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Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. (PACB)

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    $PACB "paid $600M upfront to buy Omniome for short-read sequencing capabilities. The acquired assets will support PacBio's alliance w/Invitae, which bolstered its recent push into personalized cancer monitoring by picking up Genosity for $200M" $NVTA
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    Phase Genomics and Pacbio do a lot of work together!

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    Phase Genomics
    Today we announce the release of our scalable, low-cost solution to detect #chromosome abnormalities! Read more about our new #cytogenomics platform and early access program.
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    Monday, October 18, 2021 | 10:40 am PDT
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    Eric Topol

    What you can learn about rare genomic variants and their association with medical conditions and traits when you do exome sequencing of >450,000 people


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    Volume has dried up due to market uncertainty. Think we’ll stutter around these levels until end of year unless we get surprise news. I’m happy to keep building my holding each month for long term. Recommend IMF economic outlook report - very detailed but exec summary only two pages. Link
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    @DNA: Can you please explain this - when you have time. Thanks.
    Are they ready for cfDNA- does not need more passes to get to Q30- implications?

    Liz Tseng
    Iso-Seq is ripe for concatenation becuz raw readlength is 60-100kb, but the insert (cDNA molecules) are only 1-10kb. Does not need that many passes (Q30@10 pass). #ASHG21
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    Aziz Al'Khafaji
    Oct 3
    There is a huge mismatch between the seq potential of PacBio’s Sequel IIe >200kb read lengths & cDNA lengths (~1.6kb) - leading to excessive CCS passes / wasted seq potential. MAS-ISO-seq uses programmable cDNA concat to make ~20kb cDNA array libraries - optimal for PacBio seq
    A surprising challenge we ran into was accurately demuxing the MAS-seq arrays. Alignment approaches lead to high rates of mis-segmentation – a critical flaw when aiming to discover isoforms! Enter Longbow by
    @KiranGarimella and @Jonn_Smith
    High-level description: Longbow is a HMM model that uses the highly structured MAS-array features to efficiently annotate/segment the arrays into constituent cDNAs. I will leave it to the experts
    @KiranGarimella & @Jonn_Smith to explain Longbow in greater detail
    Longbow is amazingly accurate with ~99% of CCS-corrected and ~50% of uncorrected arrays segmenting consistently.
    After Longbow demuxing both samples we obtained ~22-29M CCS transcripts (~12-14 fold increase over CCS corrected reads) and ~10-13M CCS-uncorrected transcripts (~4-8 fold increase) for a total of 35-40M reads - a 16-22 fold increase compared to standard CCS read counts.
    In contrast to Smart-seq3, MAS-ISO-seq demonstrated unambiguous isoform identification.
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    I think people and the market underestimate the value of the bio discovery acquisition. We know that pacb has known the value of bngo for years as they have had a use agreement for years. Pacb bought Omni ome a short sequencer not doubt thinking that the combination would give them more accurate full reads. They also are partnering with Erga for mapping now. Clearly they are trying to get where bngo is on the mapping side to make their sequencing solutions easier cheaper and more accurate. But here is the thing. Pacb does not have the market cap to buy bngo. However ilmn does. This does not mean anyone will but it puts the idea more in play and clearly would give any sequencer a leg up. Simon (ark) you are making many question the wisdom of ark g investments overall by missing out on this one. But with or without Simon when you look at the volume traded with bngo, the days to cover, and the market momentum being built for bngo this is one very dangerous stock to be short on !
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    Nice movement today.
    Keep in mind, COH likes to make major announcements in the month preceding the quarterly earnings report.
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    ONT doubled their 2021 revenue guidance today - details below. Always felt ONT were slightly ahead than Pacb with commercial execution but both have incredible future ahead!

    14 October 2021

    Oxford Nanopore Technologies plc

    Trading update

    Upgrade to full-year revenue guidance

    Oxford Nanopore Technologies plc (the "Group"), the company behind a new generation of nanopore-based sensing technology, today provides an update on its trading performance and increases guidance for core Life Science Research Tools ("LSRT") revenue growth for the current financial year.

    The significant increase in demand seen in the first half of the year to 30 June 2021 has continued through the third quarter, and September saw the strongest ever trading month in the Group's history.

