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MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR)

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707.43-32.21 (-4.35%)
As of 10:14AM EDT. Market open.
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  • A
    When FASB finally changes GAAP accounting to correctly account for crypto holdings on the balance the sheet, it's going to significantly and positively change the value of companies like MSTR, TSLA, SQ, and many others. They should be doing this change soon.
  • M
    Michael, Thank you! You played your cards of the original $485 million cash stack extremely well, buying bitcoin. What you did afterwards loading up $3 billion worth or 114,042 bitcoin is nothing short of a genius trade, or a masterpiece!
  • m
    I couldn’t be happier with the daily emails I get from ( They give me the best daily advice based on stock market news and help me make wiser decisions when it comes to investing. An absolute must for any investor!
  • B
    Looking at the YTD and 1Yr charts today, for MSTR compared to BTC-USD, the gain of MSTR was 84% and 80% of BTC-USD's gains when MSTR was about $750 and BTC was about $62,000. Using 82% of future BTC gains, results in the following for estimate for MSTR: (100/62 x 0.82 x 750 = 991)
    $100k BTC = $991 MSTR,
    $150k BTC = $1487 MSTR,
    $200k BTC = $1983 MSTR
  • M
    It is pumping. The market has yet to understand the significance of SEC approval of bitcoin-focused companies ETF. It has just made MSTR's holding of bitcoin at least 15% to 20% more valuable overnight. Remember MSTR with a float of 7.7 million share plus 1.3 million share shelf is a lot more scarce, more accessible, more investable(Think IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401K, and) than bitcoin. Mr. Saylor is a genius. I would follow his foot steps any given day, but of course as early as possible. Enough said.
  • D
    The pressure in the bottle is adding up! Blood in the water! I wonder how many sharks will show up!
  • V
    Looks like BTC has to go to $200k for MSTR to make a 52 week high. What a joke !
  • P
    $1,000 next week
    Shorts will cover
  • B
    MSTR should be a lot higher right now. When we were at this BTC price earlier this year this stock was much higher. Now Saylor owns more BTC and stock price not reflecting it
  • B
    Why it's not 1500, when BTC at 62k
  • B
    MSTR holds 144,000 BTC and has about 10M shares, so that's 144,000/10,000,000 = .0144 BTC per MSTR share. So at $48,000 BTC, each share of MSTR represents about $691 worth of BTC. Although MSTR share price is not directly related to the BTC price, it's a way to bet on BTC. I can’t buy crypto in my 401K, but I can buy MSTR.
  • Ş
    I'm a BTC bull, or a USD bear if you wish, I think the $ is going to 0, and BTC price expressed in USD is going to ∞.

    Still, I think people are overestimating the short squeeze potential. When BTC increases, I think Saylor will capitalise on a short squeeze and will sell company stock (maybe issuing new shares?) to buy more BTC, bringing the stock price down in line with the BTC price. Not saying that MSTR will not grow, I just think that it will grow as much as BTC and comments about a spectacular short squeeze are unrealistic.

    I'd love to hear a rational counter-argument.
  • l
    Are you folks aware the company is bankrupt?
    EPS (TTM) -43.84

    Good short before the earning announcement later.
  • P
    The shorts will begin covering at 50,000 per bitcoin.
    That will propel us back to $1200 a share. Ultimately taking us to $2400 a share before the end of the year
  • L
    SEC has APPROVED an ETF for Companies that Holds LARGE amounts of BITCOIN!!!
  • D
    Defund-Secret Service
    Jamie Dimon-----"thanks" for the advice on Bitcoin...I'll stick with MSTR
  • W
    BTC soars....MSTR snores....
  • G
    Btc value on balance sheet is over $7.1B and market cap is 6.9B.
  • P
    It’s up $100 this week
  • D
    60k BTC how you doing!