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    “Positive trends and execution at our cannabis subsidiary, CannMart Inc. resulted in increased Q3 revenues and gross profit,” said Meni Morim, CEO of Lifeist. “CannMart is experiencing strong demand for its portfolio of products from consumers, retailers and provincial wholesalers across Canada. In addition to the estimated revenue increase, we anticipate more than doubling our gross profit compared to the same period in the previous year. We continue to strategically focus our attention on increasing gross margins within our current product portfolio and bringing on newer SKUs with significantly higher gross margins. Initial sales from our in-house brand “Roilty” have been very well received by our provincial partners and we are excited to expand our product portfolio with the upcoming launch of our limited-edition SKUs made at subsidiary CannMart Labs Inc.’s state-of-the-art BHO extraction facility by the end of October. Overall, there has been a significant amount of work done across the Company, laying the foundations for growth, and I am very pleased to say these efforts are starting to pay dividends.”

    Added Morim, "CannMart's turnaround comes at an exciting time as Lifeist progresses along its evolution into a bold and disruptive wellness company, striving to connect humanity with safe, innovative and often daring pathways to individual definitions of wellness. We are on track to launch our nutraceuticals division in Q4 2021."
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    Quoted from naked short report site. Sound familiar?:
    Detecting Naked Short Trades
    1. Has the stock been on a continual downtrend over the past several months with no material events or known reasons for why it has depreciated?
    2. Does the stock see downwards pressure anytime the company outs out a press release?
    3. Do you notice any unscrupulous posts or new handles popping in bashing the company, it’s story or management? It is common for short sellers – both regular and naked short sellers to hire bashers and deploy them on the stock message boards and social media.
    4. Do you ever notice weird uneven trade lots? Example, someone traded 1,172 shares or an odd lot, but frequently? This is sometimes a way that market makers and short sellers communicate with each other in the marketplace without the evidence of a text message, email or recorded phone call.
    If you are looking to track naked short selling on OTC companies please visit otcshortreport
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    If my calculations are correct I know how much BigToony and Thursty Bowell have lost. Now here is the formula
    Losses = timeOnChatSinceSellAtLoss * numberOfPostsPerDay / sqrRoot( bitternessConstant/relevant InfoPerPost ) + commission

    So the two dipTards have lost a significant amount of $$$. Poor blokes.
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    I am curious why they waited to do the rebranding. And why they decided to follow the rebranding with little to no news. I just don't understand what they are doing and why they would do it in such an anti climactic way. I am trying not to get angry but this feels 100 percent like a marathon and I know that we were supposedly doing everything in our power to change that narrative.
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    El Patrōn
    We can now look forward to the "possible" expansion with the following:
    1) Medical Devices and Supplies Division
    2) Package Health Food, Suppliments and Household Products Divison
    3) Fitness Apparels and Exercise Equipment
    4) Pharmaceutical Segment, that fills prescriptions.
    5) Telehealth Mental Health Division
    6) Craft Brewery Divison
    7) Expansion of Provincial Agreements
    8) Expansion of Vendor Link Platform
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    El Patrōn
    Ontario looks to allow permanent pot delivery and pickup

    MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - Ontario wants to permanently give private cannabis retailers the option of offering delivery and curbside pickup.

    The proposal is part of a wide-ranging bill introduced in the legislature Thursday aimed at reducing red tape.

    Cannabis stores were given temporary permission to allow delivery and pickup during the pandemic.

    The government says the proposed change will allow retailers to keep supporting physical distancing and other public-health measures.

    Other temporary pandemic measures the government is looking to extend in its proposed legislation include fast-tracking of applications for licensed patio spaces and improving access to virtual government and other services.

    Raj Grover, CEO of cannabis retailer High Tide Inc., welcomed the news and says cannabis retailers have proven home delivery can be done safely and securely.

