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PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (PYR.TO)

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  • R
    PPP has lots to explain
  • b
    its worth 30 cents a share

    pyr is going to 30 cents a share
  • J
    I am amazed that the discussion on CEO forum is the same now as ive seen for many years since i found this company! Lots of talks from pumpers that the huge torch deal or additive or drossrite deal is just around the corner! But havent seen a big deal since i bought this stock some years back! The biggest thing that this company has done in recent years is managing to get uplisted to Nasdaq somehow. Which Peter used to Pump the SP up to extremely overvalued by wording his NRs to make it look like a massive deal was close. But it never where! LOL. Im going to continue to follow this weird company and see if they actually makes huge sales or if the CEO gets bored of all his millions in the bank and just calls quits and retires with alot of investors money!
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    « As at June 30, 2022, the Company has cash and cash equivalents of $1,291,508. In addition, the accounts payable and accrued liabilities of $9,404,542 are payable within 12 months »

    More dilution coming. I wonder if they will try to pump the price once more before issuing new shares.
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    As I told before, I will buy at $1.5, Naive investors thought this time PYR will do better. No it wont, I am waiting when it reaches $1.5
  • G
    Again I don't own shares of PYR. But, I have to believe that PYR is in the territory of being delisted by Nasdaq with a stock price this low. That said I don't know anything about how Nasdaq works. But I would not want to be owing stock if this becomes an issue. Once it is announced that this is being discussed it will be too late to get out.
  • b
    get out of this stock

    save yourself two dollars a share

    pyr is done

    dont believe the "we have x, y, z"

    they have nothing

    going to 30 cents
  • D
    Love Pyr..such a bright future ahead! 😁
  • 2
    Just a realiteit check. PYR and HPQ have no big sales and won't have as long they are in a developing and testing stage . The sales sofar were mostly for these perpose and they are tweaking and callibrating . Whats likely true is that they have great product and know how, whitch
    coud lead to big sales. And this maybe not before 2025. Now it's all in the hands of faith and destiny for all the pilotplants may prosper.
    So stop listening to the BS and be patient.
  • J
    From Youtube intrerwiev "PyroGenesis Canada Inc (CVE:PYR) (OTCQB:PYRNF) CEO Peter Pascali tells Proactive the group has signed a roughly $3 million contract with HPQ Nano Silicon Powders Inc to produce nano silicon powder for the battery market.

    Pascali says silicon powders are highly sought after in the battery industry, as if its done economically, the battery capacity increase can be increased by 10 times."

    Weird that there are still no sales of additive or silicone or torches or anything major at all despite the recent EV boom... to late to the show perhaps?
  • R
    From François Coderre on Pyro Facebook group, I think it's a great reminder of Pyro's potential : The market has been on a downtrend since last year ATH. To stay focused on the company's potential, I tried to make a summary of the different business lines. I'm sure there are a few mistakes, but it gives a good overview.

    Iron ore pelletization

    Client A (Vale) : 1 torch delivered. Potential of 36 ($95-115M) up to 500 torches ($1.3-1.6B)
    Client B (Rio Tinto): 4 torches ordered ($6M). Potential of 130 torches ($340-415M)
    Client C (Unknown, maybe Arcelormittal): Potential of ~350 torches ($920M-1.1B)
    *these numbers are upfront payments and don't include recurring maintenance revenues


    Drosrite Radian : ~ $20M contract
    Drosrite (North american automobile parts manufacturer): 2 systems order
    Drosrite (existing client) : $10-15M
    Drosrite Europe: Potential of $40M
    Drosrite (other): Potential of $40M
    Joint venture (downstream residues) : ~2.5M$/year
    Spent pot lining(Alouette) : R&D $195k
    Anode baking process : Potential of 1000 torches

    Plasma waste destruction

    US Navy: $11.5M contract
    PFAS waste stream treatment : Potential of $9.2M contract
    Medical waste (Asia): 1 torch, $1.2M contract
    Municipal waste destruction (St-Lambert-de-Lauzon, Qc): Lobbying, $100M project.

    Renewable natural gas

    Tata Steel: $5.5M
    RNG (Neuville): $5M
    Turquoise hydrogen and carbon black: R&D

    AM powders

    Titanium powder Aubert&Duval: $60M potential market
    Top tier titanium powder qualification: ongoing
    Aluminium powder : provisional patent filed

    HPQ silicon

    Purevap QRR: $8.26M
    Nanosilicon reactor (NSiR): $3M
    Fumed silica: $4M


    Glass nanoparticles (Progressive planet solution) : R&D
    Conversion of methane to useful chemicals with a plasma torch (European research center): $273K
    Ceramic powder processing system (Defence space project division (NRCC)): $1.15M
    Destruction of ozone depleting susbtances : R&D, patent received

    Cash equivalent on hand, including different assets (May 2022) : $18.5M
    Number of employees: ~115-120
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    I am a growth stock investor big time. As a result I have taken a bath in terms of my portfolio. I am talking about 50% decline on a fairly diversified portfolio of about 20 stocks. Mostly renewable energy and Industrial 3d printing. It brings me down to look at my portfolio.

    The only thing that brightens my day is the reality that I sold all of my PYR and HPQ stocks about a month ago, and I see they have done nothing but go down since. The only investment decision I have made in the past 3 months that has worked out. If only I realized what a fraud Peter is 6 months ago I would have saved about $200,000 as I bought PYR at under $1.00 in the days of Arcam. But I am out and have been for about 2 months.

    Enjoy reading how Peter is finally being exposed for who he is. Feel bad for those who believe the pumpers. Feel great about seeing pumpers who own PYR and insult honest debate about PYR.

    Sadly there will always be people like Peter and there will always be the gullible. Story since the start of time itself.

    Save your money GET OUT.
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    Does not appear to be a well supported stock by investors. Aug 15 is Quarter end, looks like not much to be excited about.
  • R
    Existing methods to destroy PFAS, such as incineration, have not been very successful - they require extremely high temperatures which is expensive.

    New research, from scientists at Northwestern University, US claims to have done the "seemingly impossible" and destroyed PFAS using low temperature and cheap products.

    This could be very useful in helping communities suffering from high-level contamination, according to Prof Sunderland, who is not part of the research team.
  • R
    Market have been very strong? Say That to those who paid above 5$ a share.
  • b
    I thought this stock was going to $30

    more like 30 cents

    thats the truth

    there has never been anything to PYR but hype
  • O
    Would be nice to see this stock wake up from its coma.
  • S
    Even if they finally get this 95-115m torch contract, how much of this is profit? Revenue and backlog isn’t impressive for a company at 300m market cap. Overvalued and overpumped by PPP.
  • J
    5 years ago someone commented this, sound like today...

    "Lots of hype but very little delivered to date by management. Appears that lots are losing faith in all the idle promises of upcoming sales etc and the superb technology and patents PYR holds. Credibility is lacking."
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    According to pumpers Everytime a big industry mentions going more green all the pyr fanbois says that it must be pyr who is involved... lol