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Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY)

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6.33+0.22 (+3.60%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
6.30 -0.03 (-0.47%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT
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  • A
    Did anyone else see the option volume for 5.50 puts, and buy simply for the fact it was a 16% yield @ 5.50 with a 50% payout? Dipped into some shares around the 6 area, but I'll probably own every share I bought last week for multiple years of reinvesting dividends. New position for me, so it's nice to join a new family, Long NLY
  • R
    Current value is 40% less than the IPO price 25 years ago.
  • A
    Anyone here selling covered calls before ex-div? I have never tried this before and I am temped to try now.
  • B
    solid day continue to dividend date
  • B
    about 4 days left to get ur dividend 6.50 or more by then
  • F
    NLY has raised a lot of cash. Over 600 million from stock offering. Sold middle market portfolio for $2.4 billion. In Q1 before those 2 deals they already had 955 million in cash and cash equiv., so now they have like, about 4 billion to do new business with at higher and rising interest rates. Seems pretty good. And they didn't add any debt to the books to do it.
  • C
    Count Your Change
    How are rate hikes going to slow inflation when the inflation is commodity price driven?
  • d
    the big question today is will it close above $6
  • G
    Finkelstein David L (CEO, Pres) bought +200,000 shares at $5.56 for a total of +$1,112,000, increasing their ownership by +14%.

    Nice insider buy
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    There is an excellent article on NLY by an analyst on Seeking Alpha that I recommend everyone reads. Based on his estimated current book value of $6.00 he made the following call.

    $6.30 per share or above = SELL
    $5.71 - $6.29 per share = HOLD
    $5.11 - $5.70 per share = BUY
    $5.10 per share or below = STRONG BUY

    If interest rates continue to climb as rapidly as they have been there is a real chance the dividend will be cut in the third quarter.
  • D
    Nly-G closed Friday at $19.95 (call it $20). The original coupon at $25 pps was 6.5%. Today 3-month LIBOR is 2%. Add the floating spread of 4.172% to 2% you get 6.172 % on the $25 redemption value when it starts to float in 3/23. However, if you buy NLY-G at $20 the yield is 7.715 and LIBOR has just begun to rise.
    In my opinion, let it float.
    Unlike some on this board, I see the mandatory shift to floating as a very attractive feature of the G. It provides an inflation hedge that the straight fixed preferreds do not.
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    I wonder if it would go down to $4.95 in another few months after more aggressive interest rate hikes
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    Annual dividend of $0.88 at $5.50/share yields 16.00%. Buying at $5.50?
  • G
    Buying at $6.17 yielding 14.26% dividend at 22 cents/quarter cash dividend?
  • R
    NLY does not do well during rate hike "shocks"; 75 bps would constitute a direction change for Powell and that would hit NLY pretty hard so don't expect any recovery for a while. Let the shock sink in for NLY stock price. This stock could actually drop below $5 for the first time in its history because of these rate hike shocks. It is really hard to say; however, I think it is too late to sell. Long term patience is going to be required. I also would expect NLY to have to reduce the dividend % over the next several months as well. This company is now revolving into survival mode for the foreseeable future. Hang on longs, all we can do now.
  • I
    Just never sell ever and collect dividends .Buy in price is just a number if you never sell.
  • P
    WF saying that mortgage biz will be down 50% from Q1. So NLY is positioning for that and so will the price.
    we mentioned this some month ago that as rate rise profit may be better but biz will dry up. Everyone what wanted a home got one by now after all these low rate years.
    I don't know how to price the stock from here. Tech data are out from yesterday, fundamentals are too fluid. I now am in the camo that divi will be cut soon. Probably next Q announced at conf call if bi is drying as WF said.
    this market is a meat grinder. watch out tomorrow...
  • G
    ~ 4 years of dividends LOST in 1 year.
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    Count Your Change
    I think inflation is topping out. Oil prices are down around 10% since the peak a few weeks ago. Soon, the market will be anticipating the end of the driving season and demand for oil going down, while supply increases from OPEC and the U.S. & Canada. Fed will continue to raise rates until Fed Funds rate is around 2.75%. NLY management can handle this and still make money / pay a dividend. This company has been around for nearly 3 decades and has been through interest rate hikes many times before.
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    It's still a little too early. Fed will continue to tighten.