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    ◦ Invested $12,000 in NVDA when it was $28/share (1/2016). That is over $300,000 now. I’ve put about the same amount on QS and may put some more. I won’t sell no matter what. The heart of the EVs is the battery. It is also the bottle neck. Without the batteries, EV cannot exist. QS technology will resolve the bottle neck and if their claims (fast charging time, long range, etc) come true. It’s stock will go through the roof. It will also have other applications (cell phones, storage, etc). I’m willing to loose $20,000 and stay with QS through thick and thin. This is a calculated risk. And the rewards justify the risk. Just MHO.
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    “To be more specific, the development of 10-layer cells has been the result of a number of concrete improvements to our separator manufacturing process. Taken together, these improvements result in a step change increase in both separator quality and consistency. As we baseline these improvements, we expect positive knock-on effects to accrue to our development process as we progress through our manufacturing scale-up road map. As we've said since first going public, separator quality and consistency are key technical parameters and this step change improvement is an encouraging sign that our focus on this area is paying off”
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    shorts can flee or spin it however they want but the fact remains Quantum-Scape is the leader in solid state battery technology AND needed to bring the Green Energy Plan to fruition......without solid state battery tecnology the EV market will continue to lag to its potential......the shimmery tv commercials on new launches (EVs) will not evolve into viability without better range or miles per charge ~~ consumers are just not buying it and reflects in the total global auto sales/EV sales .......go Quantum-Scape!!
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    $350 in 2023
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    No new people even need to buy today...short sellers will be covering for friday...just hold and make them pay a and demand, people
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    My take.
    1 They have a 10 layer cell
    2 They ahead of schedule for QS-0, will be ready in 2023.
    3 Their tech can work without external pressure and is suitable for consumer electronics. But they are focusing on EV for now
    4 They have sent their initial cell for third party verification testing (this will not be done for all, as it take too much time. Results will be published when ready.
    5 Their cell also work with LFP tech, with better density. Such batteries can be made without cobolt and use cheaper material. So far the lower energy density has been an issue, but QS tech can address this. They are talking of costs down to usd 50 per Kwh at cell level.
    6 Their employee strength has grown 20% and is up to 400. Some of the staff are world class.
    7 They will have 1,3 billion in the bank by year end, which is sufficient to fund QS-1 and beyond.

    As an investor I am very happy with the progress. This is better then they had projected.
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    Exciting news from the Q2 shareholder letter.

    We have made and are currently testing our first 10-layer cells. These cells, in the commercially relevant 70x85 mm form factor, have had similar early capacity retention and cycling behavior to what we’ve shown for single- and four-layer cells. We had set ourselves the goal of showing results from 10-layer cells by the end of 2021, so we are encouraged that we have the first 10-layer cells this early.

    In another important development, we made and tested our anode-free lithium-metal cells with a low- cost iron phosphate (LFP) cathode. LFP coupled with QS’s lithium-metal anode could deliver close to twice the energy densities than traditional LFP’s. This allows us to extend our product offering to a broad spectrum of the automotive market.

    We have pulled forward of the timing of QS-0 pre-pilot manufacturing line from 2022 into 2021.
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    Potentially more good news at the StorageX International Symposium tomorrow

    Friday, July 30, 2021
    7:00am-8:45am Pacific Time
    Dr. Timothy Holme
    Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
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    Should be $30+ by the end of next week
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    $DCRC conversation
    $QS peeps ok congrats on your gains yesterday and so much to come but... take some of that cash and SHORT some shares $DCRC & DCRCW
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    $$index++ is a bot on this board, "my" is a bot on DCRC. They post the exact same things on both boards.
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    QS CEO comments below on LFP are exciting as Tesla just announced commitment to LFP!

    “Another important development, we made and tested our anode-free lithium metal cells with a low-cost iron phosphate, LFP cathode, and confirmed that our chemistry and cell design is compatible with LFP. We believe this demonstrates the commercial flexibility of our cathode agnostic solid-state lithium metal platform, which allows us to extend our product offering to a broad spectrum of the automotive market”
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    Will turn green today. Shorts playing in the morning. Hopefully paying later
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    "10" Layer Cell !!!! preparing for upscale production ,,Major progress!! Here we go!!!!
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    with the 10 layer cell announcement. QS is way ahead of schedule, Just, 4 month's ago they were working on 4 layer's. Which makes me believe they should have a completed battery and upscaling by this time 22' and in full blown production into 23' not 24'. Go!
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    QS on comments on Customer interest is super exciting!!!

    “On the customer front, I'll say a couple of things.

    One is inbound interest remains strong. And second, in fact, because demand appears to be higher than our near-term plan capacity, we actually won't be able to work with every prospective customer that expressed interest. This allows us to be a little more strategic about which customers we choose to work with.

    And finally, I'll add that our policy is not to discuss customer deals until they're final. In addition, many OEMs consider the badly supplier decisions to be proprietary. So out of respect for them, we usually let them be the ones that announced their partnerships”
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    I believe QS has the necessary financial support to achieve its goals faster than the competition.
    A revealing fact was the 10-layer cells testing that is ahead of schedule.
    With a big war chest, they can acquire the necessary talent and resources to scale faster.
    What really got my attention was VW's $300M+ investment thus far in QuantumScape.
    If you don't already know, VW is the largest auto manufacturer in the world.
    You can only imagine the scale of battery requirements they will have over the next decade as they take a pie of the EV market.
    Don't forget: VW has been building up charging stations across the U.S. market for the past couple of years. Volkswagen Electrify America with $2 billion in funding as part of its emissions settlement with the U.S. and California. 647 stations across the U.S. with 121 in progress.
    Keep buying. Keep holding.
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    QuantumScape has debunked all of the short arguments , they can’t scale , insider sales etc and are moving steadily with laser focus to a revolutionary solid state production battery.

    To quote the Electrek article “ Quantumscape still appears ahead of the solid-state pack when it comes to actually reaching a scalable battery cell”

    My opinion and why I invested in QuantumScape.
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    Support at 23 continues to hold. Keep buying in this range level and hold.
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    Now I’m starting to think that QS moved up their earnings announcement by 2 weeks to allow the CTO Tim Holme to provide the most current data during the tech conference next week. There will be world renowned experts at that conference so talking about their progress and showing the data around it is huge. It shows that they’re not afraid to put their data out there and answer any questions from anyone. At some point people/organizations will realize that the Scorpion report does not hold any water. Providing fictitious data is a criminal offense. Do you really think all of these brilliant hugely successful people will risk their reputation, wealth and risk going to jail? I think I believe them over some shady outfit that shorted the stock and only wrote about negative comments that they gathered. There is a note in their report that says they did not include any positive findings in their short report.

    I hope we start another uptrend at this point.