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Nickel Rock Resources Inc. (NIKLF)

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  • J
    What’s the play here guys?
  • J
    Robert Setter and
    Tina Whyte
    should be in jail, for all the money they have stolen from investors.
  • F
    Nope 👎
  • A
    Noticing a very obvious trend in the price activity. We'll see if I'm right one Wednesday the 15th. Anyone else notice?
  • J
    Is this even still a company?
  • D
    When will Clayton Valley lithium extraction start ?
  • P
    Hey Ya'll,

    I've been in this stock for about a month. Was hoping to ride the results of clay valley but no luck yet. I'm in the nickel/cooper mining business and work for a major ( 22 plus years) . Mining exploration is time consuming and takes quite a bit of time to get the data. I've spent my years from exploration ( diamond driller) to miner to maintenance and now in charge of maintaining a concentrator ( grinding, floatation, dewatering). The location they are trying to drill ( nickel) is in the hills and very hard to get to so i don't expect any big announcement for quite awhile. For what i have experienced in the past when a company "hits" ore...its no like takes many more drilling and even more drilling once underground to define the ore body. From the time they confirm an ore body and get into production your looking at and easy 3 to 5 years ( this is under the best case scenario) if not the lithium portion of this stock is really the only short term catalyst that we have to look forward to. Nickel and other hard rock mineral takes a lot of time to get to and a lot of capital...most likely be bought out by a major...especially in the location they are drilling ( in the rocky by helicopter) that is a very expensive process... However the claims they have are in the right place. Were the is or in one spot...there is always more close don't get a single pocket of ore and nothing else in the they are in good postilion but will take years to get the results on the nickel side......just my 2 cents plus tax.
  • B
    If you check on googlemap where the holes were drilled, they are right on the alluvial fan north east of Silverpeak, it looks like a white sand river that flows towards ALB deposits. Hole 1 and 2 were drilled right on the alluvial fan while hole 3 apparently failed to evaluate the extension of system beneath the alluvium and above the bedrock, further north. Holes 1 and 2 returned rich green clay and ash, which is promising in confirming the extension of the main "Silver Peak/Clayton Valley" ash aquifer that has high LI02 values and currently being extracted by Albermarle. Also, dont forget that its only phase one. Phase 2 is on its way as reported by the CEO which will be more significant in terms of exploration. Another thing is that they are not only in Lithium, they also own good potential nickel properties. Compared to NRM, PE, SPMT and CYP that all have market caps over 30M with similar land positions, I wouldn't be surprised that the share price takes a 4x hit within a few weeks it they show lithium presence over 500 ppm in their phase one drilling. If they get over 1000 ppm, this gould soar up to 40-50M$ market cap. One thing is sure, at 8M in market cap, it is a good buy.
  • K
    Just got off the phone with Tim Fernback. We should be heading news about the Nevada phase 1-2 coming soon. Couldn't give me any info on Tina Whyte selling shares. Tim just as shocked as us on the share price its at right now and of course couldn't give any info on new land or projects coming soon. Like i said before there doing well with cash on hand. I hope this help.
  • B
    Dark green clay! This is usually a good sign when there is a high concentration of Lithium. Results should be quite good IMO. Stock plunged earlier because people did not read the full release...there was an issue in one of the drills, which happens sometimes but visual observations seem to confirm presence of high grade lithium. Also, all around silver peak there seems to be good Li grades (Noram, Alb, Spearmint, etc). Lithium is not like gold where you want high-grade veins. Usually Lithium is all spread out in the area so given their proximity with high grade clay, I would'nt be surprise to have similar results (about 1000-2000 ppm) as the ones Noram or Spearmint recently declared. GLTA!
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    "Texas Reps. Lance Gooden, a Republican, and Vicente Gonzalez, a Democrat, unveiled legislation on Tuesday that would create permanent tax incentives for the mining and recycling of critical minerals in the U.S. Those minerals, which include lithium, graphite, and cobalt, are used in everything from military equipment to renewable energy and batteries."
  • ʂ
    Put my DD on reddit and a lot if people saying they are setting Monday buy orders.
    At this price, as soon as results are released shares are gonna fly off the shelf
  • T
    average daily volume is 2.1M. I just realized that I own 1.4% of the daily volume and very hard to buy using limit orders. it took 4 days. I suspect selling will be even more difficult unless volume triples. I’m done with this OTC stock experiment.
  • ʂ
    With the current drilling stages at each mine, I think this stock is becoming very intriguing to investors at this price point, anyone who buys now could see 2-3× this year
  • P
    If you have shares more than 100 K then let’s form group and see what can we do.
  • A
    Any updates on their results? Looks solid if they found lithium deposits. It might boost the volume and hopefully we reached to 1$ soon. Any thoughts?
  • E
    Eric J
    Results are on the way... the more this lowers, the more I add. DARK GREEN CLAY = GREEN MONEY