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Nikola Corporation (NKLA)

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15.61-1.60 (-9.30%)
As of 12:54PM EDT. Market open.
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    Quincy K.
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    Have you ever heard about Nikola's battery electric vehicles which could provide solutions to the short-haul, medium-haul, and long-haul trucking sector? If not, you could take a tour here for relevant news:
    Some of these other regions could encompass a total of about 152,822 hectares across three separate mining districts. They could have some impacts on resource exploration and development sectors. What do you think? Check disclaimer on landing page.
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    $PLUG conversation
    I'm up 74% with PLUG after getting burned with $NKLA. No point selling before 2025. This is a stock that once it takes off, there's very high upper limit to the market-cap. H2 will be the biggest industry in the World and the linch pin to global economy. The break-out will happen as soon as H2 costs become on par with diesel. Then, Battery EVs will begin to cease production in 5 years and world moved to H2 which is magnitudes cleaner than batteries. Plug Power will transition into juggernaut.
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    Check out this tweet.. interesting take here on future of EV
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    Why is so much fall today?
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    True American
    It would be interesting to know why one would be selling nkla when "so much is just on the horizon". Unless some are viewing the upcoming bubble in the market the America hating left has created. So much up and down. Like a 16 year old boy and his girl friend.
    Just have patience my friends.
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    How do you evaluate a company with no revenue? NKLA has a market cap of $6 billion based on a hope and prayer?
  • F
    2 months and open new factoring x5 in phoenix .
    In the summer this stock 30$ .
    I'm bullish and hold .
  • J
    Lmao look at all these sell posts. The shorts are scared. Adding more shares tomorrow!
  • b
    this week $19.5/$24.6
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    Whatever you may think of NKLA as a company that will probably never sell a single vehicle, you have to consider this: it's worth four Lordstown Motors (RISE). Another GM victory e-vehicles technology selection.
  • A
    Sitting on 2085 shares at 33.1 average . What do y’all think?
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    The operator is in the process of completing everything according to the schedule in a few more sensational messages
    we gonna see 30$ soon
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    $RIDE conversation
    $NKLA $HYLN $RIDE $XL $RMO Let's be honest you wished you never invest into these stocks..
  • r
    Reddit has discovered highly shorted EV stocks. Workhorse currently, NKLA shorts are doomed, they will find NKLA and come, cover your short before it's too late and can't get out!

    NKLA strong, production starting, MEGA sales, deliveries, subsidies US and EU and more partners. This is a 400 plus stock some day. So 100 is not out of the question sooner than later with some good news and the MEGA short squeeze!

    Keep on trucking!
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    Will go higher short term and much much higher long term.
  • b
    longs starting to get ready. to fly. closing above $20.65 this week
  • C
    Ceeu Strong
    $NKLA = $100+ by EOY!
  • S
    Great long term investment $100 a share soon
  • m
    Trumim Stone Capital LLC entered an agreement to purchase up to $300 millions NKLA stock. my question is why would they throw their money to this company if they don't see its future perspectives. Go NKLA!
  • r
    last chance to get out for shorts. Next week could be the week the first TRE rolls off the production line. You know what happens after that! BOOM! 100 Plus PS. Could be any day now?