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  • f
    I listened to Meni's town hall presentation.
    A few salient notes:
    1-Product selection is growing rapidly. This time last year we had about 60 SKUs and today about 535 SKUs.
    2-Have goals of 40-day max inventory turnaround to protect from write downs that we anticipate many LPs will incur due to the massive stockpiling of cannabis in Canada
    3-This results in ever-dropping prices of our inventory materials.
    4-Now LPs are coming to us and not the other way around. We are now working with 20 LPs to select the best ones.
    5-Cannmart website launched in French, opening Quebec. Estimate about 6 million adult Canadians whose 1st language is French. Have French speaking staff to assist in sales. This will also generate considerable medical sales.
    I increased my postion today.
  • a
    45 new SKU’s from heritage cannabis including oils, vapes, health products, edibles, etc. Cannmarts selection is really beginning to develop.
  • B
    Black Market
    anyone receive a hand written card from Cannmart/Namaste?

    I just got one and Marisa from Cannmart actually wrote it. not the biggest deal but to me it's pretty cool to see someone take time to write something instead of some preprinted Template. good stuff Namaste and thank you 👍
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  • a
    We have fallen to support and rsi is now oversold. I just bought a bunch more. The risk/reward ratio here is too good not to take.
  • T
    Did anyone buy at 0.24 today? I know I did!
  • Q
    They are telling you that Labs will bring profitability. Ok , when?
    You have to first start producing and not just anything. Clients want top level items. So they must develop products that customers love then build a loyal repeat base. Do you really think this will happen over night? This could take a while.
    The biggest issue Cannmart has and is still having is landing medical clients. Why do they never discuss their client base?
    Ask Edward for their registered medical client numbers.
    They never built enough clients because they didn't have the products to offer them. It is not rocket science. If you are sell any of your products directly to the retail client versus flogging it wholesale your margins will be higher.
    I still think this is about medical clients.
    They do have multiple revenue paths now. Vendorlink which they are struggling to offer a service to other LP's in a limited highly regulated market here in Canada. Plus the expansion into health and wellness. The US expansion. They have the government chanel that is basically being a wholesaler.

    The most important has always been and still is their medical sales in Canada.

    I am sure Meni loses lots of sleep over this vital portion of the company.

    They are finally getting a very impressive product line to offer potential customers. Now they need to build their client base.
  • W
    Twenty Three Five in Canada.... yep, that's what I expected.

    I guess we consider ourselves lucky if we can end the week at 0.245 CAD.

    Gee I hate complaining - and I'll zip it for the rest of the week... maybe the month. But I wonder what Edward and Meni are thinking when they work hard to have a Town Hall and the share price tanks afterward, and all the outspoken longs (Sven, Matthew, myself etc) are pretty bummed and thinking about selling.

    I think it means they need to re-do the town hall. Whatever that was on Thursday - it could've been done with Steve Darling in a proactive investor video.

    If they have an hour of time to ask us to attend live .... then it needs to be for us - the attendees and the investors to ask questions and get forthright answers.

    Day before town hall - 26 cents.... the Monday after, still tanking. what is there to say?

    I'm done posting here - it's just going to come off as whining.

    For the record - I'm not selling - but I do think IR is out of touch with the retail traders, and unable to get the interest of institutions.

    Oh but wait - there's hope - there's tomorrow - the Cannaccord Institutional investor Conference. Will anything be different? Maybe if we're lucky, N.V/NXTTF gets added to some deep pockets' watch 'n wait list.
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  • T
    Are you guys scared to buy at the best price you've seen in months? If so, you shouldn't be. This is a mega opportunity to average down. If you're mad at this simple conclusion, it's because you have no funds to do it.
  • J
    From $4 to 24 cents and holding for 4 years and baggies are happy with this? Make no sense. They're paid pumpers.
  • A
    Alejandro Sosa
    Expansion takes time boys. Labs is going to generate a whole lot of added revenues to the company over time. Plus USA market expansion. Long play for sure still, however if you are like me and can wait it out while the plan plays out over the next few quarters then the payout with future returns is inevitable here. In short, N is not going out of business, quite the opposite N is expanding operations.
  • K
    Ordered skull candy headphones, takes 2 to 3 weeks. Ordered off CannMart, takes 2-3 days tops if not choosing Pineapple Express.
  • C
    VFF actually makes a profit... 9 quarters in a row...down -27% manipulation in this
  • K
    Cronos didn’t even report that great of an Earnings Report and without Altria’s cash they’d be under a dollar.

    Namaste is proving themselves by showing competitive numbers without a larger companies backing with billions of dollars.

    I think we definitely need to be around the $2-$3 dollar range
  • G
    Hoping an announced Canopy/Constellation Brands partnership will be a Hail Mary pass for Namaste once the US Safe Banking Act is passed. C'mon Gov. Schumer! Saw a commercial on the weekend Martha Stewart & Snoop Dog promoting Bic Lighters. CannMart too has Bic Lighters in their accessories products 😍
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    Here is my last message to Edward FWIW. I encourage you all to speak up and fight the good fight and wish and hope that everyone gets their money back and then some. Stay strong fellas.

    Here is my email FWIW:

    I am not wasting anymore time with this. I have given everyone a fair shake and ultimately I end up a loser. Live and learn. I will keep just enough to have enough interest to chart its course. You guys act like children but you are playing a Man's game. This platform was built and ever evolving before you arrived. The fact that it is not a well oiled machine at this point is inexcusable. Nobody who pays attention expected a blow out q1 but merely treading water should be a thing of the past. Clearly you guys recognize that fact and that's why you avoided it like the plague today. The fact that Meni wants to tout the future but cannot deliver on the present is a disturbing trend. I thought Vendorlink was a big deal. But so it goes the way of Ignite and Chokolat and Oils and every other failed venture. The goal was to take market share in Canada. That isn't happening. Instead it's now US and Nutraceuticals. What's next? Are we going to become a space transport company or maybe a coffee company? If it's not margin's its lack of revs or lack of products or lack of approval. It is always something. You should be embarrassed for touting a 13 percent YOY increase on a stock that trades at 20 cents. But most of all, if you are going to have a town hall meeting with the shareholders who have sacrificed so much to remain loyal, at least have the decency to answer their questions and address the 8000lb elephant in the room. Hope you and Meni enjoy a cold beer at our expense after that laugher of a TH. For a guy that promised to change the Marathon narrative you sure seem OK with it now. I wish you the best and appreciate our communications. 
    Sincerely Yours,