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NEO Battery Materials Ltd. (NBM.V)

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  • A
    Does mr. hah & gang have a 3rd party validated product ready for manufacture or NOT??!!!!!
  • H
    Latest financials just came out. Nothing major it seems. No financing done since q2 last year and a pretty low number of warrants have been exercised. 2 mil cad loss for the year which was quite expectable considering they haven't sold anything during the year. About 1.2 mil cash left so they'll need more soon even without the factory.
  • J
    Where's Jesse you ask ? I mean Waldo.

    Well I found him on the Blox yahoo finance page ( Extreme battety tech) making comments but not on here.

    Why did he leave here you wonder ?
    Me too.

    He's been pumping this for 8 months than all of a sudden nothing. Hmmmmmmm....
    Very weird
    I'm thinking maybe a paid pumper????
    Looks like you got me Jesse.


    Let everyone know What's Really going on Jesse !!!!!!
  • N
    People expecting this stock to magically be in the green this week? most stocks are back to July, 2021 or worse. Why would NBM be any different?
  • I
    Have followed this daily for 2+ years. If you think this is a NBM problem your wrong. Market wide. When it doubt zoom out.
  • A
    buying opportunity
  • B
    Wheres Jesse? I used to like his posts. The optimism was refreshing.
  • J
    What ever happened to the plug n play event ? Anybody know anything?
    Anything at all about the Company?
    I feel like this has gone dark and I'm a bit concerned
    NDAS ?
  • S
    I think people are getting a bit mixed up on the factory situation. There is no way to validate mass production capability without a factory so it needs to come first. You can't extrapolate supplying hundreds of thousands of EVs based on lab results - too many different variables at play. This takes at least another year if not eoy '23.

    The earlier goalposts we want to hear about is third party assessment results & funding for the scale-up which will come in due time. The combination of sp dropping, economy being flushed down the toilet through printing trillions and giving it to wall street and this being a long term hold gets people antsy.

    We do have good things going on from showing the product actually works (no expansion, holding the charge, charging in lightning speed), we also have connections with the local government, 20+ NDA's, new partnerships being formed, top level scientists working on the product and land to build the factory on.
  • M
    It's now the 28th of June people.
    What say you Mr. Huh and "friends"?

    I know you have been working night and day to finalize a "material" capital investment deal which would need shareholder approval. I also know you are never going to be able to secure requisite shareholders apporval of any proposed "material" capital investment before the end of this month.

    Perhaps Mr. Huh and "friends" would collectively be better off announcing that no proposed capital financing deal has been provisionally secured as yet.

    NOTE: If you are going to sell, by way of any proposed capital finacing deal for NBM Korea Co., Ltd, any "material" amount of ownership and consequent "minority control" of NBM Korea Co., Ltd, you are going to need NBM.V "shareholder consent"; and such a requirement will not conceivably be obtained by Mr. Huh and "friends" within the next two days.

    At the very least, just stop yanking NBM.V shareholder chains, so to speak.
    Alas, perhaps Mr. Huh and "friends" would do well to simply stop suggesting that anything at all is going to happen "soon"; least of all a requisite capital financing of the much needed buildout of the Korea based battery materials manufacturing facility.

    Go ahead Mr. Huh and "friends". Why don't you all pleasantly suprise NBM.V shareholders by proving me absolutely wrong.
  • A
    I'm buying more payday. i hope this stays down for a while, so I can load up.✌️
  • M
    Here we are. The share price is one cent away from $0.20.
  • B
    Hahahah to all the bashers on this board if you think this company does not have a product and they not going to build anything sell shares for the 25 cents it's worth right now and leave if you can't sit here and wait another year leave this ain't no Ford or GM Company this is a Company still building its name if you think it's worth 2 to 10 bucks think again they still have so far to go so either wait or sell
  • N
    The gains were guaranteed to be gone. there are those who bought plenty and were very happy to sell for 7 to 10 cents per share. this will happen every single time that neo sees gains on one day, but not the next. This is very normal behaviour for day traders and short-term players. NBM will only take off and stay upward when there are signs of a daily upward trend.. not a moment of progress followed by investor doubt.
  • S
    This is just one contract of many more to come
  • S
    I am still trying to hold on even though I m getting further away from my goal!
    I won’t sell until it recovers.. I m still believing their innovative technology and expertise. But the silence is killing us though!
    Mr. huh, when are we getting hot news??
  • 神の一手
    The puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place
  • T
    oh Jesse ??? Where are you?
  • H
    It is now official Mar/Brent the Siam brothers. Both believe capitulation coming in the 10cent level. Too bad as that capitulation has already occurred. When a few meaningless words can be written and we can be lifted 30% or more immediately no more down can be had.

    Does anyone believe this company has payroll to meet? Rent or bills due. Forward obligations that have to be paid. This company only exists for one reason and that is to get a benefactor that will finance NBMSIDE. They now have a conduit to push the product should it ever be produced in quantity.

    More parts to this puzzle should soon appear.

    Enjoy as this stock price rises.
    Don't expect this to be fiction going forward.