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  • G
    Massive call volume happening in NLY today. Been following NLY for a long time, never seen anything like this. CNBC even mentioned it on the halftime report
  • J
    @P mentioned bitcoin in one of his posts. I thought I would explain the whole crypto thing. If anyone is interested, read on. It is going to be a very long post.

    Regular currency is normally controlled by a government that issues it. People often complain that governments constantly manipulate currency, and I agree that sometimes they go overboard with printing money or taking it out of circulation. The important thing to know is that manipulation is an absolutely necessity.

    Let me give you one example.

    If you have a business in the US that buys materials or goods from Japan, you are not going to pay for those goods with US dollars. You will spend 100 dollars to buy 10,000 yen and make a payment to your Japanese supplier in local currency. But let's say the US government printed a lot more money. That weakened the US dollar and now you have to pay 120 dollars for 10,000 yen. You are losing money and you either have to raise prices on the product you sell or start buying goods in another country whose currency is weaker than that of Japan.

    The fluctuation of one currency vs. another occurs naturally, but it is also a result of governments' manipulation. In the above example, US customers have to pay more for Japanese goods and Japanese customers can pay less for US goods.

    So, this money manipulation is a never-ending balancing act.

    The US government doesn't want to make a dollar too weak because everything the US customer buys in another country becomes more expensive. It also doesn't want to make the currency too strong because US goods will become too expensive for foreign customers and they will start buying somewhere else.

    Cryptocurrency doesn't have anything supporting it. It's basically monopoly money. It was a theoretical exercise for smart people who created it. Satoshi Nakamoto. The most attractive part about this exercise was that this artificial currency can not be manipulated by any government. Aw, how idealistic. They even created a "mining" process to gradually increase the supply, which for Bitcoin will end in about 100 years.

    Ok, then. Let's ask ourselves this question. What is the point of having an "unmanipulated" currency when, as I explained, manipulation is necessary while we have so many countries with their own currencies and their own foreign trade? What's the use of cryptocurrency anyway?

    You have artificial money that you can use to pay for things. Why would I want to pay for something with Bitcoin when I can pay for it with my credit card? I can delay payment for a month and I will get 2% back of everything I spend. Also, cryptocurrency fluctuates. You paid $20,000 worth of bitcoin to buy a car. Tomorrow, Bitcoin goes up 20%. You say to yourself, I should have kept it and I and would now have $24,000 worth of the Bitcoin. I would buy a car and have $4,000 left.

    Anonymity. But cash is also anonymous. Why bother with digital currency when you can pay with cash? Speaking of anonymity. That's where Blockchain technology comes in. Blockchain is the way cryptocurrency is tracked, how it is stored and exchanged. Blockchain provides unprecedented anonymity. No names. It's digital cash. You can pay for anything you want with Bitcoin and nobody can trace that payment back to you. You can buy a kilo of cocaine and have it delivered to your house, and if the FBI breaks down your door and catches you with your fingers deep inside the package with white powder they have no proof you paid for it. You can say, yes, I received this package but I have no idea who sent it to me. I was just about to call you.

    But this anonymity of cryptocurrency is starting to look a little shaky. We all saw what happened with the Colonial pipeline shutdown. All the money was recovered. Hmm. Also, governments are starting to go after people who own cryptocurrency. They are forcing exchanges to report all transactions. That means, the government may not know what you spent your Bitcoin on, but they know your name and they know how much of it you have and if you spend it, you will have to pay taxes on the appreciation. Do they know how much cash you have in your pocket?

    So, why is everyone is so excited about it?

    Everyone you see on TV is a liar. Their goal is to push something they can sell you for more money than they paid for it. These people have no shame. They look into the camera and I can see that they don't believe what they are saying.

    Other people are afflicted with gambling syndrome. They bought Bitcoin for $5 and now it's worth $40,000 and they think it makes them the best investors in the world when in fact, they are just as good as people who bought a lottery ticket and won.

    Cryptocurrency can be kept outside exchanges and it can be somewhat anonymous. But the only real use for it is to pay for something illegal. There is no other practical use for it.

