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  • M
    why is this dropping so much in the last week ?? Any Ideas ? Just market sentiment in general ?
  • R
    finally broke through that resistance level today, from april 2022 and may/aug 2018.
  • b
    Luckily the executives are getting stock bonuses…we almost accidentally made a profit
  • B
    OIl Highest in YEARS but PDS is still losing money
    Look below, the loss is because of executive compensation
    In the past they repurchased and canceled shares,
    This quarter they ISSUED 280,000 share to executives.

    • Net loss of $44 million or $3.25 per share compared with a net loss of $36 million or $2.70 per share in 2021.
    • General and administrative expenses this quarter were $56 million, $34 million higher than in 2021 due to higher share-based compensation charges and lower CEWS program assistance.
    • Revenue of $351 million, an increase of 49% compared with the first quarter of 2021, supported by U.S. and Canadian drilling activity growth of 56% and 48%, respectively.
    • We settled a portion our Executive Performance Share Units (PSU) through the issuance of 263,900 common shares and issued an additional 21,370 common shares from the exercise of share options.
  • E
    Adjusted EBITDA (see “FINANCIAL MEASURES AND RATIOS”) of $37 million which included share-based compensation charges of $48
    million resulting primarily from our 107% increase in share price from the end of 2021. can someone explain this........that's a lot of money for a few people.
  • d
    When this stock hits $100 USD this year, it will still be dead as a doornail here.
  • A
    Yep again another loss but management has a good thing going. The Oligarchy of the Canadian oil industry. Must be nice eh? Shareholders are taking IT real good!
  • D
    Suckers sold in the 60's lol
  • B
    Whoever sold PDS hurry up and buy back, oil is gonna stay high for the next few years
  • r
    robby p
    The price of oil does not corelate with the valuation of the oil companies which means no investment is going into oil production and therefore higher prices for the foreseeable future. The elites are trying to collapse the dollar to bring in the new digital global currency. Get out of paper money.
  • M
    I have never seen such a quiet board before. The share price is climbing and not a peep. I guess us long timers are in shock ??
  • d
    why the bad day? more exe selling?
  • M
    No news. Any idea what is driving an 8% increase in a single morning?
  • a
    so before split price is $2 per share! its a joke. crude will be over $80 next decade. we will see this stock around 100 in a few weeks.
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    PD.TO is down 7.11% to 79.00
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Precision Drilling is down 7.25% to 61.03
  • B
    Why isn't anyone following this stock? Even Yahoo Finance doesn't care enough about this stock to adjust the chart for the 20/1 split that occurred 11/12/2020! For the company to buy back 10% of their shares and cancel them. That's HUGE. PDS is involved in Oil AND Natural Gas. Both are going up HUGE. The daily trading is NOTHING. Even 1% of their 13.3 million share would equal 133,100. So if 133,100 were sold and purchased that would equal 266,200 shares traded. What am I missing here?
  • R
    PD ready to make next break-out move. The same movie has played out the last 3 quarters. PD shares sell-off after the quarter because investors are disappointed that EBITDA was not higher. But too many investors do not understand that as drillers reactivate rigs there is a large upfront cost - so the faster a driller brings back rigs (from idle) the worse the profits are in the current quarter, AND THAT IS A POSITIVE OVERALL. Or do I need to explain further? Then PD shares start the march back up because the direction of drilling demand is consistently rising and at better day rates. PD made the RIGHT DECISION to be firm on day rates and admitted they could have reactivated a few more rigs if they priced lower. But they do not need to - the demand for rigs will very soon far exceed the ability of the sector to reactivate. Hello - look at drilled, uncompleted inventory - gone from 8,500 to 5,500 in a year. Sometime in 2022 you need to drill a lot more wells to maintain current rate of well completions (as PD talked about). PD is smart to hold-out for a few more months to get way higher prices that will more than make up for having stayed a few more rigs idled now. PD's 2022 EBITDA outlook will be stupendous even with more rig activations (as those costs/base EBITDA will also be lower than it was in Q3).
  • S
    Huge News:
    Precision intends to purchase up to 10% of the public float over period of twelve months. PDS will be up from here. Long and strong. GLTA longs.
  • W
    Great results released today, as Kevin Neveu said "Precision executed on its 2018 business plan and delivered operating and financial results far exceeding our expectations." best part about strong year was it "resulted in better than expected cash flow, allowing us to accelerate our debt repayment plan well beyond our stated target range for the year, retiring $174 million of debt in 2018"- don't miss out on the next great play in the Canadian markets, check out SmallCapCanada for the companies that are showing strong signs of growth- they always deliver quality reports that are packed with insightful info and market analysis- just a great resource for any investor- SmallCapCanada