV's. What happens when we get to 30-50%. QS will be the Apple or Amazon of their industries, once mass scaling is achieved.
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    So the 10 layers lasted 300 cycles? Or I got it wrong?
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    Solid-state batteries will change everything!

    This Redshark article from this summer reminds us why SSB are a game changing battery technology.
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    4 layers and 10 layers which has more than 800 cycles test done. Will see real car battery design release tomorrow.
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    The MikeT id's Jeff XZ sure don't want people to see Guide's post wonder why? Sure working hard to spam it away.
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    I do like the Mgmt at least they are up front to share holders ..
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    Own it - heard CC call - am optimistic - call nothing negative - plowing thru normal manufacturing challenges - buying long lead time tooling - quality is vital - quality needed secure scale - nothing new for any industry - still many hurdles to climb - risk remains and so does massive rewards - electrification is coming - only game in down for automobile use - believe OEM need them just as much as we need them
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    Wanted to repost this for newcomers upon the news;

    Lithium&Battery index is booming.. everyone knows that the future is electric.. which helps qs in the short-term especially with upcoming good news from qs ahead.. so expect the trust sentiment in qs ssb will only rise from here.

    The tested and proven cells are already perfectly applicable in laptops and other tech (Maybe they will keep using QS-0 for these applications. The SSB is proven to be ideal because it has no downsides. Quantumscape has researched lots of various materials for the separator in 10 years.. and ruled out even silicon based separators which solid power is still researching.. qs pattented the most potential ones.

    With VW and a strong board they will be able to produce it for vw cars. The third big factory will be for themselves to sell privately.. when the production is limited in the beginning these batteries will go for high-end cars so for a high price.. from the bit of production expertise and available profits they can quickly ramp up.. meanwhile the second OEM will want to be having their own factory and this is how QS can become the next BIGGER tesla since they can sell a product with a bigger profit to cost of production ratio.. The SSB will need less materials (1.8x) bc of higher energy density.. and wont need the expensive rare earth materials

    AND they have a HUGE market to sell to.. even more applications than the car industry.

    Institutional investors will be waiting for more proving data, any retailers getting in now can be very lucky, the market cap is yet very small while the potential of qs and the ev market is huge and will only get bigger.
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    The short term price will largely depend on how media projects this. "Independent firm validates revolutionary battery startup" type would make this stock fly.

    For me it means less. I am going to hold on at least 12 months. I am actually happy the price dropped so much, because that enabled me to purchase the share in thousands, rather hundreds.
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    At this point, it doesn't matter if the price is 25 or 35... What is important is them hitting their milestones, and moving forward with the plan. When mass production begins we will be talking about 250 to 250 instead...
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    Just buy more…5 years we will all smile and be rich! I want to get to 10,000 shares with a basis in the low $20’s
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    Temperature in Battery Development

    Posting QuantumScape's own paper to combat Moneyball comments today.