    If anyone wants to know how Blockchain works I can explain it. That would be a bit technical, so beware.
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    I'm glad I dumped money here. The rest of the market tanks and it holds steady plus the dividend
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    I love the stability in NLY price. I came late to the party, but my avg 8.76 since May has me in the green after dividends at today's price. I'll buy more below 8.50, but I don't see this dipping below 7.75 without another housing crisis.
  • D
    When do I have to buy this stock to get the next dividend and then how long do I need to hold it before I can sell my shares
  • s
    I firmly believe the dividend is sustainable or even could be increased sometime soon. While it’s frustrating this thing remains undervalued, it’s also nice we can keep locking in 10%+ yield in an era of historically low interest rates.
  • R
    XD is the 29th. The stock price will drop $22 cents automatically at open to cover the dividend. Whatever happens after is determined by the market. I only care about the Drip price when the dividend is payed.
  • C
    Regarding Q3 earnings,
    It will be of interest to know the allocation of monies from the sale of the Commercial assets closure.
  • P
    It seems the MM want to have the PPs a bit above the magic $8.50 post ex-div to keep technicals clean and not trigger algos. Makes sense. So I would think a buy a 8.50 - 8.53 for long term hold is a safe bet. Short term the chinese thing is far from over
  • d
    could go to $8.95 by ex-dividend date but then back down the big question how far back down
  • J
    I have NLY shares in my IRA account so I am wondering if it would make sense to sell everything a day or two before the ex-dividend date and buy it all back a few days later. In the past few quarters, NLY consistently dropped more than 22 cents after the ex-div date. This could be a nice way to pick a few extra pennies.

    We are not yet at the point where there is a mad dash to buy shares to become eligible for the dividend, but if in the next two weeks the price moves above 8.80 I might do it.

    Any thoughts on 8.80?
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    Hey y'all, is ex-date Sept 30th? I bought at $8.69 and am in the green now. Tempted to take some profit and hope for another dip before Ex... would that be unlikely? Will it likely keep rising until after the ex-date?
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    Nolan Perreira
    Annaly makes money borrowing short and lending long. With a flat yield curve, as we currently have, the amount Annaly makes is reduced. That reduces the value of the stock. However the yield curve cannot get much flatter, in the long run. When the yield curve steepens, Annaly will make a lot of money. Since there is nuch more room on he upside in yield, than there is downside. I think the probabilities point to increased earnings.
  • S
    I like the NLY dividend but Motley Fool is pushing it so I'm very hesitant to invest more into this security.
  • W
    Question regarding tax information. Do REITs report income for tax filing at the same time as stocks paying ordinary dividends? I owned REITs in the past and have a memory of them being a headache for the tax preparer, because the information came in so late an amended return had to be filed. But I am getting old, and memory is not as it used to be. Am I confusing REITs with LPs in this regard? And yes, I do remember that REIT dividends taxed as ordinary income, not as qualified dividends. TIA
  • K
    The price rises as we get near the x date 9-29 as they want to capture the div then the price falls over the next weeks.
  • K
    If you think interest rates will slowly move up then buy this stock. If you feel interest rates are retreating then don’t buy
    I bought a lot about a month ago
  • s
    Bought yrs ago and reinvesting dividends ,almost 4K shares now
  • P
    China red flag! What do you guys heavy in REIT think of the Evergrande default to come? I have followedtis in the background, holding me in anything Banking or R.E. now it seems the Chinese gov wont bail them out.
    Is this gonna get like 2008 Chinese version all over again?

    You guys know that Chinese are money crazy and have speculated to a level unheard of. Some Joe shmo buying 4 to 6 unfinished appartment in ghost cities. This has gone on for a while but now coming to an end causing a possible sever liquidity issue in china.

    My fear is too many greedy b.ta.rd here have invested money there. Like UBS and other. Also Many chinese banks may need ccash and will start selling the global markets (hint could be last week and mostly Friday - and the Gold market sell off) causing a panic in an overvalued market.

    I am not trying to stear the pot but am trying to understand how thta china debacle could affect us and how hard. Also how this would impact NLY because rates may rise out of this.

    The clock starts monday so may be being prepared Sunday night would be good. The 2 dates for bail outs are Monday and Thursday from what I see.
  • S
    Dividend increase would be nice but more than happy with the current .88, low payout ratio and the share price in the $8-9 range for the next five years. Yield on cost just passed 11.4% annually and will grow with reinvesting each quarter. The power of compound interest is truly amazing.