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Canntab Therapeutics Limited (PILL.CN)

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At close: 02:28PM EDT

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    CEO walked out. Put a fork in this one.
  • A
    whats going on? no trades!
  • H
    I have been holding this #$%$ for 2 years...nothing the company does moves the price..They don't promote or care about their shareholders....THis latest deal had no impact once again...a five year study...really..I am out and not looking canada caps the amount of thc /cbd that can be in their tablets..There are already other companies developing pills with higher concentrations of medicine..2.5 mgms is #$%$
  • M
    There is such a low volume on this stock.
    35000 share were solds and the price dropped 8¢ (~8%) !!

    It seems there is no buyers right now.
    If a big player want to sell, it could hurt the value HARD.

    Anyway, I don't have many share, I just feel this stock is easy to manipulate right now.
    I think this corp have a good actual and future value, we will see tomorrow if the people see this as a bargain or not! I think I will double my share.. lol from 2k to 4k it's an easy call.. I wonder what the rest of the market will say.

    What do you think? Is this a deal or it's a real fall?
  • C
    What’s happening?
  • L
    Wake up management, update please
  • R
    What is the exchange 200 for 1 book value you have? My brokerage account is showing $14.398.
    Do you have any ticker, book value or initial price for the 7 corporations showing in your accounts? Mine only shows the corporations and # of shares. I appreciate any help that you may provide.
    "Seven subsidiaries; 1. 10557404 Canada Corp. (“CA10557404”); 2. 10557501 Canada Corp. (“CA10557501”); 3. 10557510 Canada Corp. (“CA10557510”); 4. 10557536 Canada Corp. (“CA10557536”); 5. 10557544 Canada Corp. (“CA10557544”); 6. 10557633 Canada Corp. (“CA10557633”); and 7. 10617059 Canada Corp. (“CA10617059”). In exchange, for each 1,000 common shares held by the shareholders of the Issuer as of April 4, 2018 (the “Share Distribution Record Date”) received the following: 1. 100 shares of CA10557404; 2. 20 shares of CA10557501; 3. 20 shares of CA10557510; 4. 20 shares of CA10557536; 5. 100 shares of CA10557544; 6. 20 shares of CA10557633; and 7. 200 shares of CA10617059 "
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    RIP Jeffery!
  • K
  • O
    Ermmm, when are we going to hear anything around the Spin-Off's? Anyone has any news on them? Im starting to wonder if we'll ever get them... they're still in my Investing account as "no names with no worth".
  • D
    Double Bottom Mikey
    What’s going on with this stock! Like c’mon!
  • M
    Bought a bottle of this canntab stuff from ocs, way too expensive for what you get. $75 for 150mg of THC lol I bet this stuff is not selling. My buddy at friendly stranger laughed at the bottle. This is dead money imo; going to zero Wish I could short the stock.
  • 🇨🇦
    What’s the reason for the jump in price today?
  • J

    First guy on youtube too do a video on them! adding too position in January! officially no longer a pre-revenue company! exciting!
    Canntab Theraputics information
  • T
    $400 more and I'm even from TFS lol
  • M
    No sales, no news, how was harvest? Making any product? What about australia? So many questions and only crickets here
  • M
    Oil Drops: 900mg THC for $35
    Canntab: 150mg THC for $75

    THC is THC. What matters is how long does your medicine last and how much does it cost, and how easy is it to store and consume? Clearly, taking oil drops by mouth is as simple and easy as taking pills by mouth, so Canntab is approx. 1200% more expensive than competing products. Extracting and converting THC into a pill form is unnecessarily resource-intensive. In other words, IT'S AN INEFFICIENT WAY TO PRODUCE A THC PRODUCT! Perhaps the MOST inefficient of all, in fact, with absolutely nothing to offer in return.

    It's a neat idea if you neglect the economics. Not so bright if you simply look at what's on the market, cutting your grass for 1200% less. PILL.CN is a no-brainer sell in my opinion.
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    Zero volume. Seriously let’s get some attention here. More patents. Clinical trials. Are we just early to the party?
  • w
    Why is it halted?
  • J
    Another day in canntab ! Awaiting there online sales