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NexGen Energy Ltd. (NXE)

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    I’ve owned this stock for almost 8 months …though the swings have been pretty steep and I continue to average down; I like their leadership experience. Especially their ceo who is an accountant and was a CFO in a past life. Accountants make the best CEOs. Regardless of industry.
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    NexGen Energy Ltd. - News
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    $UUSAF conversation
    I found this video of Kraken Energy ( $UUSA.C / $UUSAF) very interesting. Garret demonstrates the high radio being picked up at the Apex Mine in Nevada. High CPS (Counts Per Second) means high radiation which equates to high #uranium concentration. (

    33,000 is incredibly high and I can’t wait to see these guys drill. Garrett Ainsworth is the man in that video and he is the one who discovered the highest grade & closest-to-surface uranium deposit in the Athabasca Basin named ‘Triple R’ which is owned by $NXE (NexGen)… Interestingly enough he said that UUSA/UUSAF’s Apex Mine is “one of the best #uranium opportunities that I've seen in my career" (I think the guy in the link must have gotten the quote from this NR when Garrett was named Chairman
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    nice opportunity
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    Fyi. Jeff Geringer (fuel buyer for many US utilities until a few weeks ago) announced today that he joined the Denison mines team.

    Great asset to negotiate with utilities ;-)


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    Hi everyone,

    I just added to my DNN and SPUT position, and 2days ago I added to my Global Atomic position

    I will not be surprised to see an uranium spotprice around 80$/lb in 2022 and a much higher uranium price in 2023.

    The short term uranium supply is significantly lower than the uranium demand for short term delivery + backwardation :-)


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    Hi everyone,

    If all goes according to plan, this coming Monday, April 25th, will see the launch of the rebranded Sprott Uranium Miners ETF' (URNM) on the NYSE and the start of a major marketing campaign to Sprott's thousands of institutional and high net worth investors.

    —> most probably a significant cash inflow in the future rebranded URNM etf ==> additional upward pressure on the underlying holding in the near future.


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    Announced just now by Global Atomic: Dasa drilling update: A further 10 holes of ~6,000 metres indicate that the mining zones 2a, 2b and 3 now represent a contiguous ore body approximately three times larger than initially defined.

    Me: Such a beauty. Way too cheap at the moment (valued only at 1.92 USD/lb (4.22CAD/sh)) compared to less advanced peers valued around 8US/lb). 3 zones becoming 1 contiguous ore body —> probably simplifyin the mining of that part of the uranium mine! My Paladin of 2022/2024.

    Note: Global Atomic has revenue from a producing zinc JV to finance an important part of DASA. The rest will probably be financed through a loan package.

    They are building the mine as we speak. First uranium production end 2024.

    GLATF and GLO.TO
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    what is going on with uranium price.
    I saw now it is 56.60 from 64 last week
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    going to 10$ fast
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    This stock is trading at the same level it was at in October 2021 (6 months ago), and the price of uranium has gone up by 50% since then - so will the price of Uranium have to go up another 50% for this stock to start appreciating past the price it fetched last fall?
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    the only regrets you'll have is that you didn't buy more
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    People might want to consider buying a different uranium company's shares - one whose share price doesn't decline when the price of uranium goes up, and that actually hold a price once achieved for more than a day or two.
    The "traditional" P&F chart says this one is going to $2 on present performance, while others have "traditional" P&F charts that show bullish price tragets. Consider that!
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    Most u-stocks are up significantly in afterhours trading. This is up 6.44% in afterhours at the moment
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    We breaking $6 today!?
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    It's funny to see that some short term investors get scared from premarket data.

    Premarket data is an easy way to manipulate sentiment of daytraders :-)

    But when you take the time to understand the uranium market, you laugh at this stage.


    The uranium market is a very tiny sector to invest in and at this moment professional investors want to take position in several uranium companies (phase1). But they want to invest big amounts and that's not so easy in a tiny sector.

    So let's scare retail investors in the premarket to create volume in favor of professional investors.

    Dear retail investor, your positions can go 20% - 30% lower in the coming weeks/months, but it could also go 30% higher all of a sudden (in one trading day) when:
    ⁃ big positions are taken;
    ⁃ shorters buy the shares needed to give those shares back that they borrowed to be able to short earlier;
    ⁃ the U3O8 price all of a sudden starts to increase fast (phase2 and phase3, Cameco, Orano, Kazatomprom buying U3O8)

    Those short term fluctuations don't matter if you look at the multi-bagger potential in the coming years

    Paladin Energy, Peninsula Energy, Boss Resources, Fission Uranium Corp, Goviex Uranium, Global Atomic, UEX Corp, Forsys Metals,...

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    Hi everyone,

    Kazatomprom just announced they will extend their existing production cut of 20% for an additional year. Previously this production cut was until end 2022. Now it will remain until at least end 2023.

