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  • d
    If gdp declines during period of rampant inflation driven by war what will interest rate hike do ?

    Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 1.5 percent in the first quarter of 2022 (table 1), according to the "second" estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.May 26, 2022 › news › 2022
    Gross Domestic Product (Second
    U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
  • N
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  • c
    The US is trying to convince the world all is well with their economy when in reality they are completely broke. The stock markets are nothing less than an illusion, smoke and mirrors to drain hard earned money from people's pockets. It is all a sham. The USA is doomed and you all will find that to be true very quickly. Nothing lasts forever not even an empire. They fall fast and swift. You all will be completely wiped out unless you own gold and silver. Praying will not help.
  • T
    Where can I buy this stock?
  • A
    Where do I go if I wanna buy shares or invest?
  • s
    How is the it’s per stock up this month when it was up two times the equilibrium point last month???
  • I
    The chart on the NYA indicates stocks have much further to fall. The ADX line in particular is signaling continued strong downside movement.

    Many other technical indicators are at levels that suggest a reversal but stocks have not responded in a way that has broken the immediate trend, the bump a day or two ago didn't do it for sure.

  • O
    Oscar Templin
    Fun fact: the NYSE Composite is DOWN 5% since January 26, 2018, i.e., over the past 20 months. Anyone else tired of winning?
  • R
    Thank you for sharing information have a beautiful day
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    All About Timing ⏱
    What they want clean people up or what
  • A
    All About Timing ⏱
    Why this losing everyday
  • J
    Death Cross NYSE Index
  • S
  • a
    Like making a bit. Surprised,as lots of ya are. Not thanking Biden, on his first day. Any day could be his last. 💀
  • b
    How can I get the transaction speed of HFT operating in NYSE?
  • M
    so glad I bought a ton today at the lows
  • y
    Call 8.000
  • j
    john's dad
    Um, did anyone else notice a 7000pt jump on Dec 11? 55%???
    Has that ever happened before?
  • D
    Where can I get Market Cap and companies by industry of NYA?
  • J
    The way I see it if you want to gain profits watch what the politicians are buying.