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    Matthew’s post below is spot on. But if there is one thing I have learned from years of investing, it’s that a good company is a good company is a good company. In other words, a solid company can only be held back for so long, PERIOD. As long as a company performs....has good revenue....executes on it’s plan quarter after quarter....the share price HAS to eventually rise. Investors WANT COMPANIES THAT SUCCEED. That’s what they look for. A business that keeps it’s head down and does the hard work, will eventually shine. May take days, months, or years....but it’s inevitable that it will happen. I saw this SAME type of situation play out with SiriusXM. Tons of bashers, tons of aggravation. But it eventually went from pennies, to Warren Buffet eventually buying in (he has since sold most of his position I think, but still....). Hang in there.
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    Look at the 6 month chart. Nice and healthy and green and Namaste long and strong with this fast growing solid company run by experienced people working hard creating what will be the biggest online marketplace for cannabis.
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    Still - low volume today - so people mostly holding. The recent interview, as always, is pleasant and reassuring - it is of course a "promotional" product - but I trust what Meni says.

    The downer point for me is that releasing the video today - leads me to think there isn't any big news coming next week. So we risk more sliding down. I don't know why I care - I'm in for the long haul - and still buy more on days like today - but there is a very pleasant psychological comfort in watching the share price rise. It's not even about the money - it's just the satisfaction of seeing the market finally take notice and see what we see.

    Have a good weekend team. Dream about dragons and Findify's tipping point, the American safe banking act, nurse-practitioners in Quebec City, UK CBD in Q3, Chad Agate from Chicago selling vitamins and all sorts of stuff that's good for you on vendorlink, a new company name by November - there's so much - there is really so much... what other 30 cent stock has THIS much going on?

    Maybe we'll even make more money too.
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    So happy that I was able to purchase more shares today at this price!!
    Namaste 🙏
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    World-Class Extractions Inc. (CSE:PUMP)(FRA:WCF)(OTCQB:WCEXF) ("Company" or "World-Class"), is pleased to provide an update on Pineapple Express Delivery Inc. ("Pineapple Express Delivery" or "PED"), a company in which World-Class has a controlling interest. PED is a leading logistics technology company offering compliant and secure delivery of controlled substances and regulated products, including medical and recreational cannabis delivery in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and liquor delivery in certain jurisdictions in Saskatchewan.
    Pineapple Express Delivery - Highlights
    The following PED revenues comprise of delivery services of medical and recreational cannabis within Ontario and Manitoba to various Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business licensed producer companies and liquor deliveries in Saskatchewan:

    • January 2021 revenues totaled $926,203 (December 2020 - $889,935) with gross margin of 27% (December 2020 - 34%) (unaudited).
    • As a result of recent COVID-19 prevention measures, B2C revenue increased approximately 5% in January 2021 over December 2020, primarily from an increase in the recreational delivery segment through geographical expansion.
    • During January 2021, the number of deliveries was 71,595 compared to 70,802 in December 2020, representing an increase of 1%.
    • PED previously entered into a licensing agreement to provide software and support services to an arm's length party. PED provides the set-up, implementation and development of the software and provides support to all locations catered to by the other party. During January 2021, PED received approximately $10,000 in revenue from these operations.
    Randy Rolph, Founder & CEO of Pineapple Express Delivery stated, "Delivery services have grown exponentially for several years with most consumer goods, as has been shown in the food industry. There is no question that the same is showing to be true for the cannabis and the regulated products industry with the ease and discreetness that Pineapple Express Delivery services provide. We are ramping up to meet the demands of our current and future partners, by investing into logistic technologies and processes, providing PED with a solid foundation for continued aggressive growth."
    Rosy Mondin, CEO of World Class Extractions remarked, "Pineapple Express Delivery is showing significant growth since last year. We are extremely pleased with PED's overall financial results of $7.55 million in 2020, and January's strong 2021 results. The dramatic rise in the adoption of ecommerce sees no sign of abating. According to data by Accenture, there will be an increase of 169% in ecommerce purchases post-outbreak as people are poised to keep shopping online, even as shops open their doors again[1]. Additionally, a recent UK survey[2] indicates that two in five people intend to carry on purchasing goods online rather than return to stores when they re-open. Online ordering and doorstep delivery have become the new normal as patients and consumers continue to rely on convenient and sustainable delivery services."
    PED is currently one of the premiere, most utilized delivery services in Ontario, and will continue to maintain its high standards of security and compliance for same day and next day parcels, even as it grows to meet provincial need. Pineapple Express Delivery is proud to be a platform that so many Canadians have been able to use to during these difficult times.
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    A little my $0.02 for Parker and the Patrons....

