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    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
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    Is NVS being killed by a strong dollar? Or is there something else going on? Honest, informed opinions are welcome.
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    So many bots in the comments section very difficult to trust here I was a victim of scam but was so lucky to find the right trader 👉 Kelly Snyder_fx on Instagram, I wholeheartedly recommend her she has an amazing strategies in bitcoin investments
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    Great NVS clinical news today out of Basel. Stock is beaten down and much too low.
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    sounds good news to investors that there selling SANDOZ ( suffering from bad growth since ‘20).
    So at $25bn value, how much cash are NVS going to have after sales in Roche stake and also selling stake in GSK venture?

    has to be over $60-70bn if this sale goes through.

    Could leave them open to making a bid for AMGN or maybe GILD? ?
  • D
    Please have a look at ticker ILUS as well my fellow investors, they are rapidly expanding & uplisting in 2022. ILUS International is a rather new company that has increased profits and revenue every quarter since inception. ILUS Internationals year over year revenue is up 588%. ILUS has also just reported on 8/15/2022, a 553 percent increase in revenue over their previous quarter.
    ILUS has just merged Wikisoft, formerly ticker WSFT, into their new 100 - million dollar in revenue acquisition, Quality International. They are now called Quality Industrial. This ILUS company is now trading under the ticker QIND.
    ILUS is building a conglomerate, with several different companies and divisions under the ILUS umbrella. ILUS manufactures EV's, UAV's, and Drones to name a few of their many business endeavors. They are also involved in Urban Mining, the Metaverse, and the very lucrative firefighting and fire safety technology sector. ILUS holds patented firefighting / safety technology. They are developing technology to assist with the containment of both EV battery, and wildfires. The wildfires out west are a major concern and solutions are being developed. ILUS is looking to save lives. They have had several meaningful discussions with the state of California, among other states as well.
    ILUS is an M & A company and growing fast. ILUS is about to begin manufacturing the E-Raptor, the worlds first and only six-wheel, all electric utility vehicle. This will take place at the new 600,000 plus square foot facility in Serbia. It is a part of a significant deal that ILUS has signed with the European Union. ILUS International will begin manufacturing a variety of vehicles including those used by the military and defense sectors in Europe. ILUS will surely benefit from the major increase in defense spending that is taking place globally. ILUS will be doing a significant amount of business with the private sector as well.
    ILUS will incorporate in their manufacturing processes their own urban mining / battery recycling into their EV lines. ILUS has completed "7" acquisitions in the last 18 months. Vira Drones is one of the more significant. Vira Drones has an estimated billion- dollar valuation. ILUS has increased their 2022 revenue forecast from 40- million to 140- million dollars. They recently announced a 2023 revenue estimate of 1 -billion dollars. In addition, ILUS has several new acquisitions and revenue sources yet to be officially announced. They are all very significant acquisitions as far as the revenue & profits in which they will add to the already strong balance sheet. Please see Yahoo Finance for more details and news.
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    Prob use it to pay a big dividend
  • A
    imagine if we had the P/E of Tesla.
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    Why is NVS trading at an 8 PE? Seems far below peers.
  • r
    BEAM pipeline will be disaster. Sickle Cell is their ray of hope. Very minimal hope. Global Blood achieved FDA approval in 2019. Novartis FDA approved too as well as Emmaus Life Sciences $GBT $NVS $BEAM
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    $CLVS conversation

    Apparently deal is not done,in a good way. Worth noting Novartis who has eyes for not only FAP2286 in which they already hold rights for "LuMeir" but also highly valued PARAB C inhibitor.

    $NVS & $BMY have ER week of 7/27th, and $CLVS has. Board meeting that same week.

    From Samos group on Twitter
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    $ARWR conversation
    $VERV is a gene editing company, and today it announced that they dosed the first HeFH patient with VERVE-101. A single-dose that is intended to permanently knock-down the PCSK9 gene. As you know, Leqvio (inclisiran) is a RNAi drug from $ALNY and $NVS that just hit the market and this is a temporary 6-month knock-down of the PCSK9 gene. Verve also has eventual plans to go after ANGPTL3, but it appears that it is quite a way's out before that happens.

    No doubt gene editing can be quite dangerous (as it is permanent), and it is also fairly controversial. Most who truly understand what RNAi is and how incredibly effective it can be can understand that it is not only a much safer alternative to gene editing, but it will also make it much more difficult for the FDA to approve a gene editing drug when a safer alternative exists that is just as effective. This is why Verve will have a very tough road ahead, as they will need to show safety data many years out. I suspect that VERVE-101 will eventually get dropped for an improved VERVE-102, or just dropped all-together because of Leqvio's success. By the time VERVE-101 even gets to a phase 3, Leqvio will probably be a low-cost generic, and I can't imagine any insurance company willing to cover an expensive gene-editing drug over a much safer, significantly cheaper alternative that accomplishes the same task.

