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  • F
    French Tortellini
    This is depressing! We need to know what happened with the Browns trial, now!
    All trust has been lost! If Browns was just for show then it means other trials might as well be a show too.
    I demand an answer!
  • F
    French Tortellini
    I demand an answer from Peter E.!!!
    What happened with the Cleveland Browns trial???
  • N
    NC Scientist
    Just another day.
  • N
    NC Scientist
    Service at McDonalds likely to be very slow today. When Ted and the McDonalds gang saw that Evolve now has 1100 customer and Pat has like 10 they weren't able to get any sleep. Many of them are calling in depressed.
  • A
    Alfred E.
    Yo "Mountain Man" aka Sergey...
    Why do you keep changing your aliases?
    Does Yahoo! keep banning you? LMAO!
    Play by the rules and you won't get banned.
    It's not out fault you bought EVLV at $12.
    How long before Yahoo! bans "Mountain Man"?
  • i
    My man French Serg not happy today
  • 0
    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please?...
    Patriot One has struck a MAJOR contract with the NFL!!!!
    Official announcement is pending.
  • B
    Good things are coming boys and girls!...
    Good Tuesday afternoon. Following our Patriot One Tech update on 7/7 (below) we’ve been in touch with multiple contacts, ranging from industry insiders, chief security officers to major shareholders of Pat 1.
    We are the first to report the following on VRA 10-bagger Pat 1.
    Patriot One Tech Update
    - The company is just days away from wrapping their fiscal year (ends in July). This should be a record year of bookings for Pat 1 and should mark the "opening of the floodgates" for Pat 1’s acceleration into the marketplace and the dramatic growth to follow. Last year the company had just $400,000 (all-in) for new contracts/revenue. Based on conversations with those in the industry, we believe that there are a number of customers that could result in an estimated $8 million in new deals that are nearing completion. For the current quarter total new bookings could top $3 million. Significant, marked improvement.
    - Our favorite quote comes from a Chief Security Officer of an NFL team who said “why would we select a competitor to Patriot One when that competitor is twice as expensive with a product that underperforms”.
    - The challenge for Pat 1, as with any start-up with new, leading edge technology is getting those first (big) new deals closed. From a major shareholder and industry insider; “No one wants to be the first guy to sign off on a new technology, in the event that something might go wrong. No one wants to be the first to pioneer new tech that gets arrows in the back. Once there are 2 or 3 or 4 deployments, then the tech is proven, and more people get comfortable buying, and there are people to call and verify with". We forecasted that once they got that first big deal closed, and deployed, the floodgates would start to open. Pat 1 got those first big deals with the deployments at Kia, and at the Moody Center in Austin, and the floodgates are opening”.
    - We have also heard that the company has closed a “most significant contract” with one of the worlds largest and most prestigious manufacturers (also leading edge tech/AI/distribution). The VRA plans to provide further news on this deployment in the first week of August. Folks, if our info is accurate (it is), this will be a head-turner. A company maker.
    - As many as 10 Pro sports team - We estimate NFL and NHL teams - will be announcing that they have selected Pat 1 as their arena/stadium security provider/partner in the coming quarters as the teams get ready for the next season.
    Our contacts are solid here. Pat 1 is nearing rapid expansion along with breakout revenue/earnings generation. In the words of the Chief Security Officer for an NFL team; "Why would co’s work with a competitor to Pat 1 when that competitor is twice as expensive, with a product that underperforms".
  • 0
    Congratulations to both Patriot One and Tesla!
    Now we wait for the NFL, NHL and MLB announcements!
    Coming soon!
  • R
    Great to have real news from PTOTF, awaiting more good news.
  • R
    If the stock stays at today's volume we may have something, if volume drops off as the day continues, someone is just seeing if you will flinch, good luck to all.
  • N
    NC Scientist
    Welcome back .30's the .20's will be with us shortly.
  • R
    Where is Peter Evans ?

    Not a peep from him or Pat in over 2 months.
  • C
    Crackhead Sergey
    Big volume so far today !!!
  • i
    @SB. For the love of GOD say something Sergey is really triggered.
  • 0
    Volume is triple the average volume!
    Something BIG is coming!
    NHL & MLB contracts are on the doorstep!
    Right Sergey?
    Buy! Buy! Buy!
  • b
    Nice close for the week. More good news coming. As our new customers use the product, rave reviews will come out and the word will get around on how effective the system is.
  • Q
    IPVM Investigates Evolv
  • R
    We need a real leader, or someone with ambition, they are just living off of our investments, could have been great company if it was a real company.