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Obalon Therapeutics, Inc. (OBLN)

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  • Y
    Morgan Stanley 5% of shares
  • L
    a shy 25 million offer will send us instantly above 3 dollars !!!! go please go
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Obalon Therapeutics is up 12.05% to 0.93
  • L
    serious accumulation in the last few days …… we have some hope for the future. I think the covid-19 teaches the society that over weight and diabetes are the main reason of complicated cases.

    I hope for the best
  • L
    in few days they may file chapter 11 for a fresh new start
  • c
    What a joke. Good product but just can’t get any steam.
  • O
    Oliver Cronwell
    Hope it goes out of business so it can increse in price like hertz or jc penny. Hust bought it. It has solid financial ratios and a FDA aproveed weight loss product. So a buy out is expected
  • H
    I started following "lionstock-aletrs” (Gooogle it - off course without any space or dash in between the words) and their notifications are better than anyone else.
  • O
    I may be touching up on previous analysis but:
    Citadel with 200 Billion assets under management / Renaissance Technology LLC.. arguably the most successful hedge fund run by quants and mathematicians / and Vanguard (all of which increased positions) (

    -20M debt cut down down to 5M(why? very attractive to a company looking to acquire)

    Recently raised 8.8M from equity offering AND a registered stock offering of 17M.

    "it shifts its business model toward company-owned or managed retail centers." back to reduction of debt^.
    Less than 5% of shares are being shorted...

    anaylst price targets ranging
    from a minimum of $1.00 to $3.00...Dozens of international patents with FDA approval under its belt.

    As for technical indicators, I personally see a triple bottom on .55C and on the 1Y:1D / 180D:4H i see the Stochastic momentum index crossing over during the month of July which is making me more confident based on its history.
  • S
    FDA approved product, 90% success rate, less than 10% side effects but nothing serious, no deaths claim since 2016, more than 55 patents ( worth millions and protect several years from now), second FDA approval for navigation system, 100% accuracy found, overall adverse event 3.9% and none of due to navigation system.

    Almost 50% Tutes holding, 14.3% insider holding and around 14M available float.

    After recent offering in May, cash in hand is around 6.5M which is sufficient for two quarters 21M loan which collateral against cash in bank.

    A company who has FDA approved product, extremely positive clinical data, no deaths, outstanding results even post therapy and addressing market of billons of dollars with huge potential and standing with MC of just 21.4M is simply a joke.

    Clearly oversold, extremely undervalued stock and above reasons are more than enough for me to be comfortably bullish with my PT of $5 in 6 months time. It’s based on my own DD.
  • C
    Institutions still very supportive of the company, you think they didnt research
    this investment?

    Great product, company will perfect centers under MacDonald or sell to large company.
  • S
    One more good PR. What that means to shorts or weak hands?

    1. No urgency of RS

    2. Already have 9.3M available float equity shares and they need 10M minimum. No worries at all in terms of fulfilling Nasdaq requirement without RS route.

    3. AH trading has no significant value until huge volume but many weak hands and specially shorts closing their positions or taking profits because the only play for them was RS and chapter 7 from last couple of months.

    4. OBLN now has enough time period to announce any kind of strategic partnership or Merger (if any) before Nov 12th.

    5. 75% reduction in debts, strengthening balance sheet, getting approval for Nasdaq listing until 11/12, Tutes are increasing positions, insiders have 14.3% holding, 55 patents to secure OBLN therapy & technology worldwide, McDonald’s appointment, opening retail centers, creating physicians referral program & direct sale approaches, enhancing network. What’s else you want from a company.

    All the best
  • A
    I'm not saying the stock price seem low for the potential of their product, but their SEC filing related to their upcoming shareholder meeting has two points if concern. 1). The request for approval to initiate a reverse stock split as part of regaining compliane and 2). The statement it the filing that as of June 13, 2019 their Board is NOT aware of any potential takeover attempt. Just somethings to think about when deciding to buy or sell.
  • A
    Check out the projections from CNN money. Analysts still see this as a buy buy buy!
    OBLN - Obalon Therapeutics Inc Forecast -
  • S
    22 US patents are the serious business and not a joke.

    These patents are expending OBLN’s intellectual properties and also a clear message to all the competitors that they will have the monopoly in this segment.

    By obtaining patent approvals means killing the competition from market and ensuring their key role in the global market of obesity of almost $200B

    1. Hiring Bob McDonald as CRO

    2. Announcing new retail centers and hiring direct physicians for balloon therapy and referral program.

    3. Getting 100% accurate results of negotiation system.

    4. Reducing 75% debts and strengthening balance sheet.

    5. Obtain 2 more patents approval in US market and now 22 patents alone in US.

    So in last 6 weeks almost 5 PR’s. See the sequence of these announcement and understand what’s coming.
  • w
    $15mm ATM w/ no upper PPS limitation.Share purchases @ OBLN's direction post effect. of S-1, wow ! LPC obviously strongly believes in new marketing strategy via it's financing of store build out. Seems as though Store #1 is showing promise. 80% of my shares have been out on loan to shorts for past 2 weeks @ 32% daily interest. If my microcosm is indicative of the larger short presence currently in this stock then there's a big short interest that was just trapped with this Friday AH 8-k.
  • T
    A lot of positive reviews about this FDA approved weight loss device
  • I
    IMHO Tep
    ballooning back to 5 next week?
  • D
    Raising capital and reducing debt are good signs that management is making responsible moves for future growth. Hope to see a reflection in the share price soon!
  • V
    Revenue might have dropped but at least the earnings improved. Restructuring is sure to see change in revenue. Cost have significantly came down. Things will improve