    "JSC National Atomic Company "Kazatomprom" ("Kazatomprom" or "the Company") announces today that it plans to maintain 2023 production at a similar level to 2022, which is expected to be 20% lower than the planned volumes under its Subsoil Use Contracts. The Company will now begin working with joint venture partners to assess the impact and implement the plan across all of Kazakhstan's uranium mines.

    "Consistent with our market-centric strategy, we intend to continue exercising commercial discipline, which will result in 2023 production remaining 20% lower than previously planned Subsoil Use Contracts levels, keeping production essentially flat in 2022 and 2023," said Galymzhan Pirmatov, Chief Executive Officer of Kazatomprom.

    "Although the uranium market is starting to show signs of improvement, including an increase in long-term contracting interest, a thinning spot market, and slightly improved pricing, we still find ourselves in a position where adding tonnes back into the market in 2023 would be unlikely to maximize returns for our shareholders."


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    It’s funny, because during this temporary decreasing uranium price with a couple % after a 70% rise of the price in 5 weeks time, short term investors without DD on the matter think that the uranium price rise is over :)

    1. But in fact each end of the month (Monday, September, 27, 2021) Nuclear fuel price reporter UxC set Month-end Uranium Spot Price used by market-referenced contracts to set invoice price on deliveries. To reduce costs, traders often try to walk-down Spot price in a "month-end smash".
    2. SPUT has still ~850 million USD of their ATM to buy additional uranium, while the high season in the uranium sector has yet to begin (October -March)
    3. Those temporary spotprice decreases push tend to push the NAV of SPUT under the share price of SPUT ==> they only need a 1% premium over NAV to activate their ATM to buy additional U3O8 or UF6 in the spotmarket.

    I suggest to take advantage of this temporary price decrease to buy uranium company shares

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    The first signes of carry traders getting into trouble! --> Now we know that there isn't enough uranium available through the spotmarket!

    Hi everyone,

    Do you remember that Denison Mines bought 2.500.000 pounds of uranium in March 2021?

    Ok, now listen good at what David Cates, CEO of Denison mines, is saying now (today)!!

    quote1: "What's very interesting lately, is the interest that our physical uranium has been getting from the uranium market"

    quote2: "And some of those folks in the industry are trying to get us liberate those pounds because they are having a hard time getting pounds. But that's not our strategy."

    Those "folks" are trying to get the pounds from Denison Mines to have pounds to meet their own commitments, because they are have difficulties to get uranium from the conventional sources in the market.

    "To meet their own commitments"

    Boys and girls, the only industry participants that have commitments towards utilities and that need to buy from the spotmarket to meet those commitments at the moment are Cameco (only partially) and carry traders (100% of their uranium)!!

    The squeeze in the uranium spotmarket is on!

    Utilities, Welcome to the negotiation table with the few remaining uranium producers (producers: Cameco, Kazatomprom, Paladin Energy, Energy Fuels, ...) and the few well advanced uranium developers (Global Atomic, Denison mines,...)

    Buy uranium stocks, if you didn't already. Don't try to get in at a cheaper price (imo), because Sprott Physical Uranium Trust activated their additional 1billion USD of their ATM yesterday!

    Buying now, doesn't mean you can't be more selective in your purchases. There are uranium companies (producers, developers and explorers) that are cheaper than their peers. And even the more expensive once today will continu to go higher from the stock prices today (imo).

    A good alternative if you don't know which onces to pick, is an investment in URNM etf.

    In my opinion of course.


    Forsys Metals, Bannerman Resources, Denison mines, Global Atomic, Vimy Resources, Standard Uranium, Elevate Uranium, Purepoint Uranium,...
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    Important factor to know to understand the probable near term spotprice action (coming weeks and months)

    Cameco: days outstanding U3O8 operational inventory are very low in 2020! --> there is no room left! --> a lot of spot buying incoming from Cameco and Orano combined with the spotbuying from Kazatomprom, Peninsula Energy

    Here the figures:
    ⁃ Cameco's average days outstanding U3O8 operational inventory from 2010 till 2019: 212,2d
    ⁃ Cameco's average days outstanding U3O8 operational inventory in 2020: 113,61d

    This extreme low average 113,61d in 2020 was never reached in the period 2001-2019. Even in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 the average days outstanding U3O8 operational inventor was between 207d (2005) and 162d (2007)!!!

    And then something very important:

    A good year ago Cameco told the public they didn't find even 1million pound to buy from utilities with some possible overstock.

    The utilities have been decreasing their operational levels to low levels too!!

    And when uranium insecurity hits the sector (like the repetitive Covid mine shutdowns) utilities are less willing to sell some U3O8 overstock back to producers like Cameco. (Utility: Why selling U3O8 at 30$/lb to producers now if we will probably buy U3O8 in the future at higher uranium prices (spot and LT price are going to increase sharply in the coming months/years.