    How Verve is planning to make money on this drug is beyond me, let alone any other gene-editing drug where a temporary safe alternative exists (i.e. ANGPTL3). Its best bet is to go after targets where such alternatives don't exist (i.e. sickle cell).
    Phase 1b Clinical Trial, heart-1, Now Underway and Enrolling Patients with Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia in New Zealand Company Executing VERVE-101 Global Regulatory Strategy with Potential Clearances for a UK Clinical Trial Application
    Phase 1b Clinical Trial, heart-1, Now Underway and Enrolling Patients with Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia in New Zealand Company Executing VERVE-101 Global Regulatory Strategy with Potential Clearances for a UK Clinical Trial Application
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    Looks like Novartis will owe 9 figures in royalties to RGNX for a very long time with approval of Zolgensma.At 1.7 billion market cap of RGNX with its 450 million in cash and 0 debt, it would be much cheaper to buy RGNX as it also owns a 100 AAV gene library which has a private market value of $6 billion USD
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    Biggest winner is the babies. Then biggest winner is RGNX = Regenex bio which gets 9-13 % royalties on Zolgensma which makes it 9 figures on royalties or $6-7 eps in 24 months. AT RGNX $48 it has $450 million in cach and 0 debt and sells at book value. It owns the $6 billion private market value 100 AAV gene platform which is used by every gene therapy drug to make it work as a gene vector. RGNX worth over $155+ a share and is involved in ALS= Lou Gehrigs disease and Rett syndrome and SMA type 1 and Sma type 2 with Novartis.
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    The stock will climb into the 90's next week. I will add on to my position on Tuesday. Very impressive week for NVS. Deep pipeline makes NVS a stock with a lot price appreciation for years to come.
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    FDA Accepts AveXis’ BLA for SMA Drug Zolgensma Under Priority Review
    MDA STAFF 12/03/2018
    Today, Novartis, the parent company of AveXis Inc., announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted the company’s Biologics License Application (BLA) under Priority Review for Zolgensma (formerly known as AVXS-101), a gene therapy for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1. Priority Review status requires the FDA to review the application and make a decision on whether to approve Zolgensma within six months (the typical review period is 10 months). An anticipated decision is expected in May 2019.

    Zolgensma is a gene therapy that targets the root cause of SMA by delivering a gene to replace the missing or mutated survival of the motor neuron 1 (SMN1) gene. The therapy is a one-time infusion. SMA is a genetic disease affecting the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement. Infants with SMA type 1 typically do not survive more than two years.

    Treatment with the therapy in a Phase 1 clinical trial was associated with an increased survival rate compared to the normal course of the disease and the achievement and maintenance of motor milestones that infants with SMA type 1 normally would not be expected to achieve. In the START trial, all 15 patients infused with Zolgensma — three with low dose, 12 with high dose — were alive and event-free at 24 months, compared to 8 percent in a natural history study. An “event” was defined as either death, or at least 16 hours per day of required ventilation support for breathing for 14 consecutive days in the absence of acute reversible illness or surgery. At 24 months, 11 of the 12 high-dose patients could keep their head erect for more than three seconds and sit without support for more than five seconds, 10 patients were able to sit without support for more than 10 seconds, 9 patients were able to sit without support for more than 30 seconds and two patients were able to stand and walk alone without assistance.

    The trial also showed meaningful respiratory results. Of the 10 patients who were not using non-invasive ventilation (NIV) at the start of the trial, seven of them remained NIV-free after 24 months. More importantly, all patients, whether ventilated or not, survived respiratory hospitalizations without tracheostomy or permanent ventilation.

    The most commonly observed side effect of Zolgensma was elevated liver enzymes.

    This announcement underscores the importance of newborn screening to diagnose SMA before babies are symptomatic so they can be treated as early as possible. With the news earlier in the year of SMA being added to the national Recommended Uniform Screening Panel (RUSP), this latest announcement makes it even more important for states to add SMA to their respective newborn screening panels to find babies who may benefit from approved therapies or be eligible to participate in clinical trials.

    Zolgensma is currently in Phase 3 clinical trials for SMA type 1 and is also being tested in a Phase 1 trial for SMA type 2. Additionally, Zolgensma is being tested in a Phase 3 trial for pre-symptomatic newborns diagnosed with SMA types 1, 2 and 3.

    For information regarding eligibility criteria for currently enrolling or planned clinical trials, view the listings on or, or contact

    For more information regarding Zolgensma, check back at

    Click here to read the press release from AveXis.
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    Calling all Novartis insiders/employees .... any truth to the statement... "Gerons banking info has been added to the NOVARTIS financial system?" thanks for your input.
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    $AMRN , JT presentation today is super strong BP wake up and buyout this company even at $50B looks cheap going forward $PFE $AMGN. $NVS. $GSK spend the money it’s worth it, ADA Standard of Care , Diabetes community is a very lucrative big market 90 million of them according to JT , wow that alone counts in BILLIONS, JT always says we’re not competing in Statins $500B markets but Triglycerides and Cholesterol is entangled now that will take many BILLIONS from that, Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Cancers future collaborators are looking at that too, AMRN is severely undervalued here and should be close to $100/Shares, A game changer just like $BYND and $UBER in each industry
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    Imagine Pfizer sales force selling Vascepa’s right now the $2B to $4B sales easily achieved (above 500 Triglycerides) some off label use too, Now the sNDA as we know it is 20X bigger (150 to 500) US alone, new report is China’s 185M People have very high Triglycerides, this one is massive going forward, $NVS or $PFE will have epic buyout