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ON Semiconductor Corporation (ON)

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47.75-2.56 (-5.09%)
As of 10:53AM EDT. Market open.
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  • S
    really puzzled why ON with 15 PE is getting dragged down while nasdaq is up over .5%
    is there some warning or bad news coming soon? This is a good company that deserves a much better valuation with strong growth
  • K
    steal of a price right now with the goverment soon fueling stocks like ON with 52B $
  • S
    ON will be acquired. US fabs, power IC technology & customers are a fit for TI, ADI, NXP, etc. I bet it's on the new CEOs 3 year agenda.
  • L
    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL SHAREHOLDERS (YES, I AM A SHAREHOLDER)! I have no evidence, but my guess is that ON will trader higher than the stock price reflected in the AH. There are 434,506,000 shares outstanding, and 15.15mm shares are short. Currently $67 in the AH.
  • L
    ON added to the S&P 500! Announced today! In the AH, trading up 6.56%.
  • E
    ON has to be included in the SP500 this time…announcement should be this Friday for the SP500 addition and deletion announcement. Please correct me. If I am wrong
  • S
    sell everything and buy eggs
  • E
    Told you guys that ON will be added to the sp500..Monday 10% up
  • A
    anybody know why ON is up 6% in after hrs.......
  • g
    Where do we see this stock in 2-3 years? I like their products concerned about auto demand however with rising rates
  • P
    Oh, come ON!
  • S
    There are so many spectacular opportunities happening with this company. Under a different administration, one which promotes the greatness of America, this would easily be a $150-200 SP.
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  • C
    Based on valuation and financials this stock looks very attractive right now. Other than the supply chain issues what do you think is holding this back? What are the negatives of this company that would cause you to hesitate buying it?
  • A
    all market is up today.. come on!!!
  • c
    Dont are shareholders have an opinion.This stock will skyrocket soon.
  • B
    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited
    Semiconductor stocks looking very overwild now. Semiconductor companies are at an inflection point. The fabs are running at 100% capacity, equipment can't be built fast enough, sales are way up with backlogs of orders for a couple years out. Demand is only increasing. Most are oversold due to a worry that is proving to be incorrect. Oversupply is not happening! At least not in the next 2-3 years, if at all (I believe cyclicality is no more for semiconductors). TSM, $QCOM, $AMD, $KLAC, $ASML, $LSCC, $NXPI, $ON, $TXN...all the major players are having some of their best quarters ever, beating expectations and stressing NO diminishing demand foreseen for years out. And this is even with supply chain headwinds, which will eventually ease. My point, demand is stable while the macroenvironment is not. Certain technologies (like semi's & cloud) will continue to grow and outperform regardless of how negative sentiment becomes. GLTA!
  • k
    kevin o
    Strange that we didn’t join the rally today.
  • L
    The effective date for ON's addition to the S&P 500 is 6/21/2022.
  • S
    one reason to hold ON Semi. SiC Silicon Carbide, the leading technology for power ICs in EV