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QUALCOMM Incorporated (QCOM)

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188.69+4.80 (+2.61%)
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185.00 -3.69 (-1.96%)
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    I took a risk and put 30% of my net worth in QCOM around $135. Very happy I did. I truly believe having money in Qualcomm is safer than having money in an index fund. The quality and diversity of earnings growth for this company is incredible. I also bought enough options to make another $100,000 in 2022 if QCOM goes over $230 by January 2023. Great luck 🍀 and great investing everyone!!
  • j
    I been trading and investing for over 30 years and I can tell you with confidence that sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. There are reasons why I invest in a company, I do a lot of research and I like to invest for long term, but sometimes I sell based on change in fundamentals of the company. I began investing QCOM for few years now and accumulating but I been following qcom since high 1990s trading in and out of this company for many years…and let me tell you this…fundamentals of QCOM has never been better. It is my highest percentage of my portfolio of over 20% and somehow it’s growing. With market volatility caused by fed’s hawkish statements, some may be tempted to sell at this time to lock in profit but I think that is a mistake. With tsm record revenue last quarter and future outlook, I am also expecting qcom to beat this quarter estimates with flying colors and upping outlook as well. With 5G everywhere and everything including oem car manufacturing as well as AI, prospect of Qcom getting bigger piece of Meta universe is given. Why setting for 10% gain when you can get much greater %. My price target after quarter is over $200 and 2022 year end target is $300. Now is the time to accumulate not sell. Good luck to all longs.
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    Can someone comment on the Samsung/AMD news and its implication for QCOM? Thanks.
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    Tom, you guys take me way too seriously, and I mean that in all sincerity. I’ve done really well with Qualcomm and when I say it can’t get a forward PE above 20, im being more or less sarcastic. Certainly the stock could, and will at some point, likely sooner then later. One of the things that we’ve seen since this Nasdaq downturn is how Qualcomm has held up whereas Nvidia, MRVL have certainly taken a hit. The reason is because they have extreme forward looking PE’s. Despite the fact I believe the Nasdaq will continue correcting in Feb/early March, it appears to me the stock is ready to explode again, in particular when the Nasdaq flattens out. I believe hit money is finally going to throw in the towel and start chasing Qualcomm, exiting to some degree Nvidia to do so. The market has been wrong on Qualcomm for the past year, and they are starting to wake up and having to face the facts of 45% EPS growth this year. Yes, I believe Qualcomm will do $12.50 or perhaps slightly more. I would not be surprised to see Qualcomm trading in the $300’s late this year. They’re going to latch on to Qualcomm this year as the darling
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    They had some interesting insights about QCOM on Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    2021 was the year of NVDA and AMD, but 2022 is the year of Qualcomm.
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    Poor AAPL. Can?t seem to get their #$%$ together?. Apple (AAPL +0.1%) is weighing a delay of a heavily anticipated mixed-reality headset by at least a few months, which could push it into 2023, Bloomberg reports. The device, which could blend virtual reality and augmented reality, was likely headed for an unveiling at the June Worldwide Developers Conference and a release later in the year. The company is facing hardware development challenges, though, ranging from overheating to cameras and software, according to the report. Apple has done work on such a device for years, and once planned to roll out a headset last year and ship in 2022. It's aiming to create products with more appeal than current augmented-reality viewers such as Spectacles from Snap (SNAP -3.9%) - and previous big stabs at the product space, like Google Glass (GOOG +0.7%, GOOGL +1%) or Magic Leap, haven't gotten traction. Virtual-reality products have done better, however, led recently by Meta's (FB +1.4%) Quest 2 headset.
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    Internet of things. We all can envision walking into Costco filling a cart up, walking out charged 100% accurately. That one is easy. Your fridge texting your phone you are low on creamer your gonna want coffee in the morning; easy as well. Give me your ideas and please don’t get mad at me if I think the qcom will be involved in all of them. Oh yea and if your idea is so good you ain’t posting it, I hear ya. A lot of people will get rich and the qcom will help them.
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    Qualcomm Technologies to showcase IoT technologies at NRF

