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Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY-PF)

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  • N
    No BS
    ............Folks have you noticed Covid is almost all over Business as usual is here and NLY got to take advantage of low low Borrowing rates so it is poised to come back stronger then ever.....BUY NOW......or pay much more tomorrow.......
  • M
    Actually thought they would announce a small dividend big deal. This thing is still a cash register and I'm confident in the management ...complex business model and I think NLY has proven they are the best at it.
  • J
    Here are few points.

    1. Last year, NLY stated (I don't remember where I saw it, but I did) that they intend to keep the dividend at 22 cents throughout the entire 2021. So far, they did as they promised.

    2. Although their earnings may be improving (or not), they are not improving enough to warrant a dividend hike. This is something I expected. Let's not forget one thing. It may seem like the spread between the borrowing and MBS rates is widening, but their older MBS keep are maturing and they are being replaced with newer lower-rate MBS. That definitely keeps the spread in check.

    3. The price of the stock was moving up in expectation of the dividend hike. It didn't happen so we may see it drop tomorrow. However, I don't expect a big drop because the ex-dividend date is 3 weeks away. I don't think we will see $10, but my best-case scenario is around 9.5. That, of course, is only my guess.

    4. The next important event is the earnings release at the end of July. Until then ...
  • K
    If they continue the stock buyback program of $1.5 B announced in January, that should keep the price up weather they raise the dividend or not. I have been in this stock a long time and watched them issue more stock and drop dividend. Don't want that! 9%+ is pretty good any day of the week!
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    Nolan Perreira
    The current P/E for NLY (According to My Schwab StreetSmart Edge } is 3.04. and it is rated as UNDERVALUED inYahoo. Those items are in AGREEMENT. I only have 1,000 shares. And I agree too. Plan to hold until the price reaches about 18. {Or something better comes along. However, with a Dividend yield of 9.26, and my margin interest rate of 8.25, I can borrow to buy the stock, and get paid for holding it. If I were in need of mojey, I would also sell out of the money calls. NLY is trully an oportunity to earn using OPM (Other People's Money)
  • f
    So the price dropped because the dividend was not raised? This company has a history of paying the same amount for each quarter of the year and paying a special dividend in July or, more commonly, in September. Looks like a nice opportunity to buy more.
  • T
    Price drop due to AGNC drop in book value and shelf registration. Sold 1700 AGNC shares this a.m. Bought more NLY at 9.34.
  • N
    No BS
    ............Because of the upcoming dividends we should see the 52 week high again before the 30th or higher is possible.
  • M
    At $.88/share per year this is a solid income producer. For those that bid up share price on unannounced divy raise, well sometimes you lose. In a year or two the divy will most likely be a penny or two higher. This REIT is a slow mover always has been. Maybe CIM is more your style...
  • p
    Bought 6k shares at 9.6 yesterday and i am stuck now smh
  • A
    I have A LOT of NLY and have been watching it grow for the past 6+ months.
    Q: Should I sell it now or wait? Will it get 10+

  • I
    The only thing that matters with this stock is that your purchase price is lower than recent price. People are in it for the dividend.
  • R
    I would love to see shares appreciate .Just like anyone else, but this has performed more than acceptable in the income portion of my Roth .especially with Drip . dollar cost averaging .I still think $12.65 is fair value. But the market will decide that.. It could be much more.
  • N
    No BS
    ..............BUY NOW..............on Sale......
  • M
    I find it interesting that NLY yield is rarely (over several quarters) below 10% yield...not a chartist, just looking at the history. Either the price corrects or dividend goes up. Nolan the other day mentioned it, NLY may very well be in the sweet spot...for some time (I also invest in oil...these things take time before realizing the gains). 2-10yr spread decent for several quarters, housing market on fire for the past year (slowing), no real interest from the Fed to raise rates so far (indications and warnings may change based off today). Should be a boon for NLY.
  • B
    May be down tomorrow unfortunately, they really have to find a medium where they could raise dividend and buyback shares. Otherwise they would hurt the pps. I think buybacks are great but at some point, hopefully next quarter, dividend will be raised otherwise punishment will pursue👍
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    Nolan Perreira
    For the next year, expect Annaly to be in the sweet spot of the business. As interest rates rise and the economy recovers, the steepening yield curve will increase the difference between the cost of short term funds and the return from high interest lending. Considering the over dollar per share of the first quarter, and the legal requirement to pay out 90% of earnings, NLY may end up having to issue dividends totaling two dollars. That implies a special dividend sometime in the future, rather than raising the quarterly dividend.
  • C
    Onward and upward to $9.75! Perhaps higher if the earning estimates look especially good.
  • B
    $NLY As I said we’ll end up lower, and AGNC news was not good. We may end up in 8’s again. Hope the management doesn’t make the same mistake again not raising div.
  • r
    Back to 52 week high of $9.47. Should slowly rise from here into next week and dividend declaration.