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Parkland Corporation (PKIUF)

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    They're buying M&M Meats ??? Where is Pat when I need him?? Hello? What is going on, Pat??
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    Hey, I’m actually up 1% now!
  • K
    In the Globe today!
    * JP Morgan analyst John Royall raised his Parkland Corp. (PKI-T +0.46%increase
    ) target to $55 from $53, reiterating an “overweight” recommendation. The average is $50.77.
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    Anybody want to elaborate on the drop today please?
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    While he thinks its “near-flawless” execution is continuing and has “complete confidence” in its ability to meet its growth ambitions of $2.0-billion in run-rate EBITDA by the end of 2025, Scotia Capital analyst Ben Isaacson thinks it is now time to take his “foot off the gas” on Parkland Corp. ( PKI-T +2.55%

    Accordingly, he lowered his rating for the Calgary-based company to “sector perform” from “sector outperform” on Tuesday, emphasizing the spread between the Street’s price target for its shares and the actual stock price is “the widest we’ve ever seen” and believing “Parkland investors appear to no longer be listening to the Street, certainly not as much as in the past.”
    “While Parkland continues to execute near flawlessly on its EBITDA growth targets and strategic objectives, we must acknowledge that investors have become less willing to pay historic multiples for the company’s earnings power and free cash flow generation,” said Mr. Isaacson in a research report. “Following a week of discussions with current, former and prospective Parkland shareholders, the feedback is clear: investor uncertainty is increasing with respect to the sustainability of the business model. Simply put, investors are concerned the transition from ICEs to EVs may not occur on a 1-for-1 basis, at least as it relates to Parkland’s economics. At some point, we have to stop telling the market what we think is right, and start listening to what the market is telling us. Today is that day.”
    Mr. Isaacson thinks a “materially” higher dividend may be necessary to appease investors and send the stock higher again.
    “Rightly or wrongly, investors want Parkland to take their foot slightly off the EBITDA growth gas, and return significantly more capital to shareholders. Their aggregate view is that if growing EBITDA from $1.25-billion to $2.0-billion doesn’t get the stock going, perhaps a 10-per-cent-plus dividend yield will.,” he said.
    “Feedback is that the business model is mature, and while some free cash flow could and should go to growth, the remainder should flow back to shareholders, so they can allocate their capital how they choose.”
    Though he reaffirmed his “full confidence in Parkland’s leadership to execute on their growth objectives,” Mr. Isaacson cut his target for its shares to $41 from $50. The average on the Street is $50.08, according to Refinitiv data.

    What have I been telling you.. broken stock not broken company .$41 is where it should be trading now on a bad day. Geezzzz..needs to go public this year.. JP Morgan analyst just hot gobsmacked by Ole Ben.. I think he reads our post Chris…
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    Thanks for the cheap shares! Snagged at -5%
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    M&M! Woohoo!!!
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    Here in Montreal we see more and more M&M in convenient store, they make decent food for the price and its a good pret a manger option, should be a good aquisition
  • R
    1) A model 3 Tesla driver was filling up at a 50kw fast charging station. I'll be buying a new car soon, so
    I ask questions. He said there are not so many super fast charging stations and if he were to fill up 100%
    at this 50 kw station, it would take him 1,5 hr. Wow ! I will be buying another ICE !

    2) On jan 4, Goldman Sach is Bullish on some Canadian oil cys. Parkland is one of those cys... and they
    expect a 21% total return in 6 months !!! If PKI shareholders read more, maybe they would not be giving
    away there s for $35.
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    Just curious Pat, if I may ask, what percentage of your portfolio is Parkland? 🤔
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    Can someone please tell me why the payout ratio 130% of this stock is not a red flag?
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    Endless pain
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    "In the right conditions, and in addition to our regular monthly dividend, the NCIB will provide optionality to return additional capital to shareholders," said Bob Espey, President and Chief Executive Officer. "We will continue to exercise strict capital discipline, and the decision to repurchase Parkland shares will be evaluated against our other investment opportunities and leverage guidelines. We are focused on creating long-term shareholder value, and only our most accretive opportunities will secure capital."

    TRY AGAIN BOB…I SEE YOU NOT BUYING SO I GUESS THEY ARE STILL TOO EXPENSIVE? Call those analysts and tell them thye need to find another line of work if they are upgrading up to $53.

    Chris!…Mm on lunch now.. he is so funny I wanted to sell uncover 10 options few months out he had a bid of 40 to 65 cents I laid them out at 50 cents he dropped bid to 35 ..even he doesn’t want to buy the stock..hehe..just goes to show you there should be no options exchange on Canadian stocks the market is garbage.
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    Anyone that thinks this stock
    will go up, think again,
    Look at suncor, they own oil fields, refineries gas station and yet their stock is down.
    What do you expect parkland to do?
    Their retail management and business model is just not working, if you own this stock out…..
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    Ole Michelle at TD Securities made an..wait for it..Upgrade at a price of..wait for it again..$53. Stock on life support. Shows you one thing Chris and folks out there these kids thye have as analysts have never seen a stock in a bear market they have no idea. Their calls are worthless. Heck I have been the most accurate so far and you can see them coming to my price but unlike me I have to pull on the stock as they should if this was on the Nasdaq and trading at 50% discount with these upgrades stock would be up 8% in one day.. oh well like I said broke stock not broken company. It’s lunch ti e now MM will put on cruise control and be back around 2pm see you soon.
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    Oh brother here we go again another upgrade this morning in globe and mail to $

    I hope we end the day up a dime . This is getting saccharine now.

    Parkland Corp. ( PKI-T +3.39%

    ) offers “growth at a severely discounted valuation,” according to iA Capital Markets analyst Matthew Weekes, blaming “a combination of its exposure to traditional refining (which should reduce over time as PKI grows its retail and renewables businesses) and expectations for a significant equity issuance (which is not necessarily something we would count on in the short term).”
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    PKI.TO is down 5.01% to 34.35
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    We have been duped. Out for the last 5 analysts thta have upgraded this to $50-52 it seems according to rankings only two worth salt. The others are good fro a return on their picks from if they hit this they make their decade not year..bahaaaaaaa check it out.
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    Wow… another one just like Pat called it… big rally early, then trickle down to close slightly down… how is this legal, Pat?? 😂 #manipulationatitsfinest
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    Pat, a green day!