    All three of the Group's customer segments (as set out in its Prospectus dated 30 September 2021) have contributed to strong LSRT growth in the period.

    Drivers of LSRT1 growth included continued demand for the Group's products for sequencing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, increasing demand for the Group's products for large-scale human genomics programmes and the addition of new customers across other areas of genomics research.

    As disclosed in its Prospectus, the Group was previously targeting LSRT revenue growth of 30-40% in the year ended 31 December 2021 ("FY21") on a constant currency basis, excluding the potential impact of an expansion of the Group's activities with the large-scale human genomics programme in the UAE.

    Given the strong trading outlined above, and the Group's expectations for the remainder of the financial year, the Group is now expecting LSRT revenue growth of 60-70% in FY212, calculated on a constant currency basis.

    The revised expectation excludes the potential FY21 impact of an expansion, if any, of the Group's activities with the large-scale human genomics programme in the UAE. The Group remains in discussions with the UAE customer at this time and anticipates that a new contract, if any, would result in revenues primarily after FY21.
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    ARK bought another 783K shares today (ARKK and ARKG combined).
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    Lookin good - expanding into cfDNA (>40Q), increase in thoroughput and some vibes about Sequel III- and Mas Isoseq for SCG. And competitive pricing with accuracy esp. when Sequel III comes out- last few days of my digging I posted here.
    Longs what do you guys think?
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    Glenn Sterkel
    Would like to see pacb add even more to their sample prep offerings (like Circulomics), maybe Pressure Bio (PBIO). expanding the automated workflow and improving long molecule preservation would certainly get more labs interested.
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    Canaccord Genuity said on Monday that it is initiating coverage of Pacific Biosciences with a Buy rating and a 12-month price target of $45.
    In a note to investors, analyst Kyle Mikson said that recent developments at the company, including changes to the management team, a $900 million cash infusion, and the recent purchase of short-read sequencing firm Omniome, suggest long-term growth potential.
    "With the recent acquisition of Omniome, PacBio could become the first and only company with both long-read sequencing and short-read sequencing offerings, a true game-changer," Mikson wrote. "With over 75 percent upside potential to our $45 price target, we believe PacBio shares are attractive at current levels."
    Long-read sequencing is not just a niche market, he said, and PacBio's technology is differentiated from other such methods. Continuing a trend of lower prices should drive demand and open up new markets, such as large-scale population sequencing projects, he added.
    Mikson attributed the company's "mixed" revenue performance in recent years to challenges in commercial execution, which is now a focus of the current executive team led by CEO Christian Henry, along with market expansion.
    "We believe that the company has already exceeded the original expectations only one year into Henry's tenure," Mikson wrote.
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    @RV Out of interest, why do you hold a larger amount of PACB relative to NVTA?

    Is it just that PACB interests you more?

    I look at NVTA and it just seems to have more growth than PACB might ever achieve.
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    It has arrived- Pacbio into SCG:
    PacBio Webinar Information
    Single-Cell Omics Sequencing Technology: The Third Generation
    Date: October 14, 2021 15: 00-16: 00 (Japan time) English, free participation

    Introducing Smooth-Seq, a single-cell whole-genome sequencing technology using a 3rd generation sequencer.
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    $NVTA Following up on that international regulatory affairs post from earlier this year, I see Invitae is hiring for sales positions.
    (As of Q2, international sales have risen to 19% of revenue)

    Example: Turkey Oct 2021
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    Does anyone else think Pacb will get a solid beat for Q3 earnings and perhaps some tasty news beforehand? Idk but look forward to finding out
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    Oxford Nanopore has priced its London initial public offering at 425 pence per share, a bookrunner said on Tuesday, giving it an expected market valuation of around 3.6 billion pounds ($4.92 billion) including its use of a greenshoe option.
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    Albert Vilella
    That's good numbers, thanks. Updated as future product.
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    George Wu
    · 23h
    Replying to @GeorgeWuHK and @AlbertVilella
    I believe Pacbio has set a target of 25x throughput and 7x cost reduction target in 2 years in around ~Aug 2020. So let's say a typical Sequel II cell generate 30gb of Hifi data, a Sequel III cell will generate 210gb of Hifi data