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    Patriot One Technologies is excited to announce our new webinar series: Talking Physical Security with Peter Evans. Over the series of webinars our CEO, Peter Evans will be discussing the latest trends and developments in the world of physical security with some of the leading minds in the industry.

    We’ll be hosting our first episode Talking Physical Security with Peter Evans: Episode 1: NCS4 Operational Exercise Report Review on Thursday 20th January, 2022 at 2pm EST. Peter will be joined by Director of Training and Exercise at NCS⁴, who carried out the operational exercise, to discuss the recently released report.

    Episode 1 - NCS4 Operational Exercise Report Review
    Guest - Daniel Ward, Director of Training and Exercise at NCS⁴
    Date - Thursday 20th January 2021
    Time - 2PM - 3PM EST
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    Patriot One Signing More Contracts!? Details Hidden in Prospectus Filing
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    If you dig through the prospectus carefully looks like since November they have added a couple Mil in platform contract!
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    Everytime I see something bad about Evolv I just laugh. Patriot One's product is superiour to its competitors just like Evans said. And Peter 'Fraud' George said Evolv had no competitors. I mean come on. He's just trying to hide everything, isn't he. Patriot One will boom, the FOMO will be surreal and Patriot One will skyrocket to take over the lead shareprice vice vs. evolv. Mark my words. Evolv is done.
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    Our upcoming webinar should get interesting, especially after Evlv hit all time , again , today.

    Let's go Peter give us something juicy.
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    Patriot One Signing More Contracts!? Details Hidden in Prospectus Filing
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    Does Someone want to wake up the mailman? After all, it is 2022 or as usual same as 2021 no mail to deliver.
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    Looks like Peter Evans will hold a Webinar on Jan 20, 2022 at 14:00 edt. The Webinar will elaborate on the NSC4 analysis.
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    KEVIN (mrpancake)
    PAT quote "The Company currently has signed agreements with 12 customers representing $2.7M in total contract value for platform sales... The platform sales contracts include a combination of proprietary hardware and software as well as service maintenance fees and are charged either through an upfront fee arrangement or a monthly subscription fee under a three-year term"

    So 12 customers agree to spend $2.7MM over 36 months... what does that work out to per customer per month? $6350!!!!!

    On page 8 of the prospectus, why does the Working Capital table for Dec. 1 2021- Nov. 30th 2022 have a reference in note 1 "The remaining $2,367,250 relate to existing finalized agreements"

    So which is it Patriot One has 12 customers representing $2.7 MM over three years or as the table implies $2,367,250 related to existing finalized agreements for the period ending Nov 30, 2022 (is that not signed customer agreements?)
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    Great times ahead, we all know it, whether where we stand about this stock. Basher, hatr or preacher, we all know the harvest time is here soon.
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    Hey, I just realized today is the 14th. The day that was announced by to be the biggest day in the history of PTOTF. The announcement must be the dump is coming. Looks like the last couple days were nothing more than a low volume pump. This stock is so frustrating!
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    This is the last day of the tax loss selling season. December 29th.
    Tomorrow Pat One starts going up!
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    "Very Impressive" indeed! NCS4 evaluation...

    7.3. Evaluator 6 I was VERY impressed with the vetting process of the Patriot One Technologies product. The evaluation was very detailed, and I am comfortable with providing my opinions. Most of the areas evaluated during the vetting process received the highest grade of “meets the requirements” (13 out of 17). Those areas that did not receive the highest grade (4 out of 17) were not significant concerns for me. I have been involved in the sports and entertainment facilities and event management industry since 1987, so I believe I have my finger on the pulse of what is important. I believe in this technology but encourage venues to make sure that it meets the safety services needs of the venue and event (screening and staffing).
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    Evans just bought 75,000 more shares. You gotta love seeing that.
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    Tax loss selling season has begun.
    Take advantage of it, stock price won't start rising until the new year.
    If you have the cash, you should load up before the end of the year.
    You can thank me in January! This is my Christmas gift to you!
    Merry Christmas! Love you all!
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    So Evens bought 75000 shares, must have cost a small fortune, very small fortune
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    Patriot One CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders...
    "Reflecting back on the past year, and even the last 90 days, I am very pleased with the business progress, and we have line of sight on a robust pipeline of sales opportunities that we are working to close this quarter. I invite our investors to not let the past influence your perception of the future. Patriot One v2.0 is on an entirely new journey and the customer momentum is building." Peter Evans