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    The big miners may start looking at Nevada Copper once it is running fully. From RIO’s press release today: “To meet additional demand created by the global drive to net zero emissions, Rio Tinto will prioritise growth capital in commodities vital for this transition with an ambition to double growth capex to about $3 billion a year from 2023.” I’m sure Vale and BHP will also respond to the pressure to spend $$ on the same commodities - copper, lithium and nickel.
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    4.47 usd Kitco

    Oscillating all over the place... wow

    So I have been looking for fans from sats - res is poor on the free stuff 3m/pixel - I expect 4 fans to be 4 meters x 4 meters in size - anyone have better data so I can diff these better? I am also making the assumption they are surface mounted on a foundation at 25K lbs.

    We have had some nice clear days....

    Cheers ttc
    Metal price jumped to a new high last week as stockpiles hit a 47-year low.
    Metal price jumped to a new high last week as stockpiles hit a 47-year low.
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    global supply of copper is at all time's all you need to know
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    Great post. It will be fun to see if the copper price raises a little and can sustain itself for a year around $5 US. The early reports I did a few years ago on projected copper growth globally put total available supply annually, behind total demand globally by 2023-2025 ish. If the US decides to upgrade it's grid, makes a deliberate move to legislate smart homes, and continues on with the electric vehicle fleet at the pace they've been ramping up for, I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit to see copper at $5.50-$6.00 in the next few years and climb from there. The world (especially undeveloped world) want's more electricity and copper is the foundation of that reality. Cheers to a bright future.
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    I never got a response from Rich about why the ticker symbol reverted back to NEVDF, but at least they got their web site fixed to reflect that and show the correct price.
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    I didn't want to be the one to say it, but after losing all my capital on the last TTC timeline wager, I think it may be close to time for a new one. I'm going to have to go "double or nothing" on this one just win my money back. ;)
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    E-mailed IR contact
    Rich replied the fans are on schedule.

    The 3k tpd in Q4, is also on schedule.

    Confirmed the 3k tpd is not dependent on the fans.
    Makes sense with them still stopping & going into Sugar Cube, etc..
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    Well they managed to keep the Cu price down for almost 6 months. Let's see if it can hit an inflation adjusted all time high.
    1974=1.38/lb, minimum wage 1.60-2.00, gasoline .55/gal, car[big sedan] 3500, 22caliber ammo .01/round,
    probably have to multiply by 5 = 6.90/lb
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    I sent an email and left a voice mail with Rich Matthews, who handles investor relations for Nevada Copper. I'll let you know if he can explain the situation with the ticker symbol.
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    NCU is listed on the TSX, Canadian stock exchange. NEVDD is still an OTC. Once NEVDD reaches and maintains greater than US$1.00, Nevada Copper becomes eligible to be up-listed and out of Pink Sheet status. One or more of the Stockhouse board gurus project it won't be until 2022 or such time that Nevada Copper reaches 5000tpd .
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    Fans are weeks away from commissioning....
    another bounce in SP all next week thru to Nov.
    my earlier $1.25 target in Nov. now looks on the low side!
    Jan warrants at strike $ are a bargain by early Dec.
    July warrants at strike $ are already on the rise & will be a bargain by Jan/Feb.
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    This financing news, along with the hiring of Randy B is so extraordinailty good I am laughing out loud. Literarally.

    The R/S was seen as a terrible situation by many here but has worked to the huge benefit of those who could raise the courage and capital to buy in lower.

    All we need now is a confirmation to fans have arrived, and that is the means to 3000 tpd of normal ore by December. With that we should be looking at $3.00 per share. By mid 2022, with an upgraded production level of 5000 tpd we should be looking at $6 plus per share. By end of 2022, with 6000 tpd, we should see $8 per share.

    Literallyy we have an 8 bagger next year with increased production.

    Few investments are so straightforward once production is moving up.

    Randy B, seems like he has been in the game a long time and knows how to make things work.

    That is literally all that is needed at this point.
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    Don't forget, De Beers is Anglo.
    " In early November 2011, Anglo American entered into talks with the Oppenheimer family to divest the latter's remaining shares of De Beers, whereby Anglo American acquired an additional 40% stake for $5.1 billion, increasing their overall stake to 85%"

    " Anglo American plc is a British listed multinational mining company with headquarters in London, England. It is the world's largest producer of platinum, with around 40% of world output, as well as being a major producer of diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore and metallurgical and thermal coal"

    Michael Brown.
    Directors | Nevada Copper Corp.
    There's going to be a lot of available copper from PH.
    Right up Anglo's alley for pre-production deals maybe? :)
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    New CEO = now updates ?

    July 12, 2021:
    "Open Pit Solar Power Study indicates potential to further reduce Open Pit power costs: The Company has also progressed the planned feasibility studies for a potential solar project, with renewables consulting group Sprout Associates, with the following initial conclusions:....
    Further updates will be provided upon completion of the next phase of study work."

    "Pumpkin Hollow benefits from ample sun and land to support a large solar project with the capacity to meet a significant portion of the Open Pit project’s power requirements;...A third-party solar project provides an option to remove upfront power infrastructure costs from the Open Pit project"

    Aug. 13th:
    " Exploration: The Company plans to follow up on new exploration targets added through recent expansion of the Company’s properties to the east and analysis of geophysical surveys".

    ( New presentation today referenced this: "... potentially large new target to east of head-frame identified through recent geophysical survey"---( notice today there is a "large" target).

    " Open Pit: The Company reviewed its longer-term development targets for its Pumpkin Hollow property, including a solar power study, electrification and emissions reduction analysis, follow up work on scaling opportunities to improve economics and plans for infill and extension drilling." Glta!!
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    Loan default risk eliminated. Balance sheet cleared up. Some potential share dilution down the road if lender warrants exercised. No reason this shouldn’t hit $2/share between now and year end.
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    the share price increase was just a reflection of the reverse share split right?
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    So, I reached out to a TDAmeritrade rep today. He stated the glitch seems to be related to a stock symbol change; going back to NEVDF. I asked about uplist criteria. He stated the OTC stock price has to be US$3.00 to list w/ Nazdaq and US$4.00 for the NYSE.
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    CastleLake dropped 1.6% of it's holdings. They have 74,951,426 warrants at 0.20 pre RS and these expire in Jan 28 2022.

    This will put them just under the 10% reporting requirement threshold as they are at 11.5% currently when combining warrants and common stock.

    To make the warrants of interest they need to see > 2.00 by end of January.

    Was this our dip on Friday...

    Cheers ttc
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    copper vs. lithium... which is hotter?