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    I reached out to the company today and didn't expect anyone to follow up with me. To my surprise they did and provided some really good information that i want to share with everyone here.. It is long but it is a good read if you are serious about this investment.

    Thank you for your interest in Memex. As you are likely aware, I cannot share any information with you that we haven’t previously shared publicly, but I can give you some of the highlights previously shared though our various MDA etc.

    Although our revenues have not grown at the pace we would like, recent interest suggests that we could be nearing an inflection point, and we are excited about the continued interest we continue to see, even as COVD rages on.

    Our revenues consist of several components. Although we do offer the use of MERLIN through an ongoing subscription (fixed term renewable rental agreement & recurring revenue), most customers still purchase a perpetual license. For purchasers of a perpetual license, virtually all participate in our annual software maintenance program (!5% of original subscription price per year) for which they receive all product upgrades after the first year from purchase. With the exception of some older one-off legacy parts, the balance of our revenue is generated from services and hardware adapters (for older machines) related to MERLIN, and revenue breakdowns are included in the notes to our financials.

    Some of the major differentiators with our software include:

    the number of different signal inputs (from manufacturing machines) that our software is able to capture:
    the configurability of our user reports and displays;
    our ability to integrate with most ERP systems, providing and receiving process data; and
    our ability to integrate with virtually any manufacturing machinery, old or new.

    We are verging on cashflow break even now, however, fluctuations in the effects of COVID will remain an unknown factor for easily another 12 months. As for inorganic vs natural growth, we are constantly considering new ideas and opportunities, however, the effects of COVID on the North American business climate and capital markets will likely constrain most opportunities for the time being.

    And as for our social media presence and attending conferences etc. the real short answer is COVID! Prior to COVID we were far more active, however, until the opportunities for travel open up and/or the volume of positive investor information warrants a greater presence, we have made a conscious effort to maintain without increasing our investor marketing exercise.

    Hope this helps.


    Ed Crymble, CPA

    Chief Financial Officer
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    Did some research and noticed this was a TSX venture 50 company around 5 years ago.
    Some interviews on Youtube suggest that their products were previously considered discretionary and thus had limited manufacturing budget associated to them. Now, with big data being adopted everywhere, this company has a chance to rise from the ashes in my opinion.

    I will say however, i'm not sure how i feel about the CEO that was presenting in the videos. He seemed more like a techy than a salesman. I really do hope he has become more tech savvy since then. I'm writing this to give myself conviction about this investment.

    What's the reason everyone else got in? Other than the possible youtube video influence. Cheers.
  • G
    internet of things is the future of the universe keep on building the positions we are 24 month away this is the infancy stage I have a very big position and looking to build at .10 it's the option on company that don't expire
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    okay i'm taking a chance on this stock. They seem to have technology that can be used in all manufacturing plants and based on their investor presentation, they have high gross margins, and are reducing losses (operating and EBITDA) every year. They have maybe another year of losses left at this rate and they should turn positive after that. I assume a lot of manufacturing companies that want efficiencies will be looking hard at this technology.

    I'll be looking for the company to try to create more exposure for themselves in the coming year because they're clearly growing.
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    these guys had a good quarter. were cashflow positive and profitable. hopefully they can keep this up for a few quarters and this will surely pop
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    This will blow! Revenue small but profitable. As they grow, we will see a steady rise. Best time to buy!
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    doug c
    Volume has dried up last couple days but I think it will come back in the weeks / months ahead. They have a conference on Feb 3 which might move the needle. Will probably take time to see a decent return, but see no reason to sell under .03 here
  • W
    My MENXF US shares seem to be frozen in TD Webbroker. Literally no info since I bought it last Friday. If i try to sell it, it says this is symbol does not exist. When I click the sell button, no share price comes up, no bid/ask prices... seems locked up. Like nothing is happening.
  • J
    this company has a perpetual license model. they will need to win contracts quarter after quarter.
  • v
    Hope we see .10 soon
  • R
    Funny enough, I saw MMEX on a building for construction a couple months ago. I took a look now and its up and running with people inside, so I don't think it will be going out of business...
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    Brian M
    Great news and finally some volume!
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    In today
  • J
    New to this stock. Great potential.
  • A
    I met the owner of the company unfortunately at a celebration of life. inappropriate to ask for.the inside scoop
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    With reduced taxes and increased interest in growing manufacturing in the USA it won't be long before this company is profitable again and takes off. It's an old new company that is on the cutting edge of IIOT.
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    Cool, some revenue, just gotta get 20-50 of those a quarter and we should take off nicely
  • R
    Earnings is nice. Hopefully they can keep pulling it together for the next several quarters.
  • Y
    Just started my position with this one.....holding long..purchased and not checking it...