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MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR)

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217.25+5.43 (+2.56%)
As of 02:37PM EDT. Market open.

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  • W
    I am staying far away from MSTR - It looks like it is going to drop off a cliff. I actually get way better stocks at
  • K
    We should have a major move in the next couple days, I am guessing to the down side, but we may get a surprise, I was able to get some new puts on after I took off old puts and calls. Made $15 effectively and have much less at risk on new puts, will see what happens.
  • O
    Buy now! This is your last chance to get Microstratgy at $200 before it goes to nothing. 🤣😢🤣
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    Bitcoin chart master Carter Worth says it is going to $15,000, but CNBC analyst says it is going back to $13,000 as investors flock to earn 4 to 9% interest in secure, asset backed bonds.
  • L
    MicroStrategy (MSTR) bought 301 bitcoins (BTC) between Aug. 2 and Sept. 19 for about $6 million, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday.
  • A
    should be under $150 by next week!
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    Bertholf saves me hours of research! I trust their stock picks and watchlists and always use them when looking for new investments!
  • L
    It’s like borrowing full recourse Money to buy magic beans. It is pretty simple. If the beans turn out not be magic….it all goes poof. If they are magic beans, I would say good on him.

    But he can’t sell them , and he cannot plant them. So even if the macro thesis is sound, this goes to zero. Makes no sense to me who are playing the counter parties in what is a rigged game.
  • a
    The carrying cost for their position is not trivial for a company with limited cash flow. His average buy price does not include what it is costing to hold the position.
  • p
    They lost over $1B last Q and have an average bitcoin price of over 30K. It will be years before bitcoin ever approaches those levels again. They also have no cash and high debt. How is this stock not at zero.
  • B
    Barnacle Barney
    It seems Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, has a different opinion of what bitcoin is, and where it is going, than does Michael Saylor !
  • L
    Why would someone down 67% in a year be entrusted with another half bil?
  • A
    AndrewF (real)
    This company will go under regardless of whether or not Saylor faces any criminal charges. He was the face of this company, now he's been exposed as a fraud. Crypto believers will need to explain why if crypto is such a good investment MSTR has lost almost its entire value from the high. Just another get rich quick scheme. Financial shortcuts end up not paying off most of the time. Most of the time the stocks that have slowly rewarded me have given me the most lasting wealth. MSTR has taken away almost all the wealth it netted people. This company is a disgrace and has left most of its investors with brown underwear. Keep believing in false prophets longs.
  • R
    This guy buys like a lottery winner.
    Bitcoins going under $15,000
  • B
    short time
  • M
    One analyst said MSTR could be as high as 750.
  • S
    This ship is sinking and sinking faster. Buy below $10,000 would be my PT. The stock mkt will correct at least 30% from here. The fed will raise int by 100 bt next week and it will raise another 75 bt the following time. You ask why? because the CPI has a large component in housing and rental. Have you been following the rental mkt? The rents are not coming down and the inflation will not come down easily. wake up and protct yourself!
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    Barnacle Barney
    This is a leveraged and poorly managed hedge fund, masquerading as a software company.
  • D
    DeFund The SEC
    You will all cry your soup when $MSTR hits 1 trillion market cap.
  • H
    Sub 100$ by January 2023.