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NFI Group Inc. (NFI.TO)

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13.10-0.25 (-1.87%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • S
    With their new innovation, NFI could easily go back from its two years ago high in the next year 2023.
  • I
    Ian MacDonald
    easily a 50 dollar stock in a couple of years, they are really proving their worth.
  • B
    love these prices but hate the general market.... once overall market turns I'm back in.... till then more red is probably on the horizon.
  • T
    Sometimes markets behave unusually. Company misses top and bottom line with little vision into whether supply chain issues will be resolved anytime soon. Hard to explain today's pop
  • I
    Ian MacDonald
    just a double from here and I am even . but I will hodl for a 4X
  • b
    ben j
    I bought a bunch of $16 calls expiring next March...hoping we pop back up into the 20's at some point. Am I crazy? They have such a big back order, just need parts (which have to come at some point!).

    Long and strong...well, at least until next march...
  • B
    The more this keeps dropping, the happier I get... not because I'm shorting, but because I'm gonna get such a wicked purchase price for a long hold
  • S
    Panic sets in easily. Only 135k shares traded with a value of approximately $1.8 million and the stock is down almost 5%.
  • D
    DB C
    🤮 🤮 🤮 fire every single non-unionized employee! All of senior management should have been gone a long time ago. Time to resurrect this company from the grave!
  • D
    Supplies and shipping issues are resolving.
  • C
  • S
    Reporting ER tomorrow and the stock is dropping like a stone today. Wondering what info has been leaked?
  • c
    10% pop on disastrous news. Who's buying this ?
  • t
    When considering the best uses of electric vehicles, I can’t imagine anything better than transit busses. Electric cars are great but busses make the most economic sense. There would be a huge savings on fuel, engine and brake maintenance. That in itself is enough reason to electrify a fleet. Plus there is the added benefit of cleaner air and immediate access to the electric grid. The busses don’t need more range than 80 miles as long as they start the day charged and have some access to electricity during the day. Here in Winnipeg, one of the electric busses runs by the airport. When it stops at the airport, it sits for 5-10 minutes and charges via a foldout arm at a charging station.
    I believe that it’s inevitable that all major metropolitan markets with bus transit service will rapidly adopt electric and it’s nice that New flyer is at the forefront of this.
  • D
    I'm here because I just invested in GreenPower and was thinking about this one, I've always paid attention to this one, but never did a full DD on it. From what I remember, this is a larger company and is the EV bus market too. I think i remember they had a lot of debt, and is why it was struggling? [i might be mixing up companies] Any thoughts? I'll look into this one soon and provide some thoughts later, just want to see if anyone has any thoughts on it right now. Looks like a good price to get in?
  • S
    It is interesting to see how the market is overreacting on the news. The additional shares are priced at $24.55 but the market is trading much lower. NFI signing new contracts. Long term this should be a great stock to hold.
  • M
    New order for electric 165 buses from major municipal customer; stock price drops 2%.

    Market logic, 2022.
  • D
    This is one of those companies I feel great adding to. A company that is deep into electric vehicles and working on autonomous driving that trades at <15 times earning and pays a safe 4.5% dividend? Yes please.
  • J
    The last of SEPTA’s old-school diesel-belching buses will be retired within two years in favor of new hybrids, a milestone on the path to the agency’s goal of a zero-emission bus fleet.

    It will pay $178 million to buy 222 hybrid diesel-electric buses from New Flyer of America Inc., a purchase the transit authority’s board approved Thursday.

    SEPTA bought its first hybrid buses in 2006, and only 133 diesels are left in a fleet of 1,447. Hybrids use 30% less fossil fuel and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Executives want a zero-emission bus fleet as soon as possible to meet sustainability goals, and battery-powered electric buses have been the preferred option. But SEPTA’s first 25 such coaches, bought in 2019, had to be yanked off the road in February 2020 after cracks were discovered in their frames.

    They’re still not back in service as Proterra, the manufacturer, works on fixes.

    The buses ran on Routes 29 and 79 between South Philly and Center City — relatively short routes on level ground. Even so, fluctuating temperatures shortened the range of the batteries.

    To go all-in on battery-powered buses, “we would need to have significant charging infrastructure in place,” said Jody Holton, SEPTA’s assistant general manager for planning. She estimated that the cost could add as much as $300 million.

    The agency would need to invest in new transformers, substations, and links to the electric grid at its eight bus depots for electric buses to be a viable replacement for its current fleet, Holton said. And some routes might need charging stations along the way, in addition to those at the depots.

    The new federal infrastructure law contains billions to help transit agencies switch to zero-emission buses, and SEPTA officials hope that would help. Using hybrids will help the agency figure out what would work best.

    “If battery density and performance improve over time and range improves over time, that obviously makes it easier,” said Sheth Jones, a project manager in the authority’s planning and strategic initiatives office. “What SEPTA does will partly depend on how the technology advances over the next decade or more.”

    SEPTA is also studying hydrogen power as an alternative, said Tyler Ladd, an engineer who is the agency’s project manager for power.

    “The energy storage medium differs between the batteries and hydrogen cells, but they’re both zero-emission, electric buses,” Ladd said, adding the technology for hydrogen fuel is also advancing. “It also would alleviate some of the need for some of the infrastructure improvements.”

    Some transit advocates say SEPTA already has the means to get to zero emissions much faster: its roughly three dozen trolley buses, which use overhead electrical wires but don’t run on tracks.

    “With a minimal amount of investment toward stringing up wires the agency could swiftly operate buses with zero emissions and immediately lower its climate footprint,” said Dan Trubman, who works on transit issues as a member of the 5th Square urbanist group.

    He said many European transit systems have expanded their trolleybus networks.

    The hybrid deal includes a $95 million option for SEPTA to buy an additional 120 hybrid buses, if it needs to do so. Executives said they hope the next bus procurement will be for zero-emission models.

    “What is going to get us there in a way that is cost-effective for the agency and is also going to afford climate-action results?” said Ayanna K. Matlock, business transformation manager for SEPTA.
  • D
    Imagine how the investors who bought into company before Christmas at $24.55 feel. Their 300 Million is now 200 million. WOW!!!!