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  • J
    Anyone think that US company’s are going to get more involved in the Canadian company’s after the Safe banking bill passes?
  • J
    Jurassic Parker
    Anyone else think the cannabis sector is due for a rebound?

    S&P is soaring, APHA reports and merges with Tilray soon, 4/20 is coming up and schummer dropping hints of safe this pullback seems like overkill at this point.

    This is the way.
  • T
    Let's do an intelligent and valuable post on this fine Friday. What are your top 2 catalysts for this stock in the future?

    For me, its:
    1. Selling high margin products that people want (Cannmart labs). We all know that N's margins aren't where we'd like them, so this will really help.
    2. Having recently started to sell in the US will start to show in the next few month's financials.

    Let's limit ourselves to 2 per person for now, let's go! I wanna hear you all!

    Have a great day,

    Yours truly
  • B
    Black Market
    Q1 2021 fins will be April 29th

    email sent by Namaste and posted on their website
  • K
    15 new cannabis skus added on cannmart. Tgod, kush kraft, and emprise products.
  • Q
    From Brad on Facebook, in response to being asked by a customer why they can't find Choklat bars in local stores:

    "That's a good question Norma. Here's an honest answer: Covid 19 hit and stores stocked up on hand sanitizer, masks and toilet paper and stopped buying a lot of locally made "discretionary" items such as chocolate. As a result of this I had to lay off my sales staff because they weren't selling anything. Then I had to lay off most of my production staff because they were making too much for us to sell. Then we had to pay rent on an empty facility for months and months. Now the stores want chocolate, but we have no production staff, no sales staff to answer the phones, and no money to ramp up again. One doesn't just "turn the taps back on" after something like this."

    Not looking very good for Brad. Someone said there are lots of posts on Facebook from employees saying they haven't been paid, but I wasn't able to find those posts. Perhaps they were deleted, or I don't know where to find them.
  • R
    I can feel big news coming this week!!
    Better load up $$$
  • Q
    I went to the AGLC site to check out Choklat. I was hoping to see some reviews of the product. AGLC dose not supply product reviews. It is interesting to see how incomplete their service to their customers is.
    The provincial bodies need to move over and allow someone who understands service to take over. They should be allowing companies to sell online and deliver their products direct. They need to allow companies to chose their own e-commerce provider.
    Cannmart dose a way better job of customer service. They have a high level of security and customer identification...
  • K
    Order number #210** Looks like sales are starting to pick up
  • H
    Put in a order earlier today then I get the email that they have hash guess I have to put in another order lol
  • K
    Tgod powders now on cannmarts site. Apothecary botanicals announced they will be listing 7 more products on cannmart sometime in the next month.
  • B
    Black Market
    ORDER #2100*
  • R
    Health Canada 🇨🇦 product approval today or Monday?
  • J
    I’m not sure if there’s any real shareholders on this board but guess what I am! And I’m still excited for what’s to come
  • H
    Hash on its way order number 20962
  • T
    This should get very interesting in the next few months
  • r
    Thank you Namaste for introducing us to Sugarbud. Very amazed at both strains available. I wonder what other small Craft Grower Gems Namste is Lining up. I checked out Sugarbuds stock and read the story... Namaste will truly help this company increase demand and Grow. If they can line up 3 or 4 more Small Craft quality places like this I'm done with the BM for good and I don't mind paying a premium. Currently and OZ of high high end "quads" sells for 300-350 in Ontario that's a minimum of 12 dollars per Gram. Sugarbud is right on the same level. It's too bad they only sell 3.5 at a time. I did the math including Ontario Taxes and buying 3.5 of premium cannabis from sugar bud is 12. That's right on the money.... if Cannmart ever does a sale I will buy it all up just like the wedding crashers. Personally I don't care about Signing ACB or Tilray or Aphria ..... What I want to continue to see is Snall Amazing Craft Growers with quality strains.
  • S
    Open question - has anyone seen any profits on any of the N warrants? Paper or realized?

    Kept reading about ppl buying over the last 2 years but never heard of anyone selling for any gains yet.
  • C
    Of course, deviating from a planned investment strategy from hot stock tips on stock msg boards is an absolute no no. Stock chasing is the beginning of the end they say...
  • T
    I keep gobbling up shares @ 0.285$