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The Bitcoin Fund Class A (QBTC-U.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in USD
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61.17-2.99 (-4.66%)
At close: 3:59PM EST
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  • s
    all time highs now and 10k green candles coming soon! hodl all the way!
  • h
    Just hold it until it comes back.
  • K
    Any gains you make on this fund in a TFSA/RRSP will be tax free/tax deferred.
  • R
    Rick Sanchez
    The price should be trading at 89.50. Judging from the last ath. We are now at the same price as we once were. And about to go higher. This should be trading in the 90’s if an ath breaks.
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    QBTC.TO is down 7.24% to 74.35
  • K
    Sold all of it in TFSA and locked in gains. QTBC did really well for me. I will get back in down the road.
  • j
    @peter @benjamin @mike are you guys still holding qbtc or have you guy taken the loss, missed the conversion window myself. Havnt been following so if you guys have any suggestions or updated u should be looking into. Finally thinking of jumping over to etf
  • j
    If you guys feel cheated by management, please goto their twitter page and comment your frustrations please. They literally have us stuck in the fund and the only way out is to take 6 percent loss @NAV.
  • s
    will Management buy back shares to bring price back to where it should be? will they share those profits as they are buying at the current discount?
  • K
    BTC making a run again. Still my best performing TFSA crypto fund.
  • m
    Grayscale is in progress to transform their CEF fund to ETF.
    3IQ, when are you going to convert QBTC to EFT?
  • j
    Coming back to board after long time, does anybody know if they are gonna convert it to etf or not, if not how the redemption process work.
    Worst fund to buy btc through, scammer management holding unit holders hostage by not burning the units to bring it to NAV or converting it to etf.
    Also is there a way we can complaint it to iiroc, if these are not allowing redemptions, i heard ( not sure) that they left people with a really short time window to apply redemptions.
  • T
    Will this cross 70 soon? I am nervous if i should sell it at current high?
  • B
    From the 3iq site: "Management is precluded by OSC regulations from offering any units where net proceeds to the fund would be below net asset value."
  • D
    I just wanted to confirm what Benjamin already posted. Yesterday morning I was concerned when I saw the differential between NAV and fund price. first thing I did was call 3iQ since I have a contact there (spoken to them several times last year).
    Basically 3iQ confirmed that yes you can easily call your broker the day before annual Redemption so June 15th... you're basically guaranteed net asset value of Bitcoin. I bought more shares yesterday morning and bought some more again this morning so great to get a discount instead of paying premium.
    FYI they are well aware of what's going on especially since they have their own open fund that they are releasing.
    also they will have some announcement likely next week which they could not elaborate so that will be interesting
  • B
    3iq has filed for ETF status. I believe they will be the next to be approved. Considering they have a NAV redemption process for the fund I believe they will offer a NAV valued swap to the ETF from the Closed Ended fund. They'd be smart to do that because people who take case no longer pay fees, if they convert, they keep shareholders paying fees.
  • J
    Tesla confirmed 1.5 Billion in bitcoin purchase.
  • B
    From 3iQ: Please note that there are several actions we can take as a closed-end fund manager to combat excessive market volatility and discounts to our market trading price. We are very aware of the ETFs being released and their impacts on the secondary trading of QBTC. As the largest bitcoin fund manager in Canada, we do not take this lightly and will be responding accordingly to changing market conditions.

    While I can't spill the beans just yet, we will have some announcements soon regarding this trading activity and our course of action.

    Please stay tuned for updates. We greatly appreciate your continued support and business.
  • P
    3iQ, if you are reading this, we want to be rolled into your upcoming ETF! If you don't announce plans to make this happen soon, you can expect a flood of redemptions in June, and money will flow into BTCC or other products that are not from 3iQ. Fellow QBTC shareholders, give this comment a thumbs up if you agree.
  • C
    $500 per share by 2025