    Qualcomm Technologies will showcase its IoT technologies and how they can digitally transform retail environments and processes at Retail’s Big Show , which will be held in New York, USA, between 15 and 18 January 2022. 
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    1.5. Million shares traded. The last 10 minutes with an uptick. In price. Have a very nice weekend.
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    If this goes into the 170s again, do you think there will be as many sellers as last time? If you forget anything I have said - remember this. 170s is where they have been finding some sellers - but you can only do that so many times. I can't say it will not happen again, but I can assure you it would be very short. Retail does not sell in the 180s so it moves quickly through it. I believe shares will be exhausted very soon and only place to find them in QTY will be above 200. I picked up some calls near 175...but I have to say they were very expensive (high premiums even for ITM Leaps). My long shares remain untouched - no trading shares... all long. Only added for the last two years. Never sold a single share. This stock can erupt too quickly to try and time the trade with the sell and buy game. Use options for that. I will re-evaluate at 400, but if Amon is still at the helm I will likely continue to hold for the $1T market cap.
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    TSMC blew away earnings estimates with the highest guidance ever recorded as chip demand is at all time highs. QCOM is a direct beneficiary! QCOM = $200+ by Feb 1st... $240 by Feb 3rd after the earnings report. Cristiano Amon's confidence is going to be extremely strong for the EV market!!
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    Where is Greg? I am having to his work for him. Samsung S22 all QCOM.

    For the U.S., Europe, Korea, and the Middle East, Dohyun Kim believes that Samsung will proceed with a Galaxy S22 series launch with only the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 fueling its innards. The tipster does not believe that the Exynos 2200 will be found in any of the three members of the Galaxy S22 range
  • h
    The strength of Qualcomm is the diversity both in products and IPs.
    The diversity in products is already well addressed by Amon. But they have strengths in IPs as well. They have diverse IPs including cpu, gpu, dsp, memory, RF, pmic, analog & RF front. They have everything. No other companies have built up this level of strength. I think Qcom is seriously undervalued.
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    Before criticizing me, I made myself clear that I am bullish on the company. I am making these moves based on the market environment with now all fed officials sounding hawkish. I can’t fight the fed. I was in qcom at 180 and got out today at 188.71 with over 140k profits. I’ve been in this game since 2016. Stock market is a risk asset. So be cautious no matter how bullish you are. I will be back in qcom at a lower price.
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    On these market crashing days, it is important to keep perspective. For example, we are at less than half average volume compared to NVIDIA who already is at 75% of their average daily volume. These days are painful no doubt - but ask yourself these questions 1) Has anything changed to effect demand for QCOM products 2) What is the reason for the stock going down and does it impact anything long term for QCOM. The answer to #1 is a resounding "No". The answer to #2 is the Fed and Market (not QCOM related). After this exercise, ensure that valuation for the stock is attractive (very much). With this - have patience and rest in peace until it all flushes out. Be happy you don't own an 80 PE stock during these times when the Fed is raising rates!
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    We are going to be in this trading range until close to earnings. Everything we are reading right now point to a blow out quarter. Thursday TSM will give us their numbers and from what they have already indicated they had a great quarter which means one thing. They have been hard at work solving their chip production issues. There is ZERO question about demand people. Christiano has said repeatedly we sell every single chip we can manufacture. So I wonder how the market will react to a 3.1-3.25 earnings report. Lets just say I would hate to be short this stock.
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    A copy from the GM PR on using QCOM processors... note that power for the chips is key here. NVIDIA need to be water cooled (much more power) and QCOM air cooled. First win for QCOM on ADAS (prior wins were digital cockpit). They are going to have their chips all over future cars - bring it on.

    The deal is a milestone for Qualcomm, which dominates chips for mobile phones and has been diversifying its business. While it Qualcomm has numerous deals with automakers to provide chips for infotainment centers and 5G connectivity, but GM is the first automaker to use Qualcomm's "Snapdragon Ride" chips for self-driving features.

    Qualcomm is competing against rivals like Nvidia Corp and Intel Corp's Mobileye to win deals with automakers for self-driving chips. The energy efficiency of the chips is a key requirement for automakers in electric vehicles, where computers must compete for limited battery life with the drive train.
  • h
    $200 is the bottom line before Q4 ER. We will go beyond $220 after ER. TSMC ER was super great, QCOM ER will be even stronger. We may have a quantum jump to $250 after ER.