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Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY)

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17.16-0.35 (-2.00%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
17.20 +0.04 (+0.23%)
After hours: 07:58PM EDT

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  • W
    X-dividend today, selling should slow and SP should see improvements. Financials still look good. This company has approximately 1billion in cash and a 4+ billion positive cash flow, with book value of $23+.
  • S
    Satisfied Customer
    With the mortgage rate moving past 6.75% and short-term rates roughly 4% looks like NLY will still have the ability to make a profit on new MBS. The question is what the volume will look like for the next year or two, this seems to be a good point to start a buying or wait to see if the dividend gets cut and then buy. They have been around a long time and think they will weather the storms of late ok.
  • C
    Count Your Change
    I was planning on holding NLY for at least two decades and let dividends grow a nest egg. But after this reverse split debacle, and all the uncertainty with the spiking interest rates, I sold. Better safe than sorry! I just couldn’t sleep well at night holding this the way it’s crashing and it’s long-term tendency to fall in price.
  • J
    Just more proof to never chase dividends.
  • J
    A 3% 30 year treasury looks like heaven when compared to NLY. 😱
  • N
    Norman E
    Yahoo has not fixed the forward dividend & yield. it should be 3.52/17%
  • L
    Of course the dividend is going to be reduced. But if the dividend of $3.52 is reduced to only $2.50 that still provides a 10% yield on a stock price of $25.00. At a price of $18.00 the $2.50 dividend provides a yield of 13.9 %. Still a long term buy for passive income.
  • S
    Scramblin Eddie
    Anybody notice how recent Quarterly EPS consensus have been trending down but Actuals are trending higher? Why are they getting it so wrong as of late? And any speculation out there for Q3?
  • J
    Question to old-timers.

    Where are you, guys? @P. @Duke Silver. Have you abandoned this board after the reverse split turned it into a sewer?

    I recently realized that I have been responding to people who post moving pictures, gloat, praise themselves for selling just in time, and give unsolicited advice.

    Maybe it's time for me to take a break because I don't see too few people here who have anything to contribute.
  • R
    Well, this is the perfect example of why you NEVER do reverse stock splits during a market downturn. It simply gives the shorts more fat to chew on; nothing more because fundamentals have NOTHING to do with it. NLY management could not have timed their reverse split any worse.
  • L
    I have owned an investment in Annaly in the amount of $46,000 for 4 years. I have collected $22,528 in dividends for this time. If I hold for 4 more years with this dividend I will have received my entire investment returned to me just from dividends. And I will still own 1600 shares ( 6400 /4 ) with some value. I consider this an annuity rather than an investment. Good entry with this lower price.
  • B
    It's NOT the reverse spilt that is causing the drop. AGNC, a direct competitor, is down just as much and it didn't have a reverse split.
  • L
    Short term trading is much preferable considering the current market fluctuations.
  • r
    Bought more at $21, $20, $19. Buy order in at $18. NLY stock price is overreacting to the reverse split and the inverted yield curve. I’ll happily add more on downticks and cashing those dividend checks.
  • J
    Here are some numbers that show a 52-week price range in mortgage reits.

    AGNC - 8.39 - 16.75
    NLY - 17.19 - 35.16
    TWO - 3.4400 - 6.8100
    CIM - 5.00 - 16.85
    ARR - 4.8204 - 11.1800
    ORC - 8.15 - 25.30

    I know it's not much of a consolation to see your stock do just as poorly as its competitors, but I hope that children who are having a mental meltdown on this board and demanding a change of management would finally understand that NLY's reverse split did very little to contribute to a sharp decline in its stock price.
  • D
    Somebody didn't get the memo. Ex-dividend of $.88 on Sept 29.
  • D
    It worries me that understanding of the math on what is coming re book value and earnings must be fairly widespread among people within the various MREIT staffs. Put that with the magnitude of the volume and the speed and depth of the share price declines and, like I said, it worries me. Any reassurance will be gladly accepted.
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    T L
    My investments have had two reverse splits in the last week. The first was USOI for a 20 to 1 split and then NLY with a 4 to 1 split. I immediately dumped USOI yet not so fast with NLY to sell at a loss. According to the chart, they've been around since the year 2000. Some others might say it is the worst time to do a reverse split when the market is going down yet since the share price will obviously go down in the near term (like everything else), it might be a good chance to collect inexpensive shares for when times get better and many share prices rise again. I decided to hold on for now yet really glad I got rid of USOI with their ridiculous 20 to 1 reverse split.
  • G
    Yielding 20.126% @ $17.49/share. Anybody buying?
  • a
    Almost 18% yield. No indication nly will cut dividend any time soon. What am I missing??