    -BNN Bloomberg
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    The Billiam
    If you’re watching the US side - you may be pleased to know there’s a little buying pressure on the Canadian side today.

    Higher than usual volume with a 1/2 cent bump up.
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    Feels good to be public enemy #1 for all these paid bashers. If you notice the thumbs up, it's all them liking their own posts. If you notice lack of thumbs down, it's because besides a select few of us, EVERYONE has MUTED them. Now who's on the right side of the tracks? It's obvious we are so stay smart and don't give in to their unscrupulous tactics.
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    Thurston Howell III
    looks like J decided to be J today
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    Jurassic Parker
    I don’t usually post this buuuut, I’m calling bottom.
    I just loaded up on TLRY TRUL HITI MMED BNGO HIVE and a tiny position in SNDL. Most of these positions will be sold before/early December.

    I wanted to buy here so badly but management hasn’t bought any shares; I’ll wait and trickle a little bit of profit I gain into here to avg down if that occurs. Till then I’ll stay at .32cad with 100k shares.

    This is the way.
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    Thurston Howell III
    plenty of better money making opportunities out there. management team continually proves to be too weak to risk it.
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    Leadership and their final thoughts for shareholders.....
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    A few people keep saying the stock is not being shorted, those are lies which can easily be exposed. On the OTC short report, on Monday, Oct. 11th, 96.26% of NXTTF shares were sold short, Oct. 12th, 91.49% sold short, only 20.18% sold short yesterday. I thought the shorts were supposed to be smart, yet they're revealing their cards by spending so much time bashing a 9 cent stock. No one would ever believe what they type, it's the time spent on these chat sites that tells the story.
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    Chocolate Brad on FB is now hiring $20hr for packers
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    The volume here speaks volumes. Holders are not selling. I am sure that there are many traders watching this for a return to upside. Need a catalyst and it can’t be a fluff PR. So a surprise ER or partnership could drive this up easy.
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    So close!
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    Raise of hands. Who on this board is most likely shorting?:
    Date Volume Short % of Vol Shorted
    10/18/21 197410 42475 21.52
    10/15/21 242032 127508 52.68
    10/14/21 140552 60971 43.38
    10/13/21 127991 46792 36.56
    10/12/21 197429 69264 35.08
    10/11/21 86370 21386 24.76
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    El Patrōn
    LSD and Shrooms Linked to Lower Heart Disease and Diabetes Risk

    Scientists seem to have found a pleasant side effect of taking psychedelic drugs: a reduced risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

    A team of scientists identified the unexpected trend after poring over ten years’ worth of data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, finding that respondents who said they’ve tried psychedelics at least once in their lives had a reduced risk of developing either condition over the previous year, according to a study published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

    “The findings suggest that lifetime classic psychedelic use is associated with lower odds of having had heart disease or diabetes in the past year,” lead study author and Oxford sociologist Otto Simonsson told PsyPost.

    One possibility: since moderate psychedelic use is associated with a long-term sense of increased peace and well-being, maybe some people who have dabbled in it experience less heart stress during the years and decades afterward.

    None of that t necessarily means that you should go and gobble up some shrooms in the name of your cardiometabolic health, but it does hint at an interesting correlation between psychedelics and medicine that ought to be teased out with further study.

    “The direction of causality remains unknown,” Simonsson told PsyPost. “Future trials with double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled designs are needed to establish whether classic psychedelic use may reduce the risk of cardiometabolic diseases and, if so, through which mechanisms.”

    Still, it’s an encouraging finding that can be thrown on top of the pile of other therapeutic benefits associated with psychedelics use that scientists seem to have uncovered. And with this seeming correlation in hand, scientists may now be able to conduct more clinical research to see if the drugs actually do improve heart health.

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    New products coming out from adastra labs. All products found and distributed by
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    PETITION #Sackmeni
    Board of Directors :

    Branden Spikes
    Lauren’s Feenstra
    Andrew Wilcznski
    Baran Dilaver