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MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR)

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682.50+142.79 (+26.46%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
650.00 -32.50 (-4.76%)
After hours: 05:59PM EDT
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  • D
    Almost 40% was sold short. Which is close to 3mil shares. Would love to know how many got out and how many held strong! Sure been fun to watch!
  • B
    ⭐ Top Bullish Charts | July 2021 💰💵📈
  • A
    I dont care what happens, i want to buy the internet before it boomed and that is what crypto and especially #btc is to me. I will keep buying crypto and related crypto stocks every end of the month.
    Money is green paper, gold is a yellow rock. Controlled by an entity. They need to be put in a safe and a bank who take a percentage. Cause someone can break in your house and take the declining dollar in history from under your bed. You are your own bank now. Bitcoin IS the safest and highest growing form of value, is that not the best value in the world? I believe it is.
    #mstr #sq #riot #mara #any #hive #hut8
  • c
    Look for a price in the $700s tomorrow and $1,000 in August sometime.
  • P
    AMZN news has legs
    This could run until the announcement at the end of the year
  • P
    BTC has exploded hiher yesterday... MSTR will benefit today for sure.

    Now... let's learn more about the cryptosphere... i'm following AMP, Algorand, projects, Cosmos, etc... it is crazy interesting... and there are much rewards to make there than on BTC, i think.
  • A
    remember unlike $RIOT and $MARA, $MSTR has 7mil share float with over 40% short%. Gamma
    +short squeeze alone will push this to 800 this week if we hold
  • C
    Up $125 tomorrow
  • B
    Take to 1200. I mean it. I missed !!
  • O
    120Million in shorts got liquidated in an hour as a result of Bitcoin price rise. That's quite a haircut.
  • A
    burn the shorts. BTC ABOVE 40K Now, will continue to run at least until AMZN earnings. $MSTR has 40% short% LOL the share price will rocket from a combination of BTC uptrend catalyst, gamma squeeze, short squeeze. EXTREMELY LOW FLOAT !!
  • M
    I am thinking of $630+ tomorrow
  • S
    A company with negative earnings 620$ per share hahahaahhahahaha buying puts thank you for free money
  • P
    The billionaires boys club held their’b’ conference last week.
    The pump is on
  • P
    Where’s the shorts now
  • O
    This recent dip in Microstrategy was a windfall for me. I was able to triple my stock holdings. I'm feeling good about the future when Bitcoin does a triple and MSTR does a quadruple.
  • J
    what is crypto used for???????? seriously….the internet was used for stuff from day one. crypto??? not so much…
  • E
    Let’s GET REAL! Jack, Elon, Cathie now BEZOS are in bed with $BTC. We are headed to the MOON!!!!!
  • J
    Crypto has no inherent value outside of the belief of the ppl that own it. You can say it's inherent value is $30K or whatever it is currently trading at, but this value is different than say a $3500 share of amazon. If you own a share of amazon you own a share of a company that creates value based on cash flows or future cash flows. There are none of these with bitcoin. Ppl trade it based on "technicals" which kind of makes sense, but really it's very similar to the Danish Tulip craze...ppl have no idea what one bitcoin should be worth so it can pop to crazy valuations. There is no need for blockchain...the dollar is already 99.99% digital and transacting with dollars digitally is both secure and much faster and way more efficient than with something like bitcoin. MSTR has leveraged it's inherent value as a small cap software company and bought a bouquet of tulips hoping the tulip craze will continue. Michael sailor compares it to apple which is so so so off base. Apple produces things and creates revenue...bitcoin does neither. Yes of course third world countries will adopt it as a last ditch effort/attempt to bring the tulip craze to their starved nations. Ppl like Mark Cuban have been quarantined inside for far too long. They have lost their marbles...there is ZERO inherent value to bitcoin. I love going on vanguard and looking at all of my digital dollars backed by the entire US economy. I also feel terrible for the unfortunate folks who have followed like sheep into this massive "pump." Of course Elon says he pumps but doesn't dump...if he dumped he'd have to take a major quarterly loss for Tesla. Only when you transact is it either a gain or loss...if you hold it's neither. I am so amazed by how supposedly "smart" analysts don't understand this concept.
  • r
    They had some interesting insights about MSTR on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.