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    The Billiam
    So - Cheddar’s post below got some great discussions happening. Congratulations Cheddar - finally.

    But I just wanted to reiterate that according to Stats Canada the legal MJ sales in 2020 were 2.625 billion (in Canada only).

    We sold about 25 million in 2020 - about 1%.

    There is a massive amount of room to grow this company in Canada alone.

    Massive amount of room for growth and with the SKU’s rising dramatically in the last 4-6 months (like 550% more) … It’s fair to say only now is the platform fully built - and growing still.

    Meni was clear in the last “interview” that revenue lagged but he is now putting the emphasis on sales and sales teams. I think until now they were pitching to suppliers and putting energy into getting more products listed - so that’s done very nicely! And according to several of their presentations it’s now happening on its own… meaning less effort is required - meaning time to focus on consumer side clients.

    This can take off quick now - it’s a much faster process to get consumer clients buying than get producer/suppliers clients listed.

    The heavy lifting is done - Let’s roll
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    Here are a few things to keep in mind for anyone that is considering to invest in Namaste Technologies. The company is a pioneer within the cannabis industry, in that, it has built a platform this is able to capitalize on being a middle-man in a relative new industry. It is now in the phase of expanding its product offering into 2 new segments Nutraceutical and soon Psychedelics.

    Below is a list of Pros and Cons facing the business:

    1) Decrease in Revenues YoY and QoQ
    2) Declining customers base
    3) Current cash burn is unstainable, if nothing changes, will need to refinance by Q4/Q1
    4) Loss of Institutional and Retail Investors
    5) Declining Share Price (Currently at 52 weeks low)
    6) Operate within a highly regulated industry, where provincial control boards have a monopoly on recreational cannabis
    7) Revenues seems to have peaked for the sale of medical cannabis

    1) The company will be renamed/rebranded into a wellness company (Cannabis and Nutraceutical) by 2021 Q3 and eventually Psychedelics
    2) Increase in product offerings through vendors and in house brand (800+ SKU’s plus Roilty Products)
    3) Increase sale of high margin products (Roilty brands)
    4) A new business segment will be launched by 2021 Q4 (Nutraceutical division)
    5) Approval of psychedelic licence, which in turn will create another segment for the business (2022)
    6) Legalizations in the US and Mexico
    7) Expansion into UK and Europe (2022)
    8) U.S. midterm election (Psychedelics is on the ballot for a few states)
    9) Online platform that is fully functional and easily expandable into different verticals and geographics
    10) Holds a Canada wide medical cannabis licence

    In the short term, the company is financially strained, but there is lots of catalyst within the next year, that could propel the company forward. The company is repositioning itself within the market place to increase revenues, also while addressing operating expenses.

    Disclaimer: Not Professional Advice…Just a dad trying to make some RealCheddar for his kids.
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    Jurassic Parker
    I’ll probably avg down with a small amount of money once I see some insider buys to bring me under .30CAD
    What we need is guidance and confidence.
    I still feel (hope) that we get bought out following the name change and wellness rollout/court settlement with choklat. After that we just need to post a “profitable” ER or be close and boom.
    No debt, new company name/direction, and EBITDA positive = takeover candidate.
    Management is on coast for a reason IMO.

    This is the way.
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    Four In Five Canadians Support Legalizing Psilocybin For Therapeutic Use, New Poll Finds

    Four out of five Canadians support psilocybin-assisted therapy for people suffering from a terminal condition and say the government should set up a regulatory framework to allow such use, according to a new poll.

    The Canadian Psychedelic Association (CPA) commissioned the survey, which the group says will bolster legislative proposals that it’s drafted for lawmakers.

    Eighty-two percent of respondents said they back allowing the therapeutic use of psilocybin for people with terminal illnesses, and 78 percent would support the government establishing a legal regulatory model to facilitate that treatment.

    -Marijuana Moment
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    Ladies and Gentleman. Don't forget to register for this upcomming AGM and let Management know what you think of their performance. A nice no on every single vote gets the message way better across than complaining on Yahoo.
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    R J
    CannMart seems to really be firing on all cylinders with their marketing, products, and sales. Their daily emails look amazing and SKUs increase every day. Just getting started! It will be an amazing and very profitable road when they can sell all products in the US.
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    What would make next quarter profitable?
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    Yes or No
    Roilty now on sale.

    Congrats to our CannMart Labs team for launching the first round of “Roilty” products on CannMart Marketplace!

    For cannabis extract enthusiasts and legacy consumers alike, “Rolity” offers a selection of exciting and interesting strains, with extra care in the curation and extraction process. We place value on preserving high terpene profiles which results in rich, flavourful concentrates.

    The first two 2.0 cartridge products to hit the market by “Roilty” are: Henry the Grape Ape (indica) & Hawaiian Thunder Queen (sativa).

    Find the Products here:

    #cannabis #cannabisculture #cannabisindustry #cartridge #thc #ecommerce #marketplace-front
    Created by CannMart Labs
    Created by CannMart Labs
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    Does anyone have an idea on the margins of Roilty?
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    Not stradamus
    Until further notice, I will be even more ornery than normal.
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    I joined Robinhood because Merrill won't let my buy NXTTF. Robinhood doesn't even list NXTTF. So how do I buy more shares. I need to average down.
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    Andre De Grasse wins Olympic gold in 200-metre race
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    jerry02 sez: Mike, look at the daily chart. You had large volume spikes following DOWN moves in stock price. So you have "decent volume" in a downtrend. Be careful; most likely a NEW 52-WEEK LOW tomorrow.
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    Damian Warner wins gold for Canada in decathlon at Tokyo Olympics
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    Order #2623x
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    Was holding 100k shares and sold them before the Q2 report. Was -20%. Bought after it EEENF and sold it yesterday. +30%.
    If you have a price target then you should also have a Stop loss. This can make another -50%. Never fall in love with a stock.
    Will invest in namaste again if i can see a grow but til then there are other interesting stocks right now.
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    Dissenting opinions are ENCOURAGED here, but only from a position of KNOWLEDGE… not frustration or fear.
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    Alejandro Sosa
    If you sold and took a major financial hit I feel bad for you. I’m in it long term. Like a decade long hold if need be. Highly doubt this thing can go any lower. They have everything lined up for growth..
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    So the insitutional investors left after Q1 financials. How do you think they liked Q2's financials? Did anyone see a reason for them to buy back in? Just asking for a friend....