    The signing on of our qualified interim CFO to be permanent CFO - is under appreciated good press. Sure, it's housekeeping and just good business - but that's the kind of thing that big visions need to come to fruition. Let's not fail to recognize the achievement of attracting good people to the company. Good work Meni and team!

    So that gives us eight solid good PR's in about a month.... all great steps forward - and regardless, the share price stays in doldrums (still up over 50% YTD - not too shabby). I've been using the term "latent value" when I think about this stock. There is right now, a massive latent value building up - the company is building lots and lots of real value, it just isn't manifesting in the share price... yet. But it will.

    It may go on for awhile though. I'm a bit fearful of the Q4/EoY release. It'll be better than anything to date - but I think the numbers will show, once again, where we are: modest revenues and less than exciting margins. But that's ok - for the longs here - keep adding to your positions. The revenues coming are last years, and look what's already started THIS year (but it won't fully show on the books until October). There is a massive and rare opportunity here: N.V/NXTTF is a great company that has been beat down (for good reasons - thanks Sean) - has been ignored by the investosphere, but is building new and global revenue streams constantly. Latency - lots of latency building up here. Just be patient.

    More good news coming - more partners, more vendorlink provinces, Quebec recreational agreement.... we're gonna be selling coffee (lol - sorry - gotta give the trolls something to enjoy). But I noticed in the CFO PR, that Namaste Technologies is now using the word "wellness" in it's short self-descriptive phrase. Ok - let's see it in the USA and anywhere - many nutraceuticals are legal worldwide. Nice.

    But seriously - with N.V/NXTTF we get big vision - great execution - cheap cheap share price (today... and maybe for while longer - patience amigos).

    Oh and we have Findify too. :P
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    New web site ! New PR guy ! New CFO ! New deals ! New clients ! New Labz !
    New this, new that... But same old share price !!!
    How does that effing work ?
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    This is par for the course. Nothing is ever easy. It is days like this that make me question my investment. Not because I don't think it won't eventually be successful (I do) but because so many amazing companies with PPS that actually go up are on fire sale. I really gave some thought into just moving the money out of this and moving into something where I am a bit more confident will be trading a lot higher in 60-90 days. I ultimately decided to stand pat. I like this company. It is excruciating when I think of the opportunity cost that I have lost throughout the years but it would really be foolish to sell when everything has finally come together even when I think I may be able to buy it back near there same price in a few months. I don't want to take that chance. I waited long enough to catch this boat and I don't intend to miss it..One thing is clear though there is still no juice behind this stock. No big boys. No analyst coverage. No hedge funds. Nothing.I really hope someone takes notice because without the above we are just #$%$ into the wind. The stock will never climb without a buyout or merger.This will be a landmark year for this company. Hopefully like me, you all have licked your wounds and will be back at the front lines tomorrow.
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    Namaste had a nice bounce off of a new demand line created from the previous two lows. Could be making a short term ascending triangle bullish structure before it breaks out higher. Making us a cool looking dragon tail too. With spikes.
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    A decent quarterly and some solid guidance on future potential revs for Cannmart Labs, and Provincial rec sales would go a long way. Let’s be patient.
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    Give this stock a month and you can make a lot of money. Anyone been around to see this thing move when it decides to go? Low float and she flies. When it goes its going to go to .60-.75 before slowing down. GL This year. Don't fall in love. Sell when you have made enough to make you happy. My personal plan is to offload into .60-.75 range and look for a re-buy at .40-.50 ... Need to have discipline! The business model is sound and I feel this could easily see $2-$3 Canadian in the next 3 quarters. GOOD LUCK ! Trade around the RSI
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    Not stradamus
    I just bought 500,000 shares so our SP is higher than Lucid’s
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    If we can finish in the green today I can go into the weekend with a good outlook for next week. Crossing my fingers. Hope everybody has a great weekend. I going to dive heavily into alcohol and cannabis. I highly recommend it.
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    Yes, I the share price has been frustrating. However, the company seems to be headed in the right direction, and looks to be moving fast too. Developing the revenue model, getting the supply agreements, etc. will increase revenue and the SP hopefully shall follow. Its frustrating that the SP lags broader industry trend, but I believe it will pay off in due course.
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    Just saw the USA Store and I'm am Very Impressed. Some of the CBD Products Like the CBD pre workout look amazing. Wish they would bring that to Canada. This Company is on its way to be a GLOBAL leader in Wellness. Seeing the USA store makes me think of other countries as legalization continues. Very lucky to be able to accumulate more at this price. I wanna buy as much as I can before it hits .71 CAD
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    New website is up and looks fantastic, Year end financials are scheduled for March 30th, Town Hall meeting is scheduled for May 6th.

    Is good to see that they are not mixing up the wellness end of things with the tech end of things like Findify which also has a fantastic website.