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Ovintiv Inc. (OVV.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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11.75+0.22 (+1.91%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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    director sold 16121 shares this friday, 25 sep.
  • z
    Natural gas for Nov 20 is $2.784 now.
    oil at $40.50. To me, OVV has only one direction to go from here. it is $8.76. Too cheap.
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    Selling 2,000 OVV can buy you 1,000 CNQ today with change left over. Any thoughts on which one is more undervalued or which one might double from here? Note: I own a lot of each but I feel better about my CNQ investment. I own way more dollars in OVV. Trying to rebalance my risks in this dismal energy sector.
  • J
    CEO bought 1200 shares today.
    It is just a hint to retail investors.
    Don't be panic by short sellers attack and keep your shares tight and buy as you can.
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    Imho if we see 55/2.75 for 21 22 then 3.5B in total debt due 21/22/24/24 can be retired. With a few asset sales even more certainty. Just need to keep capital under control.
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    Friday unusually large volume? Thoughts on what that was about?
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    HH prompt moves to Nov tomorrow. OVV Sp reaction will be interesting.
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    @SHERYL & IAN So I know you guys are down on Suttles and it is appearing to be for good reasons. I am curious if you have any thoughts specifically on today's drop? Oil is back up over 40, Nat Gas appears to be getting some footing back and the ratings downgrade is already 4 days ago. It looks like something else going on today?
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    @FossilFuel That Fitch downgrade was pretty depressing although not a total surprise. The obvious short term solution is to sell off non-core assets but there is likely not much of a market for such. The real issue is what is a good asset now compared to losing money on anything coming out of the ground. For instance, we often consider the Canadian assets less profitable than Permian, yet OVV does not own enough Permian to make this company viable. Our Permian acreage is small compared to an XEC who is only a mid-size player themselves in Texas. Note, XEC also has a boatload of acreage in the OK STACK/SCOOP. They have just about stopped any CapEx on Oklahoma property. So how can OVV consider it Core, when XEC is letting that same property slowly die off? If the U.S. bans fracking, Canada will never look so good! At least OVV has no Permian land in New Mexico. That would be federal land vs. Texas Permian that is controlled by the Texas Railroad Commission.
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    little b
    I hate to say it but I’m out too. I prefer GEL. It has a much better dividend and upside potential. Imo. I also doubled my position in Overstock OSTK. It has a lot of potential with blockchain technology on top of its E-commerce and recent fund buys. Good luck to everyone left here.
  • j
    Why is every other oil and gas company down and OVV up randomly 5 percent
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    If there is one commodity which is tied to domestic politics this is it. The last thing this administration needs is a rise in energy prices before the election. Right now they are contented with keeping the US industry barely alive. Come November 4th the virus will become just another flu strain and the oil will be back in the money. " The four most beautiful words in our common language: I told you so." ~
    Gore Vidal
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    Hi Freinds,

    I have some shares of OVV which bought that at 13.4 CAD, and I did not sell till now; I am confused now, I should sell and but at a lower price again or keep that until raising higher than 13.4. Please if you were in this status previously, which do think is better, keep that to sold and but at a lower price, which gives more profit.
    thanks, for sharing your idea.
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    PetroChina news - does it mean they can now sell their share to help pay down debt?
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    As always public announcements and investing recommendations are made near the final stage of a cycle. Actually the WS recommends you to buy Hi-teck and sell energy.
    Energy was lagging for a long-long time. Take a look at an average oil/gas stock performance say for the last 3 years. All of them are much lower than today. There is no viable reason to justify such a huge fall out (short time covid 19 drop in oil price is beyond my review). I expect that after several days or may be weeks the market will rotate from overvalued hi-teck sector to undervalued energy to support major indexes.
    We should not expect OVV marching 10 fold but 2.5-3 fold is almost a must. As always the market overreact in both directions. Now it is overreacted for high-teck and bio-pharma stocks, energy is the next. In this case OVV can go to 50-60 or even higher.
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    Where's Greg?!
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    Can we make it to $20 pls
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    as I said before....not sure this is a play you should be in long term. esp for those who go in the March April lows. Stuck with my strategy on Friday avg down...took a small lost and got out of Dodge.
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    When is the $1B revolver due? At about 45/3.25 they should be able to cover 1B of the 1.25B due 21/22. But not sure what timeline for revolver is.
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    Shaker & Mover
    Nice to see this moving finally, onward and upward.