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Parker-Hannifin Corporation (PH)

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238.29-1.69 (-0.70%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
238.29 -0.07 (-0.03%)
After hours: 04:08PM EDT

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  • g
    Question for those of you who have been long time holders, when do you expect an ex-date to be released? PH is rapidly nearing a price where I might be a seller, but I'm ok waiting for a dividend---if I knew when it might happen.
  • P
    Plugged In Profits
  • A
    Well Thomas, keep on dreaming
  • T
    solid quarter and year end results...meggitt actually had good earnings as well...will be great addition to parker family....great company..great stock
  • J
    yowza... up 12% in 5 trading days since buy. When the market gets shaky and moving down, is the time to look for quality all around...
  • J
    Time to ease into a few @c. 240..
  • T
    Anonymous, Yes the stock hit 230 and stayed at the level for a cup of coffee...Company had nothing to do with movement as market brought it down...Well we are about to hit 280....far cry from 230...furthermore for hit to hit 180 we will have to have a major market downturn and a company fumble...i dont anticipate either happening...and if it ever hit 180 i would buy it with both fists.
  • A
    Strong USD hurts multinationals like this one. Be prepared for earnings warning and SP of 180 by October
  • n
    I work for Parker - extremely solid - and Aerospace sector is only approx 10% of the Parker business. We are booming. And much of our work is military anyways - our stock will likely bounce back once all this hype is over. We have a massive cash flow base too.
  • S
    British defence firm Meggitt has moved a step closer to falling into foreign hands after shareholders gave the green light to a £6.3 billion takeover by US group Parker Hannifin.
    The majority of investors voted in favour of the deal at a general meeting held by the group, with the backing of 99.8% of votes cast and 86.8% of investors.
  • A
    Well Thomas, my SP target of 220 by summer was a little off. It hit 230. Well for all yah, the world economy has changed since my last prediction and for the worst. Strong USD and a mild recession will result in SP of about 180 by October, at which point I become a buyer.
  • E
    Eas L
    Would like to see a 5-1 split. Not been a split since I believe 2007. Get this back into a range to bring in more investors. 3-2 wont do it now. To high of a price. Been in this thing since 2001 when I worked there and was buying shares a couple splits ago at 25-30 bucks a share through payroll deduction. Been a long time I might be off a couple bucks on the share price I paid
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    Best stock ever...bought 2000 shares at you PH!
  • H
    PH is on sale, until 11am today.... Better take advantage of this buying opportunity.
  • R
    Real_Stacey Kronch
    $T conversation
    And with the games with the gme amc and BB. Come on, that will be short lived. Ultimately, people will gravitate back to value, earnings and reality.
    Or true companies. Not burning low life short sellers cashing in on weak, or close to bankrupt companies.
    Buy $T Buy $NIO BUY $PH
    And consider $PYPL $BABA
    There are gems out there.
    The phenomenon with attacking low life short sellers will not end well for both sides.
    Stay safe, financially and health wise.
  • I
    Back to $154-$155. Stock ran up for no reason. I will buy more around $155
  • T
    did i miss something this morning?...
  • S
    I just listened to entire earnings conference call. I considered it extremely impressive and bullish. The stock opened at $340 (up $20)!! then proceeded to head down on a line to minus $5. No rhyme or reason it seems.
    Luckily for us, these ill-advised algos and programs that blindly sell create opportunity.
    Incredible job in a near impossible operating environment these Parker employees are doing.
    Arthur LaRue Parker 1917
    Cleveland, Ohio.
    Long may his spirit inspire us all.