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Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY-PF)

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    A positive earnings call next week coupled with an optimistic forecast will set the stage for share price ascension to the 10.50 to $12 range by Spring end 2023 if not a little sooner.
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    NLY share price is primarily reflective of it's EPS. Earnings increase over time diividend increase. Earnings decrease over time dividend decrease. It's not complicated.
  • P
    A good signal would be close at or above 8.65 to move over FIB, 20 and 50Ma then shoot for 8.75 for 200Ma. short of that we get a lot of nothing til earnings
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    I posted this same question on the agnc board. You all saw the article about fed tapering. The article is fairly bearish on what will happen to real estate investment trust companies should be tapering begin. What are your thoughts?
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    Seasonality suggests upward bias for NLY, as Nov and Dec have been up months 90% of the time the last five years. Past performance is no guarantee of future success.
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    Moving up nicely this a.m. New upward pointing trading channel in early developmental stage. Go longs!
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    Average analyst rating is outperform. Average analyst PT is $8.50 to $9.25. Today is profit taking and debt default fretting. I'm still accumulating shares on pull backs. Thinking about future share appreciation and potential 2022 dividend increase.
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    Thanking the Piper analyst who downgraded NLY and AGNC, allowing me to buy more at a lower price, at a higher yield. Now waiting for the day when the same analyst upgrades them (which will be my sell signal). Wall Street analysts are notoriously bad at timing.
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    Drip is coming up soon..I would like the price to be under $9...I want shares that compound at 10%.
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    NLY has been mostly $8.50 all year long.
    Will it ever rebound to pre-pandemic levels?
    I’m thinking once the FED raises the rates to 2%+ like they was before that may do it.
    Hopefully before 2025
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    Piper Sandler analyst Kevin Barker downgrades Annaly Capital Management (NYSE:NLY) from Overweight to Neutral and lowers the price target from $9 to $8.5.
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    The stock price goes down the same amount you earn in dividends.
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    The share price for this stock follows the dividend. 10% is the magic number. If the dividends goes up, the stock price will follow and vice-versa. If the company is sincere about a stock buyback, then a lower stock price is obvious which means no dividend increase. I don't think a stock buyback will happen anytime soon so the possibility of a dividend increase is possible.
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    pinot noirist
    Buying in July and paying over $9 was certainly a mistake in the short run for me. At the current rate of performance I'll just about break even in one more quarter unless it goes even lower. Hopefully the dividend won't be cut again any time soon in which case this will turn out to be a good long term investment. Win some and lose some.
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    I have owned NLY for about 14 years and have reinvested the dividends , It’s been terrific ., it’s yields are excellent I started with 3000 shares and bought about 3000 more in the open market, now I have over 17400 shares . I would highly recommend it , I have represented many athletes and wouldn’t hesitate to have them accumulate shares, objective isn’t appreciation of share price but rather yield and accumulating more shares by reinvesting its dividends
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    Nice to see it close at the highest share price of the day.
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    glenn morgan
    For the last 5 quarters NLY has made nearly 30 cps (core earningsJ). When will they raise the dividend? What about the 90% reit test?
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    To everyone who replied regarding my housing, thank you.

    I just extended my closing with zillow because I cannot find another home/townhome to buy here in Raleigh. Things have gone up another 10% in 60 days in some spots. I may back out of the whole thing but I did want to move and zillow offered me $100K more than Offerpad.

    Zillow and Offerpad both "claim" markets are slowing. Well, it isn't actually the case when you have 1 day to decide on spending $500,000 hard earned dollars. I did find a short-term living situation that is cheap and I can clear my head.

    Housing here in Raleigh is still hyperinflationary due to the Apple and Google effect and a few other companies moving in. I have been in my home for 12 years and I can say I sold/gave away most of my things in preparation for my move and now.....

    Thank you everyone for your feedback.

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    Expectation of favorable interest rate environment allows for more "Bingo".
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    Hello. I'm new and don't usually do this sort of thing. I've inherited my holdings and now need to deal with the business end of things. I guess we have been an owner for quite awhile. Roth, and 401K, and the folio from my family, I have some learning curve to cater to. Be back soon. GLTA Rickie