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Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV)

NYSE - NYSE Delayed Price. Currency in USD
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6.98-0.08 (-1.13%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
6.98 0.00 (0.00%)
After hours: 05:56PM EDT

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  • J
    John Schultz
    With the turbulence of crypto, layered with crypto accounts getting hacked, PSLV is increasingly a safe haven for investors with big upside when solar really takes off.
  • M
    Does anyone know what the premium over spot is for PSLV?
  • P
    Where can you buy an oz of physical silver for under $20.
  • S
    Citibank and JP Morgan massively increased their gold derivatives, according to a new report of the Office of the Controller of the Currency. Zerohedge has a good recent article with Peter Hambro's explanation of how bullion banks have depressed the price of gold. He is a scion of banking and precious metals. Wallstreetonparade has the derivatives data from the OCC. My last post with links has been censored.
  • O
    What happens when a huge supply of gold and silver is found on the moon or mars?
  • d
  • j
    lets was a last day of slide...thats what my calculations tell me and I bot 1000 shares at 8,20.... now if silver downtrend continue...@ 13 to 15 dollars will start adding.
  • e
    Silver and gold has not changed the price has. Think about it.
  • G
    Same blatant manipulation of metals and markets day in and day out. END THE FED. Gold is money.
  • t
    We are extremely close to capitulation. Look listen around now is the time to enter and accumulate
  • r
    It’s terrible until it’s not. Let me see the smart BIG players China,Central Banks,Russia,India have been loading up on silver and gold.Why? Because they are playing the long game and they are setting up for a precious metal backed currency to rival the dollar. Russia putting in a floor on the rubble pegged to gold @1750/ounce. Watch and learn it will be a direct war on the U.S dollar.
    Hedge your bets people.
  • S
    I would rather be two years early on silver than 60 seconds late. Once it’s rips it’s going to be super fast. Collapse is imminent. GLTA
  • Y
    YooHoo! Inisghts
    I like SLV here (up bigger than PSLV).
  • -
    back to where the price was five years ago.

    unless you count "inflation" in which case down what? 20% or more?

  • N
    Silver has been left for dead
  • -
    FIVE YEARS and no price appreciation. And if you believe in "inflation" you really got hosed.
  • -
    This inflation is OUT of control! Down 5% in 24 hours ....SUCH INFLATION!!!!
  • -
    WOW - I mean we know there is RED HOT INFLATION (cos the bankers told me so) but I thought RED means CHEAPER

    where is all the INFLATION?

    why are metals, oil and commodities down 10% or more in the past month???
  • -
    Wow you guys really DON'T GET IT.

    there is no real "inflation" - rather we have price gouging by Big Oil and other republican corporations
  • t
    Silver is sounding a lot better than bitcoin these days isn’t it.😂